My 28th Year in a Nutshell

While my 28th year was full of some high highs and some not so fun experiences, all-in-all I can say it was by far the best year of my life. Of course my wedding is number one in terms of my memories, but growing closer to Matt, facing challenges, and growing stronger in my work as an RD have all been amazing. I wanted to do a little recap of sorts with photos highlighting this past year, starting with my birthday to the present. Thanks for following along on my little blog!

June 17, 2016


Race weekend at the beginning of July!


July 4th by the pool.


Shopping for Matt’s wedding band!


Found my mother’s wedding dress, and it fit. ❤


October 22, 2016 ❤ ❤


A quick photo together before we left for our honeymoon on October 24, 2016 bound for Asheville, NC!


The adorable bed and breakfast, The Lion and the Rose, that we stayed at.


First day of exploring and eating!


Cheers! His smile {all the heart-eye emojis}


Got dressed up for dinner at an all gluten free restaurant, Posana.


More coffee of course. 😉


Posing in the b&b gardens.


We thought it was hilarious that this sign had my maiden name listed on it, so I had to strike a pose.


We both visited Biltmore for the first time.


All of the food, and we ate a ton, was outstanding. There are too many dishes to share for the sake of space/length of this post, but here are just a few dishes that stood out to us.


We visited Max Patch twice in one day! The colors were breathtaking. This looked like a painting to us. We went back later to watch the sunset.


It was stunning.


Thanksgiving 2016


We did a cat photo shoot with our babies, and I am forever grateful for these photos! Matt was a sweetheart and wanted to be included too, so there are several adorable ones of him with our babies.


Kaci and Drew’s engagement at Max Patch late November 2016.


Posing with the future Mrs. Snider!


Christmas 2016 as The Daniels – it’ll never get old to say that.


New Year’s!


Right before we dug into our lobster feast.


Our first trip together to TX to visit my parents! Airport selfie.


My handsome dad and gorgeous (step)mom.


I adore this photo and am grateful that Karin took it for us!


The day that Kaci chose her wedding dress!


K Brew twinklet date with Axl Rose.


First race weekend of the year at VIR!


One of the many Barre Belle Yoga classes I took with these fabulous ladies.


Another twinkie date.


Easter 2017 sporting my new and favorite glasses.


Matt’s 34th birthday. Gah he looks so handsome and not even 30 to me.


Kaci and Drew’s engagement party.


First summer day at the lake house!

SnapChat filters keepin’ me young.

Here’s to an awesome year ahead, the last in my 20’s!

6 thoughts on “My 28th Year in a Nutshell

  1. I absolutely ADORE This post. YOU TWO! Oh my word- cutest of all time. From trying the dress on to the wedding, honeymoon, outfits, food, scenery, Christmas, family, and of course, snap filters, this looked like an AMAZING year. Of course, I know ya’ll have had some lows too, but highlighting those beautiful moments will allow you to forever look back on this year as the best ❤ Thank you tons for sharing, beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much!! I can, unfortunately, get tangled in some of the low points or negatives, but I wanted this post to always serve as a reminder to me that I have an amazing life and had an incredible year. Thank you for all your care and interest! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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