Fall Has Arrived!

The weather this past weekend was so very perfect, and our East TN fall colors are finally on display. My heart is so happy! I love this time of year with fall being my favorite season without a doubt. The hues of autumn weren’t revealing themselves, so I was unsure if we would get to experience them this year. Thankfully, we are.


I wanted to share this adorable photo of our sweet boys on Thursday morning. So snuggly.


Because the weather was so beautiful, I was able to go on a walk after lunch and then later for an hour in the late afternoon before dinner. Matt got home early too, which was such an awesome surprise! He was understandably tired, so he stayed at home. I talked to Kaci the entire time anyway. Us twinklets can gab!

I stopped to snap this photo because these colors were breathtaking. The fog in the morning along with the intense grays and blues in the sky have been so perfect. If you can’t tell, I’m obsessed. Sorrynotsorry.



I saw this idea on Instagram, and we actually had leftover butternut squash risotto. We layered wilted greens with warmed risotto and then topped it with an over easy egg. Cinnamon-spiced apple on the side. This was so good!


I found pumpkin spice yogurt covered pretzels at Aldi, and I dipped them in peanut butter for a mid-morning snack. So delicious!


For lunch, I packed some leftover salmon cakes with homemade tartar sauce from Thursday’s dinner. We enjoyed them with wilted greens underneath and olive tapenade hummus and veg on the side.


I had to run an errand, so I decided to visit the west Honeybee Coffee location. It’s so pretty!! Bright natural light fills the whole café, and the white is very cheerful. I love the décor as well. It used to be an auto location, so they, like K brew, have garage doors they can open on pretty days. So neat!


I enjoyed their unsweetened turmeric latte with oat milk. The sweet barista took the time to show me the oat milk they now offer, and he chatted with me. I love how personable he was to me, and it brightened my day.


I also couldn’t resist this delicious treat. It complimented my latte perfectly.


When I got home, this is how the fog looked over the land as you look off our front porch. Love!


Friday morning I assembled all of our opened frozen vegetables with the last of our roasted vegetables and let them soak with Aldi organic chicken bone broth. After simmering it for 45 minutes, I served it with gouda toast. Hit the spot!



Now that we have the vanilla creamer, I’m wanting to try it in different ways. I soaked oats and milk with cinnamon, vanilla, and espresso salt. I cooked it on the stovetop in the morning and topped my bowl with fresh berries, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and a splash of the creamer. Heavenly!


Matt used the last biscuit and made a sausage, egg, cheese, greens, and pesto sandwich. It was epic. We always trade a bite-for-a-bite, and this was definitely restaurant worthy!


We chilled and snuggled with the babies while we sipped our coffee. Sweet baby girl.


I completed a 30-minute Barre3 workout that was killer. I loved it so much! Mason wanted to be held first, though, before I got my shakes on.

After showering, I enjoyed a later lunch of wilted greens with hummus-topped toast plus a fried seasoned egg. I enjoyed a carrot and gouda potato chips on the side.


Matt and I  got ready to attend my friend’s wedding, but before we left, we had to get a photo with Mason. Doesn’t he look enthused?! Hahahaha favorite photo of us three.


The venue was stunning! It is located in Townsend, TN, and the drive out there was spectacular. My sweet husband! *The* best and most handsome wedding date. :*


The ceremony was very pretty. Afterward, we were able to enjoy delicious cocktail snacks. I had water with a splash of lemonade that was the perfect sweetness level.


Photo booth fun! On the left is my manager at one of my clinics along with one of our fabulous nurses.


Those glasses were so fun! (Shoutout to Kaci for letting me borrow this dress. My girl has the nicest clothes!)


We couldn’t miss this photo-op. 🙂


I loved the decorations and centerpieces!


Delicious salad to start.


They served mashed potatoes, soft rolls, roast beef with au jus and horseradish cream, roasted vegetables, and an incredible chicken breast.


The gorgeous bride, Christy and her sister-in-law, Kim! I work with both of them. Christy and I started on the exact same day and went through education together. We all three work together at one of my clinics. They’re so fun, and I’m so glad I got to celebrate her wedding with them!


I tried taking our photo, but the flash got Matt, lol. Then our following attempts cracked me up. When Matt gets ahold of the camera, it’s always a blast!


My favorite!


The coffee was delicious, and they also had hot chocolate and tea. Covered all the bases!


Classic vanilla cake that was fluffy and delicious. They also had some mini pecan pies that were adorable. I had a bite of one, and it was tasty.


I hit the dance floor a few times and had a blast!


I forgot about daylight savings time, which made for a rough morning. We really ought to do away with it. Can I get an amen? It’s an outdated practice. Poor babies thought it was time for noms, but it was only 4:45am. Oof. We finally rolled out of bed in the 7 o’clock hour and made breakfast. I ate baked cinnamon apples with cottage cheese and Cheerios out of the peanut butter jar, and Matt had his out of the cottage cheese container. Less clean up for us!


I got distracted because our in-credible photographer sent us our anniversary photos!! I’ll be sharing several in a separate post after this one. Two posts in one day, I’m gettin’ crazy!

I did finally get myself ready and then wasted a ton of time trying to untangle four necklaces. Matt later took care of them for me. The struggle was real. I had decided it was time I finally visit Cruze Farm’s new permanent location.


❤ Cruze Farm


Is this house not amazing?


It’s so darn cute throughout! They worked their tooshes off repainting and remodeling for several weeks after purchasing it. They put these fabulous canvases on display that were first introduced in their summer Gay St. location.


So cute! They made use of all of the space available.


I chose their broccoli cheddar soup, which included carrots. It was the best I’ve ever had. I enjoyed half with this buttermilk biscuit then saved the rest of the soup to go with tomorrow’s lunch.


I had to save room because I ordered this divine cup of cookies ‘n cream.


Post lunch super happy selfie in their tiny bathroom. No shame!


I had to take one more before I left. Those pumpkins! Insert heart-eye emoji.


Unfortunately, the water plumbing at the lake house that Matt fixed Labor Day 2016 broke. We think someone may have run over it and broke the pipe. Sigh. But I was thankful we visited because look at this view!


Because I ran late to lunch, we got out there late. So we couldn’t go to the store for any parts or supplies. But Matt worked hard at first diagnosing the problem and getting the broken part loose.

I took a photo of our dinner, but it turned out really poorly. I roasted green beans and then tossed them in pesto. I added them to a bowl of wilted mixed greens with warmed risotto and pinto beans. Seems odd, but it was delicious. I had a small mug of cereal with berries and then we finally crawled into bed. The babes were still confused this morning. This’ll be a long week until we get into our rhythm. Sigh. But today is going to be a great day, and I hope all enjoy it and the week ahead!

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