Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary to Us!

This past weekend marked one year ago that Matt and I said, “I do”, and we had the absolute best weekend! While I was battling a cold, I didn’t let it get me down or in the way of our fun.


I made us oatmeal with spices and tropical fruit and then topped with trail mix, brown sugar, and strawberry mango granola.


I saw this on Instagram and immediately felt it spoke to me. Love the message!


I stopped at TJ’s for a bar and chose this mixed berry RX Bar. ‘Twas tasty and filling.


One of my best friends, Randi was so kind and gave us a Cheesecake Factory gift card for our anniversary, so we dined out on Thursday. I split the remainder of my shepard’s pie for us along with a salad and sauteed asparagus. Their entrees are always gigantic, so at least you get plenty of servings for the cost!


We watched our wedding video and it brought so many smiles and so much laughter at all the fun times we had on our special day!



I decided to make us Kylie’s pumpkin pancakes and topped mine with pepitas, chocolate chips, maple, and peanut butter. Cottage cheese on the side.


Too cute!


Randi is managing an online boutique, Summer Grace, and I bought this dress just the other day. I love the print and fit! So comfortable and boho. I paired it with a sleeveless cardigan and my new booties from DSW. I had a coupon for a free weekender bag, but they had already sold out. Womp womp.


Love him to pieces!


In researching things to do on our day trip to Asheville, I saw that an apple festival was being held in Waynesville, NC. So we headed their first. Unfortunately, this year’s fall foliage has not been very vibrant. 😥 So whenever I see any, I have to snap a photo.


They had a lot of food and craft vendors lined all the way down the street in the heart of their downtown. Loved this owl artwork!


Had to get a few more photos together. Three times a charm to get it right. Ha!


We bought a bag of local Jonagold apples, and they are humongous.


Thanks to my friend Clancey’s recommendation, we visited Bimberibon for a late lunch. Holy moly this place is the real deal. So much delicious food!


I had their caffeine free beet honey latte with cinnamon while Matt had a quadruple shot of espresso. I was shocked, lol. This latte caught my attention the first time I looked at their menu, and it did not disappoint! They had a seasonal latte with butternut squash that I wish I could’ve tried too!


We shared their smoked eggplant and beet faba dips to start.


Then we split their arepa pocket, which had roasted pork, queso fresco, chipotle crema, roasted corn, and cilantro plus a side salad.


On a whim, we decided to check out the NC Arboretum. My type A self loves to have a game plan, but I also love going-with-the-flow.

The views and grounds were gorgeous.


Lovely mums were all over the grounds.

Cactus and succulents ❤


Matt spotted this guy.


I always thought a bonsai tree was an actual tree species, but instead, it refers to the type of care and growth. These trees are cultivated to be tiny. So neat!


They had a replica railroad town.

From cocoon to a catepillar to a butterfly. Pretty creative artwork.


When we finally made our reservation for Posana, they only had a 6pm or 10pm availability. In hindsight, we probably could’ve walked in and been seated with little wait, but we didn’t want to risk it. Sadly, I wasn’t very hungry yet, but I still enjoyed myself. 🙂

Goofy photos of us with our drinks, mine a lavender mocktail and Matt’s a bourbon cocktail.


We had their daily soup special to start.


We split their quail filled with pecan cornbread  stuffing. It was delicious.


I chose their roasted broccoli with lentils, turnips, garam masala, and tofu-cashew sauce.


Matt enjoyed their seared duck breast with collard greens, caramelized apples, honey nut squash, and cider jus.


We ordered a dessert to go and ate it at the house once we were back. It was late, but we’re a couple of wild ones. We split their carrot cake, which was uniquely prepared and came with pineapple gel and rum ice cream.



While we were at Bimberibon, I ordered two bagels, a tahini cookie, and a slice of their chocolate babka bread because everything is prepared gluten free.


We split the bagels, and Matt made a sandwich with his.


I had goat cheese between the everything bagel, and Matt kindly made me an overeasy egg for the other bagel half. We had some of our roasted asparagus and apple on the side.


Post breakfast SnapChats while I sipped my coffee.

Sunday was officially our one year anniversary. How fast time flies!!


Jaxxy is so adorable!


After I completed an amazing Barre3 workout, I showered and enjoyed the aforementioned tahini cookie.


We scheduled anniversary photos in July, and despite having a cold, I was not going to reschedule. While I was getting my makeup done by Tatyana, my wedding makeup artist who I love (!), Matt sent me this photo and a video. Sweet Mason! He’s at the vets today for blood work and his next treatment. Please keep him in your thoughts.


Our photoshoot was so so fun!! We felt relaxed, could be ourselves, and we just had fun with it. Brittany Sidwell is awesome. So laid back, fun, and talented! We concluded with two Boomerang videos, and one is of me doing a shimmy while Matt rode an air bike. It was epic!

I wanted to go to Sunspot just like we did after our engagement photos.


We both ordered their vegetable soup. Super thick and flavorful.


I chose their Sunspot salad and added ahi tuna. I saved about half that I split with my Posana leftovers for our lunches today.


Matt went with their beef tips, which were delicious.


I had a small mug of yogurt, pumpkin, spices, half a banana mashed, a sprinkle of Cheerios, and macadamia nut milk. Matt made a smoothie, and then we called it a night.

This morning we split one of the massive Jonagolds, and I had mine with yogurt and peanut butter. Hard to believe, but I actually added too much peanut butter. Just a bit overpowering. On the side I split the babka bread between us.


It’s a rainy, gross day with a cold front on the horizon. I would love it if we could just have some mild fall weather. Sigh. But I’m thankful our weekend was beautiful! I love married life, and while it can be hard, I feel so grateful.

**Edited to add these four sneak peak photos from Brittany Sidwell of Brittany Sidwell Photography. I’m in love with them already!! My make-up was all thanks to Tatyana Wilcox. She concealed any signs of my cold and made me feel confident and beautiful.


Laughter is the best medicine.


My grandmother’s China with our special wedding cake dessert forks. I adore this shot!


One of Mason’s nicknames is Pooks, and he gets a scrunchy nose that we have dubbed the “Pooks nose.” We’re both rocking it here, and I absolutely love it.









8 thoughts on “Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary to Us!

  1. Love how this post is filled with brightly colored food! I love big portion sizes at restaurants – often my leftovers make enough for me and my fiance as a meal the next day (accompanied by some heated frozen vegetables). Happy anniversary!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ya love birds!!!! I looove RX bars—I still need to try their pumpkin one though. Have you seen it anywhere?! Those pancakes look amazing!! I absolutely adore those food combos- oh my gosh- that beet latte?! It sounds soo good. I have been CRAVING beets lately—I wonder if I’m low in iron or something. What is an arepa pocket? It sounds delicious! Alsooooo pecan cornbread stuffing is making me salivate. That sounds too good. OH MY GOODNESS- I could look at y’alls wedding pictures for days (I’ve seen them before, but they always take my breath away!). They are so beautiful. And your recent pictures are amazing. I hope you’ll share more!! I love your outfit too- those colors are perfection! XO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Mackenzie!! I haven’t seen the pumpkin flavor, but now I absolutely need to find it! That beet latte was so dang tasty! Hmm you may be. I always find it fascinating how well the body can direct us to better care for ourselves if we just pay attention to these cravings and such. 🙂 Arepa pockets are essentially corn-based doughy round that can be split to use like sandwich bread. It’s so good! You are so incredibly sweet to say that about our photos – I just love your kind words!! I’ll be sharing some photos from our anniversary shoot later today! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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