Last Race Weekend of the Year + Wedding Photos Sneak Peak!

Kaci’s amazing photographers of S+W s i m p l y weddings shared a sneak peak album of Kaci and Drew’s wedding. They’re so pretty, and we cannot wait to see the rest!


They asked that someone say a word to make us all laugh, and I did us the honor. You can use your imagination as to what was said. 😉


Kaci chose to remove the ribbon and had this custom necklace made for her dress. It matched her beautiful jewelry as well.


So sweet!




Their delicious naked carrot cake.


Two of our amazing friends!


Alright, so to start with our weekend recap. I had a bowl of fruit with cottage cheese and banana bread with peanut butter for Friday’s breakfast. We loaded up the truck to head to VA to race at VIR once more this year.


I had that ‘haven’t showered and still look asleep’ look.


Lunch for me was leftover pizza and vegetables, and I made Matt a roast beef sandwich.


GF Bites for dessert.


After getting settled, I showered and heated our dinner. I made four trays of roasted seasoned vegetables, rice, and pesto pork chops for dinner on Friday and Saturday.


Saturday started early, and we enjoyed these oatmeal cups with banana on the side. I added some roasted seeds to mine.


Matt ran two qualifying sessions and got his time down to a 2:17 lap. Unfortunately, on the first turn of the first lap to his 1.5 hour race, he took the outside of the track and collided with another car that had been tapped and spun around to a stop. Poor Matt was towed back and started working on the frame. Thankfully, it was just structural damage, but it sucks all the same. He couldn’t race any the rest of the weekend. He has dash cam footage of it, and it’s awful to watch. So upsetting!


I heated us each a frozen entrée for lunch plus more vegetables on the side.


The theme of the weekend was Goblins Go, so I had to wear my skull leggings.


We had the same dinner and then later dessert that included splitting a Yoplait vanilla custard yogurt + pumpkin spice mini scone and peanut butter for me / pumpkin spice Cheerios for Matt.


We slept well and got up on Sunday feeling more well-rested. There was a group set-up across from us that were loud and obnoxious on Friday night until at least midnight. Some people can be so inconsiderate. Anyway, breakfast was a plain oatmeal cup to start with plenty of spice, egg, and cheddar added before microwaving into a muffin of sorts. A sweetango apple on the side. My new fav variety!


Lunch was Amy’s frozen poblano enchiladas. Unfortunately, somehow water got into Matt’s, so it was not good. I offered to split them, but he refused. We ate the last of the vegetables plus some tortilla chips then split a Yoplait banana custard yogurt. We finally hit the road around 1:30.


We decided to stop at Aubrey’s like we did in March. We each had a salad, and I had their small plate of steak and gnocchi with arugula, parm, asparagus, and a wine sauce. It was de-licious, but a bit salty and too much sauce. Still hit the spot.


Matt went with his go-to of salmon with lemon caper sauce, smashed potatoes, and sautéed spinach.


After we got back home and unpacked, I had banana bread with peanut butter before getting ready for bed.


Sweet Jackson had to check out my duffle bag!

My outfit yesterday was a dress and fleece-lined leggings, both from Kroger! A total of $21 + tax. Not too shabby. It’s finally feeling like fall now too!


Have a great day!



5 thoughts on “Last Race Weekend of the Year + Wedding Photos Sneak Peak!

  1. I am cryinnnngggg. These pictures are beyond beautiful. She is a STUNNING bride, and you are an absolutely breathtaking bridesmaid.I absolutely love her colors she chose too. Gosh, this was so beautiful, thank you for sharing!!!! I just got back from work and the first thing I wanted to do was hop over to this post! Annnd of course, all your food is making me hungry as all get out. When are you making your cookbook?! XO

    Liked by 1 person

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