New Beginnings

Happy Monday! That’s a little bit of an oxymoron, huh? I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. On Friday, we had a nice work potluck-style lunch to celebrate the June birthdays, which included myself and these two other sweet girls.


Cierra and I were work twins with our new scrubs and pixie haircuts!


I took Mason in for his second round of chemo on Friday afternoon. They had to sedate him because he was too nervous, but he did well otherwise. We were told he is responding well so far. Here is the latest update on our GoFundMe page: If you would like to donate or share, please help spread the word!

I took him to Kaci’s so he could be separated from Rachel and Jackson given the chemo medications in his system. For dinner, we had the last of our cooked vegetables, rice-stuffed grape leaves, avocado, and chicken. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much left. Whoops.


I had Fage with a banana, peanut butter, and chocolate covered almonds for dessert.


I was up early on Saturday morning and made this omelet myself. However, I couldn’t flip it and ended up putting it back in the pan, splitting it. and gently moving the turkey/cheese/spinach filling so I could ensure the egg was cooked well. Keepin’ it real, ha. I’m not great at flipping eggs. I completed it with part of a red plum and avocado toast.


*Side note: Saturday was my dad’s 63rd birthday, and while I couldn’t be there to celebrate, I wanted to give him a shoutout for being the best, most supportive dad ever!


I got ready by 9:30, which is kind of a record for a Saturday. But I hadn’t had coffee and was heading to K brew, so the perfect motivation!


I had my heart set on trying their new Banana Creme Latte: real pureed bananas, Cruze Farm milk, signature espresso, and topped with whipped cream and vanilla wafers. Heavenly! *Another side note: I was sitting across from who I came to believe was some sort of personal trainer. She was speaking with a client on the phone, and it made me so sad. Her obsession with calorie counting, manipulation of one’s body, sole focus on weight loss. It was all wrong. But it makes me even happier I have become a non-diet RD!


The title of this post refers to Kaci and Drew purchasing their first home! This ah-dorable gem has been renovated over the past several months, and they closed on it Friday afternoon. They spent the weekend moving a great deal of their belongings into it, and I was thankfully able to meet up and help some on Saturday.


We all made a Target run, and then Kaci and I went to Trader Joe’s. I had to get these. They just screamed my name, and they’re delicious.


Karin found this as she was organizing some of her photos. She had taken this for me in their backyard on June 29, 2013 – almost four years ago! – as a headshot for my portfolio. I loved seeing it!


I brought Mason home and made us a simple salad, rice, and baked flounder for dinner.


Dessert included, you guessed it, Fage, strawberries, the rest of my plum, Qia cereal, and roasted nuts.


For breakfast on Sunday, I had toasted waffles with melted brie, avocado, roasted seeds, wilted spinach, and fresh strawberries. After enjoying my coffee, I took care of chores and completed a 40-minute online Barre3 routine. Loved it!


I sported my new shirt from Target and did some grocery shopping as well as shoe shopping at DSW. I finally bought a pair of nice black flats but with adequate support.


I mostly had small plates throughout the day and then made us a salad, bed of cauliflower rice + sweet potato, turkey burger with spicy brown mustard, Grainger Co. tomato, and a pickle spear for dinner.


I snagged these with a coupon. Nostalgic as they remind me of cocoa pebbles!


I had them with a plum, Reginald’s Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter for desssert. Mmmm


So sweet! Unfortunately, I took this at almost midnight. We did not get enough sleep. Whoops.


I saw this and matcha whole milk yogurt at Trader Joe’s and had to get both. This flavor is wonderful!


I’m looking forward to a much-needed haircut later. Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Aww your coworkers look so sweet & fun. I am the same with flipping eggs! My omelettes always end up turning into scrambles. Hahha. Big happy birthday to your father too! I love that picture of ya’ll coming down the aisle. So beautiful. AND THAT ROMPER! Adorable. We definitely need more RDs like you, girl! I feel like people are left in a worse place than better when the focus is on calorie counting and solely weight loss. Either it doesn’t stick or it becomes an obsession. And those green tea cookies look sooooooo goooood. I need to make a trip to Traders Js asap! And that head shot is gorgeous, darlin’!

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    1. Girl, you are brightening my day with all your comments! Thanks so much! I’ve had to learn a lot of lessons in dietetics and choose how I want to live and practice. I am thankful to have discovered the Intuitive Eating RD’s out there as well as the body positive movement they promote. Thank you! I loved that Karin shared that photo with me, but it blew me away that it was taken four years ago. Time is flying!

      Liked by 1 person

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