Forever Young

This past Saturday was my 29th birthday – the last year of my 20’s. Yes, I think it’s a societal given that we dread each birthday because aging is viewed in a poor light. So even though it does feel weird to identify as a 29 year old, I am thankful for each new day and year that I am given. Alright, enough of that. Let’s take it back to Friday!

My view as Matt made his breakfast. I had a simple banana smoothie with chocolate hazelnut butter because I was planning to use my Chick-fil-a voucher for an original chicken biscuit later in the morning.


I got the babies this Ellen DeGeneres dog toy because it’s an owl, and I couldn’t resist. They sometimes give it love.


All ready for my birthday eve, complete with a Mason photo bomb!


It was really nostalgic. All of the employees were very sweet to me during my visit, so I called the manager later that morning to tell her they did a fabulous job. I hope it made her day and that she paid it forward with kindness to someone else.


We finished our pork, had some of our roasted vegetables, and the last of our almond flour muffins for dinner. I’ll need to make another batch of these soon!


That face! Gimme.


Dessert was a fruit and yogurt bowl with Qia cereal and peanut butter “ribbon.” 😉


For my birthday breakfast, I came up with this, and we executed it together. We used the last of our Alexia sweet potato tots and mashed them at the bottom of each of our ramekins. We layered sharp white cheddar, torn baby spinach, and seasoned scrambled eggs. Baked them until they were cooked through.





Mine flipped upside down and with a grapefruit half sprinkled with cinnamon. I also had a piece of toast with jam as these baked.


We were really happy with how they came together.


After I got ready, I met Kaci and the nail salon for a pedi and mani. Isn’t she adorable?


Getting my relaxation on.


Afterward, Kaci met with Drew to ride together downtown, and Matt met us there. We decided to have lunch at Not Watson’s.




Matt had the salmon entrée.


I chose the portabella and brie sandwich with broccolini instead of fries.


Drew had the chili mac sandwich. Mmm


Kaci chose one of their turkey burger creations with kale salad. We were all very satisfied!


We walked over to Cruze Farm’s new, permanent shop on Gay St.!


The décor is so cute!


I chose their lavender honey in a cone with sprinkles. Love sprinkles!


Strike a pose with your treat.


Kaci and I realized we failed to get a photo together, so here’s the next best thing! I didn’t think about it, but I used the Instagram edited photo, which made me even lighter. Next to Kase’s tan from the beach, and I look dead. Lol!


Sweet photo hanging up in the shop. All of the farm girls were so bubbly and sweet!


I made us a whole baked chicken with salad topped with cauliflower bean dip and citrus vinaigrette plus the last of our roasted vegetables.


I enjoyed yogurt and fruit out of the almost empty chocolate hazelnut butter jar along with cereal for crunch and peanut butter. Yum.


Our sweet boys ❤


I decided to make Kylie’s coconut flour pancake but given we don’t have coconut flour, I tried it with almond meal. Never know unless you try! It is two scrambled eggs, one mashed banana, cinnamon, and one tablespoon of almond meal. I cooked it in butter and drizzled it with maple syrup. I ate yogurt out of a nearly empty peanut butter jar. I hit the jackpot clearly.


Matt’s looked prettier.


I shared this for Father’s Day because it is one of my absolute favorite photos of my dad, Kaci, and me! I’m the one on the left. 😉


Matt took this while I was reading Mackenzie’s blog.


She shared the sweetest message for my birthday! If you haven’t, I recommend you follow her blog. She’s so fun and shares awesome food and adventures.


I was proud of myself because I did the dishes, vacuumed, scrubbed the toilets, and I completed a 30-minute online Barre3 workout before showering and grocery shopping. I snacked on a Clif bar, which did a nice job of holding me over for a bit.


Matt went with me to the store then we picked up his dad to head up to his mom and step-dad’s for the day.

My MIL took these photos of us. I did get into the pool up to my chest, but even though it read 85 degrees, it was way too cold for me.


I love his smile!


After wading in the cold pool some, I had this snack plate and Hint water.


Poolside selfie


Dinner included an open-faced hamburger with mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and avocado. Potato salad with gorgonzola and bacon from Ingles, coleslaw, and Bush’s Grilling Baked Beans.  I went back for a little more potato salad and coleslaw.


For dessert, I had some fruit…


and a messy, delicious s’more.


Before bed, Jax brought me a banana! But then he batted it off the bed. Boop.

Matt thought Mason needed a pillow, so he let him use the banana, and he actually laid his head on it. Sweet babies!


I want to wish everyone a wonderful week ahead.

2 thoughts on “Forever Young

  1. Oh yummmm that concoction you made with the egg & cheese & sweet potato looks delishhhh. So good! Wow- you and Kaci look so much alike! MMmm mmm I love a good portabella sandwich! LOL that pic collage is great. AWWWWWW! Thank you for the sweet shout out!!! ❤ I neeeed to try a Barre3 class. They are popping up everywhere, and I’ve heard such good things!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! We were quite happy with how that creation came together. I love that Kaci and I have similar glasses again because we look so twinsy! 🙂 Definitely give Barre3 a try! If you do, please let me know what you think!

      Liked by 1 person

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