On The Mend

Phew, last week was not one I’d want to relive. On Tuesday, I came home and completed a Barre3 workout after work. I started to feel blah but hoped it would help. During the workout, I felt awesome, but as soon as it was over, boy did I feel like crap. I went to bed early then took off work on Wednesday. Rachel got sick twice while I was home, and it worried me how she couldn’t keep down her food. Kaci was amazing and came over to take her to the vets. They drew some lab work and became concerned that she could’ve gone from more or less pre-diabetic as she has been since February to diabetes. So Kaci headed to the Animal Hospital. It felt like a nightmare to have yet another one of our babies being admitted. She stayed overnight and was given great care. Ultimately, they ruled her perfectly healthy, but after a hefty bill, we had no answers as to why she got sick. Ever since Mason’s diagnosis, we just get nervous. She’s been so snuggly and right back where she belongs.


Jackson’s face is so fluffy and makes me want to smooch him all over!


Dinner was simple: steamed spinach with a chicken burger and avocado, broccoli slaw, and roasted potatoes.


I don’t know if it was because I laid around feeling awful for a few days, not getting much activity at all, or what, but sleep has been lousy too. Looking forward to getting back on track asap.

Saturday morning I got up and put together Alexis’s Blueberry Banana Nut Baked Oatmeal for breakfast.

While it baked, my appetite was on fire, so I whipped up a cheddar omelet to tide me over.


I didn’t have pecans, so I topped it with trail mix. Otherwise, I stuck to her recipe. So pretty!


Girlfriend has whiskers for days. 😉

I got myself ready to go spend the day with Kaci and Drew. Matt had to work on a gentleman’s Jeep, and he ended up having to help someone else with their car as well. He was super busy all day.

I was sure to wear my orange and white for the UT Vols vs. FL Gators game. We won’t go into specifics on it, but my sis and Drew are very upset by it.


I’ve been on a headband kick trying to tame this mane. I had hopes of growing the layers just long enough to have my hair styled wavy for Kaci’s wedding, but I’m getting it cut today. It’s too long for me.


Another weird thing from this past week’s stomach troubles is I’ve not been wanting hot coffee. I did stop by K brew and got a half caf iced latte, which was refreshing. Our temperatures have gone back to the 80’s.


Kaci was really sweet and let me eat the last two slices of their pizza. It was from a local restaurant near them, and it was so good!


We ran a few errands before kickoff, one of which was at Home Depot. I didn’t buy any mums or flowers, but I had to at least take a few photos. They were so pretty!


Kaci and me with Axl while he sported his UT bandana.


When we went by Target, I had to get a box of pumpkin pie Larabars.


For dinner, we had a simple salad and the soup I had made. I also ate some crackers and hummus beforehand.


SnapChat filters to kill some time.


Dessert was hidden fruit, flakes, cocoa puffed rice cereal, roasted almonds, and milk. Matt and I finished watching the show The Defenders on Netflix then called it a (late) night.


I got up before Matt again due to feeling restless, so I made a cottage cheese bowl with multigrain Cheerios, flakes, roasted almonds (I can’t get enough), and one of the protein cookie dough balls I made recently.


For lunch, I ate turkey and avocado over greens with blue corn chips and a carrot with the last of the hummus.


The babies snoozed in the sun after eating their lunch.


Jax wanted to be near the kitchen. 😉


I went to Lakeshore park and walked for 1.5 hours. The weather was super nice, and I really enjoyed moving my body.


Not too shabby!


I popped into Status Dough for an old fashioned. Unfortunately, they were out, but I chose their lemon poppyseed. Super delicious! I saved about a quarter which I enjoyed today with yogurt as a mid-morning snack.


For dinner, we had baked beans, roasted sweet potato, roasted green beans, and roasted eggplant/’shrooms/garlic.


Matt and I watched the documentary on Bruce McLaren. I cannot believe that he was able to accomplish all that he did, win so many races, and contribute so much to the sport of racing all by the age of 32. Tragically, he died while testing a car in a freak accident. This August 30th he would’ve been 80 years old.

A little outfit of the day shot.


I hope everyone has a great week!

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