A Glimpse of Fall

Somehow, I’m sitting in my office, it’s 11AM, and we’re already on to another work week. Say wha?

Alrighty, so let’s backtrack to Friday morning. I had a multigrain maple instant oat pack soaked overnight in milk. I stirred in almond butter and had an apple on the side.


A snapshot of my outfit that I shared on Ig stories. 🙂


Lunch included baby romaine, grape tomatoes, steamed cauliflower pearls, hummus, goat cheese, sugar snap peas, and rotisserie chicken. I had some tortilla chips on the side.


A patient’s wife surprised the staff with Ham ‘n Goody’s iced lemon cookies. They melt in your mouth and are divine.  After I finished my lunch, I went out on an amazing walk that was warm but breezy with a hint of fall to it. The blue of the sky even changes this time of year, and it’s my favorite. Anyone else notice this?


For dinner, we had barbecue pulled pork sandwiches with homemade broccoli slaw. Mason’s face says it all!


Super kitty!


Matt started water for us, so I had pumpkin spice tea with the International Delight one-touch latte.  #basic and I know it.


I also enjoyed a banana with drippy peanut butter and cinnamon. We watched the movie Gifted, and I loved it!


On Saturday, I made Anne’s gluten free, high protein pancake . I topped it with Greek yogurt, thawed wild blueberries, maple, and glazed nuts. It was awesome! Anne reminded me that I need to let it cook low and slow for 10  minutes before flipping. Clearly, I struggled, but this just means I’ll have to make this often for practice. 😉


All three of the babies took turns snuggling with me. Made my heart so happy!

I made hummus using a Bush’s hummus packet and a can of Great Northern beans. We took this with sugar snap peas, crackers, and spiced nuts to a friend’s house for game night that evening.


For lunch, I made a simple salad with baby romaine and cauliflower pearls with ranch.


I tried this lasagna, and it was really enjoyable!


I stretched and completed one of my fav 10-minute Barre3 routines. I was fortunate to get to take a free in-studio class on Thursday that was amazing. This helped me to stretch out my slightly sore muscles.

Matt snapped this of Mason and me before we left. ❤


At the gathering, we enjoyed a sausage dip, cheesy chicken dip, chips, crackers, my spiced nuts and cinnamon sugar almonds plus a rice krispies treat later.


My cute man. :* We played two games: one that was like the game telephone, but instead of passing along a word or phrase by mouth, you had to draw it. Then the next person would interpret the drawing, write down what they thought it was, then the next would draw and so forth. It was pretty hilarious! We finished by playing Cards Against Humanity.


Up and at ’em on Sunday for brunch at First Watch! One opened near us, so I wanted to visit. Rocked a 70’s vibe.


We set up my phone to get a photo. These are so dorky, but I love them!


Unfortunately, we had about a 30-minute wait, but I love people-watching.


I wanted one of everything on their specials board!


Cute, free coffee while you wait.


More coffee because coffee is life. 😉 We got to eat outside, and it was perfect.


Matt enjoyed their sausage quinoa breakfast bowl that comes topped with two over-easy eggs.


A side of fruit.


I went with their smoked salmon eggs Benedict on ciabatta. I’ve been to First Watch three times and have order a smoked salmon dish each time. It’s so good!


Eyes on fleek. Bahaha that phrase is ridiculous. But Pixi Beauty has been helping me to look like I know what I’m doing for five years now. I love their products! I shopped at Aldi and Kroger because I can’t go a week without. Lolz. Side note: without fail, I receive at least one compliment each time I wear these earrings. I received two while at brunch.


I made this protein cookie dough by Brittany as some snacks for the week, and it’s phenomenal!


I also whipped up this soup consisting of seasoned roasted onion/carrots/baby potatoes/garlic, can of seasoned stewed tomatoes, dark red kidney beans, beef broth, and the rest of the broth from making our beef roast. It smelled so good and admittedly made me excited for fall! We now have it for dinner tonight and several more meals throughout the week.


I made another salad with our rotisserie chicken that we’ll be enjoying today for lunch.


Meal prepping can work up an appetite. 😉 I enjoyed some of the hummus and crackers with a carrot.


While I was waiting for Matt to get home, I decided to vacuum our guest room (the babies’ room basically). While doing so, I noticed these gorgeous colors peeking through the blinds. I ran out to the front of our complex and took two photos of the sunset. They don’t even do it justice. Simply breathtaking.


For dinner, we had a simple salad with cauliflower pearls (they show up multiple times in this post) with cilantro, scallions, and sautéed shrimp seasoned with Old Bay.


Dessert was late but oh so tasty. Into the nearly empty almond butter jar went yogurt, flakes, chocolate chips, and a banana on the side.


I want to take a moment to remember all those who not only lost their lives on September 11, 2001 but all of those who were affected by the loss of those lives.

Here’s to a great week ahead!



3 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Fall

  1. Anything lemon- gimmmee! Those cookies look fabulously delicious. Aww, Mason looks so perky! Good to know he’s feeling better ❤ Uhmm cards against humanity is seriously my favorite game ever created. Hahha. It’s so bad, but sooo hilarious. I LOVEEE First Watch!! We don’t have any out here, but back in Ohio it was my favorite. Next time I am TOTALLY getting the smoked salmon, goodness gracious that is making my mouth water.

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