Showers on Showers

Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is off to a great start today. Matt and I had to work, but so far, it’s been a nice day. Unfortunately, I had to take Mason in for follow-up blood work. It always breaks my heart to take him over there.

I wanted to share the breakfast I made for Thursday before getting into our weekend recap. I made these Wednesday evening, so it was super easy to just heat and enjoy. For each of our ramekins, I scrambled two eggs with milk and spices then poured the mixture over the remainder of our pulled pork. Added sharp cheddar and baked at 350 until the egg was set.  We enjoyed them with avocado on top and roasted turnips and potatoes with ketchup. Quite fancy for a weekday breakfast! All of my babies captured in the shot too.


For Friday, I put together a jar of oatmeal for each of us to soak overnight before heating in the morning. Into the jars went a packet of the instant oatmeal I’ve written about recently (so good!) with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, and milk. I topped them with peanut butter and banana.


I always say this, but it blows my mind that another month has come and gone. This is our pretty calendar at home. Well, one of two we have in the kitchen. Never can have too many.


Friday mood as demonstrated by Rachel!


I shopped at Kroger and stocked up our refrigerator/freezer/pantry. Our sweet boys relaxed on our bed after I had gotten home and fed them that evening.


Dinner was some of our leftover roast with roasted vegetables along with steamed Brussels sprouts peaking through.


Clearly I was on an oatmeal kick. For Saturday’s breakfast, I soaked strawberry shortcake instant oats with milk then topped it with peanut butter and eaten cold. A very freckly banana on the side.


Matt made an egg and chili lime turkey waffle sandwich with arugula and cheddar. He gave me a bite, and it was delicious.


After getting a quick bang trim and making a Target run, I treated myself to a solo Chick-fil-a lunch. Was exactly what I needed.


Matt and I were attending Kaci and Drew’s Couple’s Shower Saturday evening, so I made a batch of spiced nuts. Unfortunately, they weren’t as spicy as all the other times I’ve made them. But they’re still tasty. My title refers to the rain showers we received, which consequently dropped our high into the 60’s on Saturday. It was so weird to be cold on Labor Day weekend!


I committed to a Barre3 online 30-minute workout then had a snack and got myself ready. The sweet bride-to-be looking oh so pretty!


The lovely couple!


My sweet sweet man. His eyes are all squinty because we were laughing, and I think he about blinked. Haha still so cute.


Kaci’s future sister-in-law hosted the gathering and did a fabulous job! She catered Moe’s Southwest Grill, which was so very good. Matt and I had stopped on the way to buy chips and coffee. I wasn’t sure if their chips were gluten free.


An end-of-the-night group shot. I so love this! We were laughing so hard. Only three days shy of the one month countdown!


I tried to keep Matt from drinking wine, but since he couldn’t have any beer, he went with it. ‘Twas a mistake because he felt like crap. But he was cracking me up on the drive home. I had somehow accidentally let myself go too long with out eating, so by the time I ate dinner, I had crashed pretty hard. Just headachy and a feeling of weakness over me. Anyone else feel it that strongly? I have ever since high school when I did not understand my body’s needs and wouldn’t eat enough to last through afternoon marching band practice. Dinner and the cookie cake not pictured leveled me out really well. I still had a baby mug of shredded wheat with dark chocolate covered almonds before I got ready for bed. Matt was already snoozing. Mason was wanting me to hold him!


This is how we woke up on Sunday. ❤


Mason snuggled up with me on my pillow.


I was craving a classic of fluffly scrambled eggs with buttered toast. It was good, but the tomato had spoiled. Gross! So I had to toss it but fortunately had some cherry tomatoes. I hate wasting food!


The latest issue of Food and Nutrition magazine came, so I completed another quiz and logged it for my continuing credits. I’m so close to being ready to submit! Every five years us RD’s must accrue 75 continuing credit hours to maintain our credentials.


Unfortunately, when Matt got downstairs, his sinuses became so inflamed and clogged. We had no idea why, but after he ate breakfast, he laid down for a catnap. Meanwhile I made Brittany’s PB&J Bars. All assembled to bake.


Sleeping beauty. 🙂


After baking. It was bubbling and smelled soooo good. After it cooled, I cut it and enjoyed a bar. Ohmygosh, these will be made often.


One of the babies accidentally had a hairball on one of our pillows recently, and I tried to wash the cases. They did not survive the wash. Womp womp. I ordered these cases on Amazon, and they were delivered yesterday afternoon. We are really pleased with them.


I treated myself to a decaf latte from K Brew sprinkled with cinnamon.


I then went over to Kaci and Drew’s for the afternoon. I brought Moe’s leftovers to enjoy for a late lunch.


As always, I had to go by Kroger again because my bathroom sink started to become clogged. I treated both mine and Matt’s, and now they drain perfectly.

Dinner was freshly roasted vegetables with some of the roasted potatoes and turnips + sardines and hummus. Random but tasty.


We both had a smoothie late, but I enjoyed it and my time with Matt. He did, however, choose some adult cartoon to watch. It was disgusting. He laughed many times. Rachel and I just watched with surprise that it actually was made and available on Netflix. When I say Rachel, I mean Girlfriend will actually watch the tv with us. It’s hilarious!

This was how our sweet boys laid for a bit this morning. Brotherly love!


Wishing everyone a safe and fun Labor Day!

2 thoughts on “Showers on Showers

  1. I cannot believe it’s already September. Seriously- I swear this is the FASTEST year of life yet. We used to LOVE Moe’s when we lived in Indiana! I am SO with you on wasting food, as we’ve chatted about before. I just can’t stand how fast produce goes to waste. Also, those PB & J bars look insanely good- YUM. Now I’m starving— and I have to go to bed to get up at 4:30. Oh well! Hahhah.

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