Good Vibes

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Friday morning began with blueberry oatmeal. I was attempting to make an oatmeal “muffin” like the recipe from Love Grown’s oatmeal cups. I forgot that you only include an egg and omit the milk. So the texture was off, but I still enjoyed it.


Kase gave me this blazer recently when she reorganized the closet at their new place. I really love it!


Mason was due for his third chemo treatment Friday afternoon. He is a rockstar! He’s responded very well, but our poor baby went through a slightly rough experience. The staff were great, but things happen. The sedation they use is light, so he can still move. He kicked his leg and dislodged his IV. They had to start a new one, but his appetite hasn’t changed a bit, and he was happy as can be later. He stayed at Kaci’s throught Saturday afternoon and loves his new digs!



I had picked up a GF frozen pizza at Kroger and decided that sounded like the perfect Friday dinner. I also bought these potholders by The Pioneer Woman that I adore.


Complete with roasted green beans and a simple Caesar salad.


For breakfast on Saturday, I had orange marmalade, smoked turkey, and avocado toast. Mmmm


Coffee with my Internation Delight One Touch Vanilla Latte product. The handtowels are also by The Pioneer Woman. #obsessed


Matt made an omelet with a banana muffin over thawed wild blueberries + a tangerine.




I did a lot of cleaning and then got ready for the day. I wore one of my new shirts from Amazon. Love it!


Matt was super sweet and changed my oil and filter + aired up my front tires. I then picked up my bridesmaid dress for Kaci’s wedding. So exciting! I went by her place and snuggled with Mason until she arrived. I enjoyed this cinnamon sugar muffin with milk and a few bites of trail mix then loaded up Mason to take him home.


I shopped at Kroger, and their free Friday product was Quaker Overnight Oats cup. I had it this morning, and it was tasty!


Dinner was cucumber and radish with Sabra parmesan and spinach taziki, roasted squash and cabbage, and a salmon burger.


We had a snack and watched the last of Gotham season 2. Now to wait for Netflix to air the third season!

For breakfast on Sunday, I came up with the idea to warm our leftover pizza with wilted spinach and top with over easy eggs. As you can tell, I struggled hardcore with my eggs.


Matt cracked open one of his eggs, and it had twin yolks!


After breakfast chill time. He covered up Rachel, and she stayed.


Sweet Mace catching some rays.


Jaxxy is too cute!


I got ready and attended a free Barre class held at our Lulumon store. It was amazing and so needed! I loved the instructor. She taught at Barre Belle and is in the process of opening a studio. Follow The865fittribe on Instagram and Facebook for class schedules.


They were sweet and provided complimentary snacks after the hour-long class.


Post-workout super happy bathroom selfie.


I went next door and shopped Anthropolgie’s sale – 30% already discounted items. I found five cute shirts! Matt thinks they look like an old lady because some are designed to be oversized. Pft, men. 😉


I picked up lunch for us at Whole Foods hot bar. The zucchini was a tad too spicy, and the pulled pork piece that I got was all fat. :/ But I still enjoyed it.


Such a cute bag!


SnapChat with Mason. These kill me!


Dinner was a bowl of roasted vegetables, wild rice pouch from Aldi, and simmered seasoned beans.


We had a later snack and watched a clip of John Oliver on the Stephen Colbert show. Sometimes you go to bed on time, and other times you have a snack and stay up a little with your man. ‘Tis life.

Today I am wearing one of my new Anthro tops. It’s so comfortable, and I love the sleeves!


Have a great day!

11 thoughts on “Good Vibes

  1. I saw your link on Imma Eat That 🙂 I am glad Mason is doing well, sending him all the best. All your fur babies are so cute! I love the idea of eggs on pizza! Delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog & for the well wishes for Mason! We greatly appreciate it. Thanks! We really love eggs & joke that the trend, just put an egg on it, really applies to us. 🙂


  2. I have to get up in essentially a few hours, but I have been missing your blog something FIERCE!!!! I can’t wait to catch up!!! LOVE that blazer- isn’t the best when it’s free too?! I have a shirt from a friend that she gave me Freshman year of high school, and it’s still one of my go tos! Ugh, I just wanna scoop little Mason up. Poor little guy, but still sweet as can be. I have never heard of Pioneer woman- I’m definitely going to look into them though, it’s all so cute! Ahhh I just picked up the Overnight oats but still have yet to try them! Mmmm mm. Omggg you are the cutest- I need to find a barre class ASAP. Everyone says how fun they are! And why isn’t egg on pizza a thing?!? It’s so genius. Definitely gonna be trying that soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I love having my go-to favorite clothes! I will always be such a fan of overnight oats. I hope you love them! Yes, egg on a pizza should totally be a thing! Yesterday, I won a free Barre3 class, and I’m so excited!

      Liked by 1 person

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