Friday Finds + Favs

We made it to Friday! Although I hate that the week feels like it flew by. I was just talking to a coworker yesterday about the speed at which we perceive time as we age.

Anywho, I wanted to share a quick Friday finds post. This morning I received my Free Friday Kroger coupon for Oui by Yoplait. I’ve been eye-balling it, so this was perfect timing. It’s so good, and I love the cute jar along with the homemade appearance of it!


I love when companies include positive notes/affirmations on their products!


Next up are these kefir cups by Lifeway. Matt and I first tried their blueberry with lavender. I didn’t stir it well enough, so the last few bites were practically just the kefir. I love Fage plain Greek yogurt, but if it gets tart enough, my body is like no way jose. So that was a struggle to finish. However, I stirred up the chocolate cherry flavor better, and it was lovely. I have the strawberry rosehip to try tomorrow. I do love that they come with a spoon. So portable!


I found this pulled pork at Target maybe two weeks ago, and I already bought another container last weekend. It’s so good! While I love to cook, it’s nice to have convenient items on hand for those nights or times when you need something quick.


I learned about these amazing bento boxes from Kaci’s future (almost!) sister-in-law. They are BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe, and reusable. We used them to pack up some of the Moe’s food from Kaci and Drew’s shower  last Saturday. By Sunday morning, I had placed an order on Amazon. 😉


We chose these shoes to wear in Kaci and Drew’s wedding, and I love them! I’m really falling for the scallop and blush trends.


I couldn’t help myself and bought this cardigan last Saturday. It’s by one of Target’s new brands, A New Day. I’ll be wearing it for Matt and my one year anniversary photo shoot, which is only six weeks away! Eek!


I know I shared these pillow cases last weekend, but I wanted to mention them again. While I’m still sad that our pretty colorful ones “died”, I love the neutral, classy vibe of these.


I discovered Pixi Beauty products several years ago, and I really love their makeup. I decided to try a new lip tint shade and went with Pixi Pink. I never used to love pink, but I’m really getting into it now.


And there you have it! My random finds + favs list. Have a great day and weekend!

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