Thanksgiving 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have to say I was quite proud of our meal. Once I got home on Wednesday, I got started on our side dishes. This sweet butterball helped me! Those snuggles and hugs around my neck. ❤


It’s just not Thanksgiving if I don’t make my grandmother’s cornbread dressing.


I finished making the roasted vegetables and cranberry sauce then got everything all cleaned up before going to bed. Jackson was waiting at the top of the stairs as I made my way to our bedroom. Our babies melt my heart.


I got up before sleepy Matt and had banana bread with yogurt, cinnamon, dark chocolate peanut butter, and fruit. Plus a deeelicious mug o’ strong, black coffee. I read more of Body Kindness and got my kitty snuggles.



Soaking up that warm sunshine.




After dusting, vacuuming, and completing a fabulous Barre3 workout, I showered and then enjoyed lunch. This beautiful salad included greens, sauteed-marinated butternut and zucchini noodles, fresh pomegranate arils, roasted pumpkin seeds, lentils, and goat cheese.


Sorry to toot my own horn, but our turkey looked so damn good! I took our roasted garlic and rubbed it with fresh organic herbs, salt, and pepper then massaged it under the skin. I added olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and organic low sodium chicken broth. Matt was clever and moved the oven rack down partly through the cooking time, so the bird cooked evenly. We nailed it.


We packed up our noms and swung by Kaci and Drew’s because I have THE best sister who made us dessert! Then we made our way up to his mom and step-dad’s. The weater was so pretty!


I  had a small plate of appetizers and then felt satisfied.


I roasted seasoned turnips, carrots, and parsnips. Matt made our gravy, and his mom steamed a whole artichoke.


Matt’s full, pretty plate.


After dinner, Matt agreed to go on a walk with me. I want to make it a tradition. I loved it. Just time for us two, and it felt nice to move my body outside on such a nice fall day.

I couldn’t pass up a Thanksgiving filter SnapChat possibilty.



Kaci generously gave me a slice of her homemade apple butter pumpkin pie, and she made Matt’s without a crust to be GF.


Once we got home and the babies fed, we called it a night around 9:30. I’m so glad it’s Friday, and another sunny day as well! Plus Barre3 Knoxville offered another free class this week. Kaci and I attended on Tuesday, and I cannot wait for another awesome session this evening! I have no intentions of shopping today, but I look forward to visiting some shops tomorrow for Small Business Saturday. Tell me: what is your favorite holiday food? Have a great day!

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