Kaci’s Bachelorette Weekend + Hitting the Two Month Mark!

Good morning! I’m currently experiencing those post-vacation blues. It’s the one and only downside of having such an epic girls’ weekend. Today marks two months until Kaci and Drew say “I do” – can’t wait!

I took off work on Friday and enjoyed a slow morning. Pb and J Love Grown Foods Super Oats oatmeal with mango. Mason’s face is adorable!


Two loaves


I finished packing, completed a Barre3 workout, and then I picked up a wrap for each Kaci and me. We enjoyed them before meeting up with Kaci’s future SIL and MIL and friend, Cindy.


We hit the road for Nashville, TN! Kaci found this adorable Airbnb.


I loved this fun wall art!

Owl ❤

Kaci and I shared the master bedroom.

A fun wall collage in our room + the master bath.

The two other bedrooms. Matt and I had the same bottom bed spread when we first moved into our place two years ago!

Guest bathroom selfie + the pretty deck that we never used. Haha. Sara did get the string lights to work, but we never migrated outside.

After we got settled and freshened up, we went to Bartaco for our first dinner. It did not disappoint!


Their guacamole and salsa were excellent. We loved the chips – a different way of serving them.


Kaci and I tried the falafel on bibb lettuce, and I also tried one each cauliflower and shrimp taco on a tortilla. I ordered a side of their chipotle slaw as well. It was perfectly filling.

We enjoyed a calm morning at home laughing, sipping coffee, and eating a small bite before getting ready for the day. For brunch on Saturday, we chose to dine at Café Roze. All of the restaurants we chose were thanks to recommendations by Sara’s friends.


Since I enjoyed coffee at the house thanks to Sara (!), I tried their golden turmeric steamer made with ginger and almond milk. That color {heart eyes emoji}


Sara tried their Roze Latte made with cardamom and an adorable garnish.


Kaci sipped on their cold brew with perfectly swirled milk.


Their croissant was so flaky, buttery, and deeelicious.


Kaci gave me a bite of her coconut donut that was excellent.


I enjoyed their egg bowl, which included two poached eggs, a grilled tomato half, kale, avocado, cucumber and feta bulgur, and preserved lemon yogurt. So dang unique and amazing!


Kaci’s egg sandwich.


Saturday’s weather was perfect! The people we asked to take our groups shots throughout the weekend were so sweet. I love all of these of us.


We set out on foot to find some shopping. We took a wrong turn, but it was so fun. We were able to drool over all the adorable homes + the walking helped our stomachs to digest.

We came across an Italian restaurant with this really pretty mural painted on the side.


Kaci and I enjoyed a 90-minute massage, and then Cindy and Sara enjoyed theirs. It was a lovely spa!


We decided to try Eastland Café, and boy did it hit the spot!

Funny mirror group shot from our booth.


I couldn’t decide between a vegetarian and a salmon entrée, and the waitress was so sweet and offered to include the salmon with the vegetarian meal. Loved it! It came with zucchini bread as well + bread and pesto to start our meal.

Cindy chose one of their specials – steak skewers along with salsa verde mac ‘n cheese, while Sara went with their steak entrée.

Kaci went with their chicken and biscuits with apple butter, and Susan enjoyed their shrimp and grits with bacon.

We wish we had gotten a photo before it got dark, but this still turned out really nice. I especially like my “halo” glow. 😉


Kaci and Cindy enjoyed ice cream from Jeni’s – ice cream flight for Cindy / dark rich chocolate for Kaci.


Sara surprised Kaci with these cute cupcakes!


I enjoyed my other zucchini bread slice with almond butter I picked up from Aldi and a banana. After our massages, Kaci and I stopped at Aldi for an afternoon snack. Now I can say I’ve been to a Nashvegas location. 🙂IMG_0355

On Sunday, our final eatery was Barista Parlor.


This was the marker used for the waiter to bring our food to us. We loved the blue wall! The cute group next to us took some photos with it as the back drop. When you find a nice background, you take advantage. 😉


Perfectly made pour over.


I went with The Daytona, which included a generous portion of fluffy scrambled eggs, local sausage, peach slices, biscuit, and peach jam. I was so stuffed but so satisfied.


Another day, another cold brew for Kase! Action shot.


Maple glazed donut provided by Five Daughters Bakery.


Kaci’s burrito.


While I could not wait to see Matt and the babies, I was so bummed to see the weekend end! Matt was amazing, though and took care of the babies and our place so well. He went on an evening walk with me that was at least an hour long. I didn’t take my phone because I wanted to just be with him with no distractions. It was perfect and so needed. I love catching up like that!

I’m in denial that it’s Monday and the start of another work week. I love that I can always revisit this post to relive such a phenomenal weekend. Happy two months to my twinkie until her spectacular wedding!




11 thoughts on “Kaci’s Bachelorette Weekend + Hitting the Two Month Mark!

  1. Wow looks like it was a fun bachelorette weekend! Congrats on hitting the two-month mark! I actually can’t believe that you’ve only been in the blogging world for two months – from your content and dedication, it seems as if you were blogging for much more. Wishing many more success for the blog! xoxo Steph


  2. Oh my goooodness- I know 100% what you mean about the post epic girl’s weekend blues— that’s what I’m going through right now too!! That air BnB is truly adorable!!! Ahhh a turmeric steamer with ginger?! That sounds SO GOOD. I have never heard of that, but would love to try it! Ya’ll definitely found the most amazing foodie spots- no doubt. I so loved living this vicariously through you! TOO FUN! What a gorgeous, fun living, sweet group of friends ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was such a cute house! The steamer was perfect. I looove coffee, but sadly, I have a smaller threshold. It was warm, slightly spicy, and it complimented my meal well. We really did hit the restaurant jackpot! I love these girls!

      Liked by 1 person

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