Rocky Top You’ll Always Be Home Sweet Home to Me

I had such an awesome weekend, and I hope you all did too! I’m going to backtrack to Wednesday and Thursday to show you some creations I made. First up this owl waffle thanks to Love Grown for sharing someone’s idea. Isn’t it a hoot?


I made Erin’s banana bread with chocolate chips on Wednesday evening. I’ve started trying to take some food photos on my favorite table. I think it’s kinda cute. 🙂


I had to take a photo on my grandmother’s China once it was sliced. I love it! Although next time I’m going to reduce the chocolate so that the banana is more pronounced.


On Wednesday I taught the renal lecture for this year’s dietetic interns. My former internship director sent this to me, AND she wrote to my Director of Operations to brag on my contribution to the program. He forwarded said email to my lead RD and managers. I was absolutely shocked and so grateful!


Although I’ve been on a tea kick, Friday was National Coffee Day, so I had to participate. I had tea that morning, so I chose a decaf pour over with steamed whole milk. It was fantastic.


Autumn SnapChat crown ❤ ❤


Once home, the babies and I relaxed together. This sweet baby had to stay at the Animal Hospital all day for blood work and evaluation. Everything looked great, so Matt and I had to give him his chemo meds that night.


We had leftover spaghetti with mozzarella. Unfortunately, I made a novice mistake and cooked too much pasta in too small of a pot. I need another large pot. But Matt was thankful for this meal, and I appreciated that. I bought more sauce and plan to redeem myself soon. Ha


Those paws! All the heart eye emojis.


We watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Friday evening, and it was pretty comical.

On Saturday, I had thawed cherry berry blend with cottage cheese, pepitas, and a pumpkin muffin. I slowly sipped on tea then got myself ready to attend the tailgate with Kase and Drew! I try to go once every year. One and done.


Matt made an eggcellent waffle sandwich with rotisserie chicken deli meat, avocado, spinach, and cheddar. Jax loaf in the background!


Us trying to figure out how we wanted to stand and pose. Lol!


My sweet twinkie. This marked one week until their wedding!


I enjoyed several of their delicious snacks. They all hit the spot.


Twin sandwich with Cindy. 🙂


They smoked the pork at the tailgate and had coleslaw, deviled eggs, and parmesan chicken sliders. I went bun-less on the pork and was pleasantly full.


With more of the girls. Sorry it’s a little out-of-focus. I’m not sure why.


This guy was funny and told us we needed a better background than the dumpsters. Then he photo-bombed us.


One last snap for good measure.


When they headed to the stadium, I came home and took an amazing bath with the lavender Epsom salt from Barre3 Knoxville. I read my novel and just relaxed.

For dinner, I made a quick salad with cooked sweet potato, roasted almonds, and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Matt was meeting up with a small group to honor a gentleman who recently passed away, so I continued to read my novel. I switched over to do a word find before bed. You could say I tapped into my inner 80-year-old. Hahaha


Matt was a pawesome cat dad and fed the babies both Saturday and Sunday morning. This is how I woke up. That tongue! Girlfriend was happy.


I made really fluffy cheese scrambled eggs to go with my warmed banana bread and then coffee. I felt the aged cheddar wasn’t as strong as I would like, so I added more after this. Cheese ❤


I’m having a hard time believing it’s October and only 2.5 weeks until our one year anniversary! My favorite month by far, and this is my favorite owl, so it’s very appropriate.


Matt’s creation: two over easy eggs on a cheesy hash brown patty with wilted spinach, banana bread, and the other half of his apple. He ate the first half earlier in the weekend.


SnapChat again, and this time it disguised my bedhead.


After shopping at Planet Xchange and Kroger, I came home and had a late light lunch of wilted greens, heated sweet potato, tahini, avocado, and pepitas. I had an apple after this.


My awesome finds!


I bought the gray Gap cardigan to keep at my home clinic because it’s always so cold.


My sweet laundry helper! I was able to wash three loads. Woot.


He likes to snuggle in it more than fold it. 😉


I committed to 40 minutes of Barre3 and felt so. good.


Matt was again awesome and helped me finish our dinner. Lovely rice with baked dill salmon, Matt’s homemade tartar sauce, roasted broccoli, and beets. Unfortunately, these canned beets from Kroger lack flavor. Shoot. Still was a really tasty meal!


I was so excited to find fresh GF pasta! I bought so much great food and had a lot of coupons. The cash register scale was broken, so they gave me my nearly five pounds of bananas for free. Score!


Another fun find.


Dessert was Fage with thawed tropical fruit, GF cinnamon graham crackers, and roasted almonds. We stayed up too late watching Gotham, and then I was wired. Woke up at 3 for a little bit too. Whoopsies.


Even still, I was ready before 7:30 so that I could meet at UT campus. The accrediting agency for nutrition, ACEND wanted to speak with the area’s internship preceptors. I was proud of myself for being ready so early. I need to keep this up for sure.


Rockin’ one of my “new” shirts and a bold lip.


Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


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