Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all those who have lost their lives defending this country. Matt and I originally planned to spend it at the lake house, but the weather made us decide to postpone. I’m glad we did because Mason hasn’t been feeling well. Please send all your good vibes that he’s 100% better soon!

Friday began with one each sweet and savory waffle. Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter, Van’s Honey Nut Crunch, Fage on a Van’s GF apple cinnamon waffle / cheddar, avocado, egg, everything but the bagel seasoning on a Kashi GF waffle.


I decided to treat myself to an herbal tea latte and these adorable pb&j’s from K brew for lunch. I ate one with carrots and felt satisfied, so I saved the second. They leave off the jam and allow you to choose one of three flavors. 🙂

For dinner, I made us each a big salad dressed with Caesar.


I then sautéed butternut squash “noodles” and topped our servings with the remaining meat spaghetti and parmesan.


Jackson practicing yoga! We each had our after-dinner snack/dessert, watched an episode of Gotham, and we got some sleep.


I made another Hello Fresh meal for our brunch. Polenta with blistered tomatoes, Italian sausage, and basil. I kept half the tomatoes and sausage to be used in a scrambler tomorrow morning.


Kroger’s Free Friday product was International Delight One Touch Latte. It is actually quite enjoyable!

While I completed my stretches and exercises, Rachel kept me company.


I had the second pb&j sandwich with carrots before showering.

Crappy lighting throughout this post due to the overcast weather (sorry!), but I had to wear a little red/white/blue.


I took our sweet boy to the vets, and they noted he did have a slight temperature, was a little dehydrated, and he definitely has been fighting something. They gave him fluids, a one-time dose of antibiotics, and pain pills. They went ahead and gave him one while we were there. Once home, I made a snack plate/second lunch.


Mason perked up and actually ate! Unfortunately, when Matt got up to feed them Sunday morning, he found where Mason had gotten sick. 😦

Our friends Rippy and Van came over Saturday evening, and we watched Gold together. It was a pretty good movie!

On Sunday, I made morning-overnight oats. 😉 I pulsed old fashioned oats and mixed them with half a bottle of Chobani smoothie. Topped with peanut butter, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and banana.


I went on a lovely walk, and these roses caught my eye. So vibrant and pretty.


Weekends seem to be for small lunches/snack plates.


Fage Crossover Blueberry Acai, complete with poor lighting.


After Matt and I gave him another pain pill, he started to once again perk up and want to snuggle and eat.


I decided to get us a puzzle to work on, and while the selection was limited, this reminded me of my grandmother because of the hummingbirds.


❤ ❤


Another delicious salad to start dinner.


Quinoa, sautéed sweet potato “noodles” with roasted pepper spread, roasted seasoned broccoli/onion/garlic, sautéed shrimp, reduced white wine. I love how Jax is looking up to Matt!


We enjoyed our late dessert while working on the puzzle. Sit around during the day, stay up working on a puzzle. Typical. Haha


So snuggly.


Sadly, Matt and I woke up around 3:45 this morning to Mason getting sick again. I will be taking him to the vets after work to get his blood drawn and tested. I hate when one of our babies feels bad!

I actually made overnight oats with the remainder of the Chobani smoothie.


Grainy Memorial Day outfit.


Fingers crossed for Mason!! Hope everyone has a great day.

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