Kickass, Make Pies

This past weekend was quite fun, especially because it involved a fried pie celebration.

Friday began with a brunch-y breakfast. Matt and I split one each Garden Lites zucchini soufflé and roasted vegetable soufflé. I topped with one with sharp cheddar and one with avocado. Enjoyed with toast and jam, and we split a tangerine.


The sunrise was so pretty!


I saw my therapist after work on Friday, and it was fabulous discussion. Once home, we enjoyed wild rice, rotisserie chicken with bbq sauce, roasted vegetables, and baby tomatoes. Fun fact: wild rice is actually a grass seed and not technically rice. Now you know!


For dessert, I had Greek yogurt, with banana, cinnamon, peanut butter, and a toasted waffle.


Unfortunately, Matt didn’t feel great, so we went to bed “early” aka 10ish. We slept well and then I made an oatmeal “muffin.” I scrambled an egg and splash of milk into a Quaker overnight oats cup, microwaved it, then topped with almond butter. It kept dripping off, so that’s why it looks like a mess. I added yogurt for creaminess and protein. The muffin was a tad chewy but tasty nevertheless.


I realized I hadn’t frothed milk for a homemade latte of sorts in a while, so I made strong coffee and added said frothed milk plus local honey.


I was rather productive by completing chores, repainting my nails, and completed a 30-minute online Barre3 workout. I won a free in-studio Barre3 class by being one of the first three commenters on their Instagram post. I can’t wait to attend!

I rocked a little retro look to attend Dale’s Fried Pies five year anniversary party!


The cutest little food truck.


The Party was held at The Central Collective.


Beautiful local artwork and adorable corn hole boards!


They were giving out free pies, and I of course locked eyes on the banana Nutella. I also couldn’t resist a mug.


They set-up a band in this space, but I snagged a few fun photos before they did. Love a good photo-op!


The young girl I asked to take these offered to take a side angle shot. She was so sweet!


They also had free ice cream. Mmmm. The owner of Dale’s Fried Pies, Dale Mackey, is adorable and so sweet!


For a more substantial lunch, I headed over to Tomato Head. Love their art and string lights!


I went with their chef with smoked turkey plus mushroom sesame vinaigrette. It hit the spot!


I shopped at TJ Maxx and found new pillows, trail mix, and a new table lamp for our living room. I then met up with Kaci and Drew at the mall to look for bridesmaid shoes. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any luck. Womp womp. But I loved seeing them! I also noted how weird tweens and teens can be. I shudder to think of me at that age, lol.

Once back home, I wasted some time with good ole SnapChat.


I will forever love their flower crowns.


I made tuna salad, the last of the wild rice, wilted baby kale and warmed roasted vegetables, and sugar snap peas for crunch.


I went on a walk after dinner, and it was the perfect time. Not hot, not sunny, just lovely.

Dessert was a mug of yogurt with banana, cinnamon, Multigrain Cheerios, and flakes.


We did some list making and meal prepping for this coming weekend at the race track! Rachel was sooo cute all smooshed in my lap.


Macey checked out our new lamp and approved.


As soon as I got out of bed on Sunday, Mason wanted snuggles. This always melts my heart into a puddle.


Breakfast was rather epic to me. Two toasted waffles topped with Greek yogurt, thawed wild blueberries, trail mix, maple, and half a juicy peach.



After taking care of chores, I had this delicious lunch. I found jarred soups in Target’s produce section, and I added it to some cooked cous cous. I made a salad with the last of my trail mix and Caesar.


After grocery shopping, I had a mug of shredded wheat with peanut butter and milk. So classic, and I’ve been craving shredded wheat.


I prepped two pans of roasted vegetables for the week.


Jax is so adorable!


Who cares about the eclipse today when you have this one-of-a-kind galactic eye? ❤


The babies have taken turns sleeping on a pair of Matt’s work pants. Jax left him a banana, haha.


We had some of the roasted vegetables, roasted crispy potatoes, jalapeno ketchup for me, and rotisserie chicken. It’s the chicken that keeps on giving!


Matt went on a walk with me, albeit a little reluctantly. 😉

A bright look for the start of this week!


They passed out a Moon Pie for us while in our monthly meeting. Who all has had one and what do you think?


I was sad to see Monday, BUT I’m meeting up with Kaci later for Cruze Farm’s eclipse ice cream special! Hope everyone has a great and safe day! Protect those eye balls!

**Editing to add my sister Cruze Farm date!


Raspberry sorbet swirled with vanilla cream, dipped in chocolate, and sprinkled with gold moon dust!




Colleen, owner of Cruze Farm, was super sweet and snapped this photo to share on their Ig stories. Loved this visit!


4 thoughts on “Kickass, Make Pies

  1. WHAT?! Wild rice isn’t a rice?! WOWZA. My world has certainly been flipped upside down. That oatmeal concoction looked to.die.for. YUM! Annnd flower crowns are the best. Love it .

    Oh my goodness- that ice cream looks insanely pretty & so delish! * heart eyes on heart eyes*

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