Shoppin’, Nommin’, & Relaxin’

Good Monday morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. On Friday, I made quite an awesome bowl of oatmeal with this instant oat packet plus milk, cinnamon, and vanilla. I topped it with almond butter, banana, cottage cheese, and local sorghum syrup. Two kitties just snugglin’ away!


For the second year, I attended the UT Dietetic Internship Luncheon as a preceptor. It’s the same program I completed. The director snapped this photo. 🙂


For dinner, we had leftovers from Thursday evening. I seasoned and browned ground beef and then sauteed peppers, onion, roasted garlic, marinated artichoke hearts, and mushrooms. I added and reduced red wine, wilted greens, and served it with a mixture of mini GF gnocchi and GF tomato gnocchi. All three babies! Kase got to come over too, which I loved.


Saturday began with toast two ways: blackberry jam and avocado / almond butter and frozen blueberries plus an egg on the side.


Matt snapped this while I was finishing getting ready. Mace looking so handsome!


All ready for a fun Saturday together!


I got a quick hair trim, then Matt found a new-to-us restaurant, Sticky Rice Cafe.


Shrimp spring rolls to start.


I chose their stir fried vegetables with squid and steamed rice. I ate a fraction of the rice and was satisfied.



Matt had one of their chicken entrees with vegetables. It was delicious! He was sweet and shared several bites. 😉


We found his suit for Kaci’s wedding! He looks so darn handsome in a suit. Plus this one fits him perfectly – no alterations needed.


When we got home and were switching cars so I could park in the garage, we found this baby had been hiding under Matt’s car. Poor thing! Matt used a vase to coax it out of the way. I’m hoping momma bird was able to help it.


One of our sweet patients who recovered function has brought us cheesecake from his work a few times. I grabbed a piece of Friday, and on Saturday afternoon, it sounded great.


Jaaaax looking so cute!


I went on a really long walk, which was so refreshing. I hit at least 12k steps on Saturday! I was in love with this succulent garden!


So pretty!


Because of all the rain we’ve had, there are mushrooms popping up everywhere.


For dinner, I made a quick, tasty salad.


Saturday night’s sunset was really pretty. This is looking out front of our place. We have a pretty amazing view.


This is at the front of our complex.


For breakfast on Sunday, I made five-minute “overnight” oats. I mixed a packet of the instant oatmeal that I mentioned at the top of this post with yogurt, milk, and spices. I topped it with peanut butter and banana.


Rachel was zonked when I got out of the shower! I was washing our bedding, and she loves the bare mattress.


I met with Kaci and Drew at the lake house for the afternoon. Unfortunately, it was cloudy, but we enjoyed ourselves all the same. I floated some at least.


During Kaci’s bachelorette weekend, Drew and his dad cleared out the brush pile!


I made a salad with pearled barley at the bottom. Enjoyed al fresco. 🙂


Something sweet to end the meal.


Kaci and Drew trimmed a few limbs from the tree that is next to our deck. Call them for any of your yardwork needs, ha!


I went to Kroger and stocked up on a lot of great food, including these frozen entrees. I love keeping them on hand when we’re in a bit of a pinch for lunch or dinner options.


For dinner, I made baked salmon with dill, Old Bay, spice blend, pepper spice blend, and capers.


I made us a salad to go with it. Super easy but tasty.


For dessert, I had the last of the yogurt with apple, Multigrain Cheerios, and sorghum syrup.


This morning, I made oatmeal with old fashioned oats, milk, cinnamon, chia, blueberries, brown sugar swirled in and topped with trail mix.


Kroger’s free Friday product was a KIND bar. This was a great balance of sweet and spicy!


Have a great week!

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