Naked Foods Grab ‘n Go is Now Open!

I want to first begin by saying how incredibly gorgeous yesterday afternoon was. I wish autumn could stay this way for a long time!

Yesterday evening, Matt, Kaci, and I had the pleasure of visiting Naked Foods Grab ‘n Go during their open house, and it was amazing! To give a little background, I first met the founder, Alison Corle summer of 2015 when she led my first paddle boarding experience. Fast forward to planning our wedding, Matt and I knew we wanted excellent food at our reception. I met with one caterer, and I felt so disappointed. The same old menu was offered, and they didn’t care about nutrition like I did. Plus, gluten free added another level of difficulty. Even though Alison did not caterer, she had at that time been running her own meal service company going on three years. She has tremendous respect for nutrition and a variety in foods, PLUS she makes everything gluten free. She was willing to take on the challenge, and she far exceeded our expectations. When Kaci and Drew got engaged, she was one of the very first vendors that they booked. Both times she was so professional, did not show any stress, and she did her job so well. Everyone loved the food, and I most definitely made sure to eat on my wedding day. Matt and I had many leftovers that served us SO well when we returned from our honeymoon. I could go on, but let’s get into her newest adventure: Grab ‘n Go store front!


The Naked Foods squad prepares several meals from scratch and has them portioned out and ready to be sold, heated, and enjoyed. They offer a wide variety from chicken to pork, beef, seafood, vegan, and desserts.


It’s so bright and inviting! The before and after of this location is astonishing.


The mastermind and badass entrepreneur herself, Alison!


Look at all of those choices! They even sold out on Tuesday because there is such a demand.


They had meatballs, Thai peanut dipping sauce, guacamole, sweet potato chips, almond butter, and desserts to sample.


All the heart eye emojis.


These higher protein desserts included lemon blueberry donut, harvest apple protein cookie, pumpkin spice pancake, and chocolate donut.


Matt and I chose their newest vegan Mexican bowl, citrus salmon, grass-fed beef spaghetti squash, and BBQ chicken entrees.



We split the salmon entrée and had simply dressed mixed greens on the side. It was so good! We both remarked how well the salmon was cooked, and how generous the portions are. I plan to stop by often as I come home from my clinic located in West Knoxville.


Even Rachel and Mason LOVED the salmon! He’s a Naked Foods kitty spokesman that is here to tell you how amazing it is!


If you live in Knoxville or find yourself visiting, do yourself a favor and skip the drive thru and visit Naked Foods instead!

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