Weekend Fun & Self-Care

I hope everyone enjoyed their post-Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Matt and I went to work on Friday, and I never participate in Black Friday. Way too much for little ole me!


I made Bob’s Red Mill hot cereal with milk and spices then served it in a nearly empty pb jar with a splash of sweet cream coffee creamer and homemade cranberry sauce. So good!


I always have to enjoy a turkey sandwich the Friday after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the bread was a little dry, but otherwise, it was tasty. I used mayo, mustard, goat cheese, turkey, and greens plus roasted vegetables on the side. One of my sweet coworkers had brought a blueberry dump cake earlier in the week for our Thanksgiving potluck, so I had that for dessert.


After heading home, I cared for our sweeties and then got changed, hopped back into my car, and I headed to another free Barre3 class. I was fortunate to get to witness this magnificent sunset.


Ohmygosh this class was so perfect! The instructor was so sweet and effective at keeping me motivated and engaged. I loved the flow, and I felt so good afterward! Sometimes getting  home from work and doing nothing but snuggling with Matt and the babies is self-care, and sometimes sweating it out in a room full of wonderful people is self-care for me. I loved devoting 60 minutes to my well-being, and I’m grateful my body has allowed me to experience this form of exercise.


Once home again, Matt helped me make a fabulous dinner. I plated roasted vegetables over greens to go along with our entree.


Our entree was shrimp alfredo with the pasta I shared in my last weekend post. I misjudged the portioning of our shrimp, so we didn’t get enough at all. But it was still filling!


We watched an episode of Longmire and then went to bed.


I got up before Matt (he got up early to feed the babies), so I enjoyed a slice of banana bread stirred into yogurt with frozen blueberries, fresh pom seeds, and then topped with a sprinkle of granola and pb drizzle.


Sweet Rachie girl snuggles.


Mason chilled behind me. Look at that face! ❤


Jaxxy looking so adorable.


Kaci and I had plans to meet for coffee later, but I made a small mug to sip on while I put together this salad. I took a bagged salad kit for a strawberry harvest salad and added pom seeds, turkey, sauteed butternut squash + zucchini noodles then was able to stretch it to four servings. The bag was on sale for $2.99 I believe, so I felt great about how inexpensive this meal was! It’s what I’ll be enjoying for lunch today.


I FINALLY took my car to the car wash and filled it with gas before adding this Barre3 sticker. Yes, I’m borderline obsessed but love this style of movement and want to display that with pride. 🙂


I met up with Kaci at K brew – our fav coffee shop! I had to try their apple cinnamon latte. I got it half caf, and it was dreamy!


Kaci took a burst photo, and she captured this gem. A girl always needs to make sure no lipstick is hitching a ride on her teeth.


Much better! I love my twinkie!


I went home to feed the babies and eat the salad I had made for lunch before heading out again. I decided to browse around some local shops for Small Business Saturday. I did get a shirt and bracelet that I shared later in this post.


I was able to talk with my dad after I got home. I always love getting to chat with my dad! He’s a wealth of knowledge. Definitely not throwing a pity party, but this time of year for the last several years has been a little difficult. Matt makes it amazing (!), but not having any grandparents or my mom here with us anymore and then my small family living far away in TX is tough. So all that to say I’m grateful for phones and FaceTime.

After Matt got cleaned up, we met with my coworkers from one of the two clinics I work at to enjoy dinner together.

A fabulous group of people!


Matt and I split the pork carnitas, and boy was this tasty. We also ordered a side of guacamole.


My manager surprised us with a fun game that involved a crap-ton of plastic wrap. Lol. She used an entire roll of plastic wrap to conceal little gifts. The person to your left rolled dice as you tried to tear into the ball, and when they got doubles, you had to pass it to them. It went around the table several times.


Post-dinner group photo!


As Matt and I watched two episodes of Longmire, I decided to nosh on a small ramekin of yogurt, tangerine, and nuts.


Sweet Macey with his paws on Matt.



I was on kitty duty, but for some reason, Jax was set to eat at 5:15. Yikes. As soon as Alexis posted her recipe for Cranberry Pecan Goat Cheese Bites earlier in the week, I knew we needed to make them for Sunday brunch. We had them with scrambled seasoned eggs over wilted spinach along with tangerines on the side. I had been wanting to try a product by Dr. Praeger’s, and I really love these bites.


I spent time washing our bedding, scrubbing the inside of the oven, cleaning the dishes. Felt good to address all of those things!

This was my splurge shirt purchase, but I have no “ragrets.” <– name that movie!


New life motto: Warrior not Worrier


I bought a set of bracelets and gave one to Kaci as a bff gift. It may be something girls did in middle school, but I wasn’t above doing it now. 😉


I used my leftover flour tortilla and Matt’s corn tortilla from Saturday night and made a delicious lunch. I put warmed turkey and roasted veg along with hummus in flour for savory and then pb, date, cinnamon, and pom seeds in the corn for sweet.


I went to Wal-Mart for a few things we needed and just had to buy this cookbook. I love her writing, humor, and approach to cooking!


It was a gorgeous day, so I was able to comfortably walk for 45 minutes while wearing a lightweight sleevless cardigan rather than needing a jacket. I enjoyed it so much!

Once back home, I meal planned and then meal prepped several vegetable dishes for the week. I caramelized onions before adding the peppers and fresh herbs to saute.


I roasted the rest of our celery along with an onion and fresh thyme. I bought a bag of discounted broccoli and cauliflower that I seasoned and roasted. I didn’t take a picture, but I also sauteed a bag of spinach that I bought on sale as well.


For dinner, I served us sliced fresh mozzarella with sugar snap peas (that I also bought on sale – score!) with shrimp alfredo that I added the peppers and onions to before heating.


For a light dessert while watching yet another episode of Longmire (I love this show), I had a banana split with yogurt, dark chocolate pb, and roasted sunflower seeds.


This morning I made the hot cereal with espresso sea salt, pumpkin spice, and milk before topping it with roasted peanuts, raspberry jam, and pumpkin spice yogurt covered pretzels. I normally never stir in my toppings, but for whatever reason I did this morning. Unfortunately, the yogurt coating melted off and got lost, but otherwise, this was awesome.


Some funny Lucy memes to give you a laugh!


Matt and I will be enjoying dinner at the Paleo Foods Cafe this evening. They’re debuting a new menu and offering all meals with a side for $8.99. A local radio station with be there, and there will be an opportunity to win some prizes. I’ll come back and add photos from it later tonight!


Matt and I loved our dinner at Paleo Foods Café! 


I chose their buffalo chicken sandwich with their citrus lime cole slaw. I loved all of the textures and flavors and really enjoyed the waffles!


Matt enjoyed their backyard burger with broccoli salad. He had some chipotle sauce on the side to dip the burger into, and my bite was excellent.


I loved getting to do something out of the ordinary and enjoy a Monday dinner date!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Fun & Self-Care

  1. Ok cranberry sauce and PB and oats- GENIUS!!!! I need to try that combo asap. I had blueberry dump cake for the first time last year- ah-may-zing. So good! I couldn’t believe it took me 22 years to try the stuff! I love what you said about self care- super true. It can take so many different forms for sure. I totally know what you mean about this time of year.. this is the first Christmas I will be working in the hospital for the whole week so we won’t be seeing family hardly at all. But you are SO right- thank goodness for technology!


    OK that waffle sandwich is super cool. I know DJ would LOVE that.

    As always, LOVE reading your posts.

    Have a beautiful day, chica!! xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I so hope that despite having to work, you will have an incredible Christmas! I’ll be thinking about you & sending positivity your way that week. ❤ The waffles are so good imo & work well with sweet or savory! I don’t subscribe to paleo eating, but I love this café, especially because it’s 100% safe for Mat being GF. I hope you have a beautiful Sunday as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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