Rest. Relax. Rejuvenate

I seriously want to go back and relive last weekend. It was so perfect! I’m actually going to rewind to Thursday to share our dinner.


You may or may not find sardines appetizing, but we absolutely love them. I bought this tin of lightly smoked with lemon oil, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this cute lemon slice included.


We split the tin complete with all the delicious oil.


I made Kylie’s epic biscuits that couldn’t have been simpler and are oh so delicious! I made them GF for us, and they will be on repeat. I need to make a batch to freeze!


I made a throw-together soup that turned out very well. I sautéed onions with roasted garlic and then added the last of our roasted green beans, one can each turnip greens with turnips / mixed vegetables / small can of mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce, spices, and chicken broth.



I mixed together one packet of instant ancient grains oatmeal with cottage cheese Thursday night then topped it with jumbo grapes and peanut butter in the morning.


Autumn-inspired outfit, complete with my bright cords! I love corduroy and will wear them despite if they are “in style” or not. They’re a staple for me. 🙂

Friday marked the season premiere of Stranger Things 2!! Do I have any fellow obsessed fans out there? Matt and I were stoked. SnapChat took me to the upside down.

Matt and I attended the annual race group gathering, but before we left, I had a snack of Greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin, spices, jam, and seeds.


Matt found a recipe for sweet potato biscuit sausage balls, but he used roasted spiced butternut squash for his + made them GF. Sweet Mace wanted to help his dad!


While on the way, we ran over someone’s stupid debris that we couldn’t avoid. It ripped up my gravel shield, but Matt was awesome and had to get down on his hands and knees to pull it out from underneath my car. We like to keep things exciting, ha.


I so love my handsome husband!


Hot apple cider – first of the season for me!


The spread of delicious food. They grilled hamburgers and hot dogs as well.


Matt’s sausage balls, which were crazy delicious, along with veg, dip, chips, and guac.


I went back for one more sausage ball plus tastes of baked beans, deviled egg, and ham and bean soup. It all hit the spot. The weather was perfect too! The gathering had originally been scheduled for Saturday, but with a serious drop in temps plus rain, it got rescheduled last minute. We were all so glad it did because the night was beautiful.


I love bonfires! Only downside is smelling like one for the rest of the night. Lol


Dessert sampler plate. My favorite was the chocolate pudding pie! Oh man I would’ve eaten more if I weren’t pleasantly full.


Funny story: after we took our exit, Matt wanted to stop by CVS. I gave him my cold – whoops – but sharing is caring. While waiting, I shut off my headlights. Once we got on our way again, I forgot to turn them back on because the store front and street lights were bright. They had a road stop for a crew as they painted a new pedestrian walkway. The officer had me roll down my window to tell me I was driving without my headlights and then proceeded to ask if I’d been drinking. Anyone who knows me well knows I drive with my parking lights on nearly every time I drive. So this was a rare mistake, funny but rare. He didn’t know me or that I don’t drink, but I catch myself getting angry whenever I’m asked because I never drink. But such as life. Ya gotta laugh and move on!


Brunch was epic. Biscuit warmed with fluffy scrambled eggs, wilted spinach, gouda, and apple with cinnamon.


I made Bigelow Benefits green tea with honey, and Matt and I watched TWO episodes of Stranger Things 2. We’re so hooked! We couldn’t stay up any longer on Friday night, and with it being rainy and cold, it was the absolute most perfect Saturday morning.

I then got myself ready and went down to K Brew. I enjoyed every sip of their pumpkin pie latte (half caf) that they make with their very own pumpkin puree and vanilla whipped cream. It’s a dream-in-a-mug. Their café was packed too despite the icky weather. Speaks volumes to the love K-town has for them.


Ring bling + lipstick artsy photo 😉


Once I was fueled with more caffeine, I ran errands. I failed to wear a jacket and decided I needed a stylish, nice rain jacket. I found this one with a 20% Cartwheel coupon. Jackpot!


Because I can’t buy anymore mugs right now, I settled for a photo. Womp womp.


After shopping at the pet store with a coupon, I stopped by Whole Foods. It was the second time I’d been there since Amazon bought them. I was curious if I’d notice a price difference. I didn’t shop for much, so I didn’t note much of a change yet. I did treat myself to a late hot bar lunch.


I finally bought two cute bins to store our Tupperware lids! It’s the little things.


I also bought us a new candle for the season. I love the reflective vase and the scent!


Dinner was salad with pesto, toast, and soup.


Dessert was yogurt, grapes, Cheerios, and pb while we watched the third episode of Stranger Things 2. Hooked, I tell ya. I even had to convince Matt not to start the fourth, ha!



Sunday marked two things: National Oatmeal Day and National Cat Day – two of my very favorite things! I cooked an apple in brown sugar, spices, and a splash of water. I added two packets of instant ancient grains oatmeal, macadamia nut milk, vanilla, and raisins. Once I portioned it between our bowls, I drizzle maple and pb on top. So filling and warm.


SnapChats while I sipped my coffee.


This was taken at the perfect timing!


I meal prepped so hard. 😉 Roasted vegetables and butternut squash risotto for days.


Delicious baked apples. I enjoyed some on cottage cheese this morning for a snack.


For lunch I had greens, warmed roasted butternut squash and beets, risotto, and seeds.


I washed our bedding, another load of laundry, dishes, vacuumed, and took out the trash. I felt so productive. I completed a total of 45 minutes of Barre3 that felt incredible!

After finally showering, I made a chai tea latte and warmed a biscuit. The perfect combo of sweet, spice, and salt.


For dinner, we had some of the roasted vegetables, naked potato skins stuffed with mashed cannellini beans + roasted garlic / salt /  smoked paprika then melted gouda on top, and basil chicken. Unfortunately, the bone-in skin-on chicken breast halves were cooking slower than expected. While they were still soft but done, they were somewhat dry. You win some, you lose some. But Matt was SUPER thankful for a hot meal and that made me feel so good. It’s thanking the other and acknowledging when each other tries that makes a world of difference.



This morning I made oatmeal with espresso salt, cinnamon, vanilla, milk, and old fashioned oats. I topped my bowl with grapes, pumpkin, peanuts, and brown sugar. Kept me nicely full for four hours.


A bright outfit to bring me happiness this Monday!


I hope everyone has a fantastic week ahead!


5 thoughts on “Rest. Relax. Rejuvenate

  1. I have never tried Anchovy like that—but I am always up for trying anything! That spread of foooooddd- y’all know how to throw a party!! I loled at sharing is caring.. ugh, bring on flu season. I tried getting into Stranger Things, but didn’t make it to the second episode. Do you think it gets better? I am tempted to try again! I always love reading through your weeks. Thank you for sharing and have another amazing one ahead!!! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love sardines! I know some people think they’re gross or odd, but they really are delicious to me. I am so hoping we avoid the flu – I never want to experience that level of sickness! Oh my goodness, girl. I’m no fan of Sci-fi, yet Stranger Things hooked me bad. I’m SUCH a fan. It may not be your cup of tea, but I promise from my perspective, it gets so incredible through the season and into season 2! Thank you so much! I’m wishing you the best week as well!!! XO

      Liked by 1 person

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