Just For Fun

The idea popped into my head this morning to do a fun poll of sorts, asking to choose your favorite between two similar foods or beverages. 🙂 The bold face ones are my choices, but I know there’s a time and place for all! It definitely was hard to choose a few. I’d love to know of your selections!

Biscuit vs. cornbread {Such a tough choice! But I love classic cornbread.}

English muffin vs. toast

Pancakes vs. waffles {The pockets serve to hold more toppings, and waffles are versatile with savory or sweet. I suppose pancakes could be too!}

Garden salad vs. Caesar salad

Coffee vs. tea

Creamy salad dressing vs. vinaigrette {I love a good creamy dressing, but a vinaigrette doesn’t mask the greens or vegetables.}

Hot oatmeal vs. overnight cold oats {I love how doughy soaked oats become!}

Chocolate vs. vanilla {I love a quality vanilla bean! But chocolate is so satisfying too.}

Peanut butter vs. almond butter {Peanut butter is my spirit animal.}

Any other foods you can think of to compare? Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Just For Fun

  1. This is such a fun idea!!!! Oh man biscuit vs. cornbread was SOOO hard. I think I would agree on cornbread, but man oh man, what a pickle.I totally agree with you on the rest too. (Except I’m a toast junkie, so I may have to choose toast). But since you mentioned vanilla bean- have you tried Cheesecake Factory’s Vanilla Bean cheesecake?! Holyyyy maloly. So surprisingly good. I’m not even a vanilla bean fan! Other choice: Hashbrowns vs. breakfast potatoes. That is always a hard debate!

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    1. Thank you for playing along! I haven’t tried their vanilla bean cheesecake, but I was having a craving for cheesecake the other day! I’m thinking that’ll be in order soon. 😉 Oh another good one! I *think* I’ll have to go with breakfast potatoes. They get so crispy on the outside but pillowy on the inside. Mmmm

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