Soaking Up Autumn

This weekend was so perfect, and the weather was very nice! I say it often and every year, but I love autumn. ❤


Matt and I began our Friday with savory oatmeal topped with pesto and a Vital Farms egg. I had a coupon, so I splurged and bought a carton of their brown shell eggs. Two tangerines on the side for something sweet and juicy.


Snuggles with baby girl while I sipped my coffee. The best! She’s so affectionate.


Before I left, I opened our bedroom blinds for Mason. He was loving the sunshine!


Kaci, Matt, and I are all obsessed with his bald, pink belly. When I look at our baby boy, I don’t see a cancer patient. Sure, he is definitely missing some fur. But he is so dang handsome and strong!


I had a coupon for two Chobani Flip cups, and this was one of their new flavors. It’s delicious!


Kaci met me at the vets so that the babies could get their annual vaccines. They were perfect! So nervous, as I would be too, but they were such sweeties. All checked out with a clean bill of health and are up-to-date on their shots.


Once home, I made us a simple green salad with Ranch and served us leftover spaghetti. Unfortunately, when I first made it earlier in the week, it was blah. The sauce was too thin, which Matt tried to fix. He advised we simmer it without the lid, but I was in a stubborn mood. I admit I was wrong. 😉


Much more enjoyable the second time around.



We slept in quite a bit on Saturday such that I was groggy. Whoopsies. I had gotten up at 6:00 to feed the babies but then slept until 8:00 or so. The boys looked like they were trying to play train or something. Haha


Matt was a sweetheart and offered to make each of us French toast! Can’t say “no” to that. =D I had mine with seeded gluten bread from Aldi, which is fabulous. He added vanilla creamer to the egg batter, which really amped up the overall flavor. Topped with thawed wild blueberries, drippy peanut butter, and some maple syrup.


Matt’s GF stack.


Kase was so so sweet and invitted me to join them for a hike at House Mountain! I got all bundled up and sported my K brew sweatshirt. ❤ My MIL made that fun beanie.


“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn.”


One of Drew’s friends, Shane met us there. He is very familiar with the area and the hike. I love how they all have the same facial expression. Lol



Twin selfie!


Peace. Signature pose. It’s a must.




The views at the top were incredible!


Those fall colors.


I had to strip that sweatshirt for a bit because I was burning up!


Love!! I have wanted to hike in the fall for a long time and just haven’t put forth the effort to plan and execute it. Fortunately, my twinkie got me out there, so I feel complete. This needs to happen much more regularly! Axl was a fabulous hiking dog too. He led the way for us!



Kisses for his mama.


Selfie with Axl who was not very enthused.


Hipster pup!

Once we were back, I hung out with Drew and Kaci for a bit before heading home for a quick shower. I made us dill havarti potato skins, leftover whole baked lemon pepper chicken, and a salad with freshly roasted butternut squash and pesto.



I woke up on Saturday to this. All the heart eye emojis. Matt had gotten up and fed the babies earlier, and then Jax decided to snuggle. He’s blurry because the flash caught his eye, and he was turning to see what I was doing.


I got up before Matt and made Anne’s Spiced Butternut Squash Muffins. I had one for a snack this morning, and they are so good!


I had a few slices of apple on the side plus…


the rest of the apple with cottage cheese. I didn’t finish the slices,though until lunch because I had had enough with the cottage cheese.


Matt and I decided to thaw and heat some of the butternut squash sausage balls he made a few weeks ago. Perfectly complimented the meal.


I decided after enjoying my coffee that I would just put on a beanie and head to Planet Xchange. They were so sweet and gave me a $21 gift card for their 21st anniversary. They had asked customers to share their fav Planet Xchange find. That sweater was actually from them a few years ago. I love all of my purchases!


I finally scored this Kavu backpack for only $24.95!


I was so excited to find this! Owl: check. Glasses: check. Turqouise: check. SO perfect for me! Yes, I am 29, and I still love these cute sweatshirts. I will wear it proudly. I also found the perfect lounge shirt/casual top from Free People.


Lunch was some leftover rice + pinto beans warmed with cumin and topped with spicy guacamole. I had the remainder of a strawberry harvest salad mix, apple, and a Ghiradelli dark chocolate sea salt caramel square. It was so good!


After finishing an incredible 30-minute Barre3 online workout, I showered, did laundry, washed dishes, and meal prepped. I bought mustard greens, turnip greens, and kale from a patient for $2. He and his wife have a garden, and he sold me so. much. for such a low price. The only downside to fresh were the few bugs that hitched a ride on the greens. But I was brave and took care of them. I took the cumin roasted carrots, roasted peppers and mushrooms, caramelized onion, and greens and built us bowls topped with sardines. Matt and I emulsified fresh lemon juice, spicy brown mustard, and extra virgin olive oil together until creamy. Some tortilla chips on the side for a crunch.


Matt chose the newest Beauty and the Beast for free on Netflix for us to watch. The movie was meh, but I love our movie nights! We are not into singing and musicals, so it was a bit too much for us. But now I can say I’ve seen it. Ha. I made a dessert of Fage with tangerines, peanut butter, and GF cinnamon graham crackers. Mmmmm.


Today I wore my new Planet Xchange vest that is oh so comfortable! It’s super soft on the inside *and* it has pockets.


I have a dietetic intern working with me this week, and she’s super sweet! I will be working with her again in March as well as four other interns next February through May. Giving back to the nutrition community when I can. Also, my RD log of 75+ hours of continuing credits was accepted, so I don’t have to worry about re-certification period starting again until June 2019. Yay! Have a great day and week ahead!

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