Paddle, Paddle, Paddle

Yesterday evening, I finally got to paddle board for the second time, and it’s been two years since I first tried it! I really want and need to do it more often. I met with Kase at her place, and we carpooled over to the Ijam’s Quarry. Vicky (center) and Cindy (far right) met us there, and after we rented our boards, we hit the water!

A sweet lady took our photo, and she caught some fabulous candid ones of us trying to get into place. It’s difficult to hold still and keep the board from turning!


It was a gorgeous evening with the perfect temperature and breeze.


Such a serene place. I can’t believe it took me this long to discover it. I definitely intend to continue discovering all of Knoxville’s “hidden gems”!


They had pretty cornhold boards set up, but unfortunately, Kase and I didn’t play a game.


Take one.


Attempt number two. Lol


We did, however, make time for food truck noms. We ordered from Meatball Madness and More. I chose their Asian ginger meatballs entree. It was wonderful! Only thing that disappointed me was the rice-to-meatball ratio. I wouldn’ve much rather had far more meatballs and less rice, but I ate half and was satisfied.


Kase ordered their black and blue meatball sub.


I really look forward to visiting here again and getting into more adventures with friends!

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