Autumn Shows Us How Beautiful It Is To Let Things Go

After a rough two weeks of first stomach trouble then severely awful sleep, I’m happy to report I feel so much better! This weekend was exactly what I needed.

Although Friday marked the first day of fall, our temperatures have been summery. But I don’t want to rush the cold. I’m happy to let fall ease into the mix.


I apologize for the poorly lit photo. This was the last of the blueberry baked oatmeal with fluffy scrambled eggs and yogurt. I’ve been on a tea kick, so I had green tea with honey after enjoying this.


Fall-inspired outfit. 🙂


Barre3 Knoxville was hosting their Open House on Friday, and I was looking forward to it all day! Kaci and I met up there, and they had some delicious snacks available as well as juice from the Juice Box. The pistachio-stuffed date was heavenly. I ate this before class to give me a boost, and I think it did the trick!


Pre-class photo. My girl killed it, and I was beyond thankful for this workout. My body needed it to rid me of any pent-up anxiety + to tire me for a good night’s sleep.


Kaci won their raffle drawing! Here she is with our incredible instructor, Landon.


Loved this arrangement! To the bottom left you’ll see the lavender epsom salt they kindly gave to all who attended.


Our sunsets will never get old.


Dinner looks kinda sad, but Matt made a quick tartar sauce of sorts to go with the salmon burger. ‘Twas delicious.


A mix of cereals with an apple for dessert + a calming drink and two Melatonin. I was determined to sleep, lol. Thankfully, I did! I don’t know what was to thank, so I’ve been taking the Melatonin and intend to wean off of it and hopefully will continue to sleep well.


We decided to treat ourselves to brunch again at First Watch, but this time we went on Saturday instead of Sunday to avoid the church crowd. We always seem to get the sun at our backs. Haha. My handsome man. He joked that he needed a haircut, and he did cut it on Sunday. 😉 Take one.


Take two.


These cuties joined us! This day marked exactly two weeks from their wedding. Eeeps!


I tried their carrot ginger chai, which was delicious and refreshing.


I had their seasonal special of buttery biscuit with apple butter, lemon-dressed arugula, egg, cheddar, and sausage along with potatoes. Mmmm it was awesome!


Matt chose their market hash.


He added their millionaire’s bacon on the side – cayenne, pepper, brown sugar, and maple. I tried a bite, and it was perfectly smoky and sweet.


Kaci and I loaded up Axl and then headed to the lake house to clean in anticipation for their big day. I mean look at that view. All the heart eyes.


Drew’s parents were oh so sweet and stained our deck! It’s a gorgeous honey shade, and it compliments the house perfectly.


The temperatures are hot, but there are some signs of autumn.


Kaci was super sweet and gave me this necklace that she won in her Barre3 raffle prize bag.


Just a happy dog with his stick.


I can’t get enough of fall foliage. ❤


I had the remainder of my potatoes with wilted spinach, tuna, and a carrot for lunch.


Kase was craving a mocha, so we went by K Brew on our way back. I haven’t been drinking coffee much, but I decided to get a decaf Americano with some milk. Take one with the sun in my face, lol.


Take two, and look at Axl’s tongue! He was wanting some of his momma’s whipped cream, but unfortunately, it was chocolate. So no treat for Axl Rose.


Our fridge was looking really sad, so I pulled together a roasted veg and bean bowl with rice for Matt.


I had his toast from brunch since he couldn’t eat it.


Dessert was fruit, yogurt, and chopped roasted lightly salted almonds. I’ve been loving them lately.


For breakfast on Sunday, I made banana-whipped oatmeal with oats, milk, espresso salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, giner, allspice, vanilla, peanut butter powder, pumpkin (’tis the season!), and then served it in a nearly empty peanut butter jar. I sprinkled chia on top and enjoyed it slowly.


Someone else thought it looked fabulous too!


Score! Also, look at Jax loafing in the background. Haha


Before Barre3 on Friday, I stopped by Barnes and Noble. I’ve been needing to get back into reading, and I’ve loved Ruth Rendell’s writing. I was sad to have finished her Inspector Wexford series years ago, but I need to branch out more. I also got another word find book. I like to do them to relax.


Speaking of relaxing…


Lunch was a Kashi vegetarain bowl that I topped with yogurt. It was great! I had part of an apple for dessert.


Look at Jackson’s back foot. He’s so flexible and squishy.


Sunday marked six years ago that we officially adopted our sweet little man! Quite an appropriate word find subject, huh?


After grocery shopping and stocking up on great foods, I made Simple Mills pumpkin muffins. I topped them with a quick brown sugar-cinnamon streusel and toasted pepitas.


I had to try one for quality control. 😉


Kaci came over for a little bit, which I loved! She was so kind and bought the babies some more food too.


I made Abbey’s GF No Bake Bars, and they are phenomenal. I used chocolate puffed rice cereal, and I really love the taste and texture.


For dinner, we had baked pork chops with mashed sweet potatoes seasoned with butter/curry/cayenne/salt, and a salad-in-a-bag mix that had cranberries, pepitas, and a lemon poppyseed dressing. Quite harvest-like. I was really pleased with this meal. So flavorful.


For dessert, I had berries with yogurt, sunflower seeds, and shredded wheat. Gotham season 3 was just released on Netflix, so we’ve been watching it. It’s quite corny but entertaining.


Look at these sweet babies. So snuggly!


I hope everyone is off to a great start today and has a lovely week ahead!

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