‘Tis the Season for Baking Up a Storm

Somehow it’s Monday yet again. Hope you all are doing well! It’s a pretty, sunny day here. The last one for a while, unfortunately, so I’ll be taking advantage with an afternoon walk.


For breakfast, I mixed a slice of the banana bread into yogurt with blueberries, pom seeds, cranberry sauce, and peanut butter.


Sweet snuggles between Matt and Jax!


This photo popped up on my Fb memories. Matt and I have always been super photogenic together. 😉


I went home and fed our sweeties and made a delicious mug of tea in the afternoon.


I went to therapy, and the roles were reversed. I got home after Matt, and he had our dinner (shepherd’s pie from my previous post) all heated and plated! He also had folded the load of laundry I had washed and dried in the morning. It was really appreciated!

We finished the final season of Longmire. So sad that’s it over! I started watching it thanks to my dad when I stayed with them summer of 2013 for my dietetic public health internship.


I made Bob’s Red Mill hot cereal on the stove with milk and then topped with cranberry sauce and cashew butter.


Matt and I split the last tangerine and apple.


His breakfast was definitely better, haha. He heated spinach with cornbread dressing, and cheese and then topped with cranberry sauce and two over medium eggs. He gave me a bite, and I immediately had breakfast envy.


My snuggles with Jax while I sipped my coffee!


So squishies. ❤


I quickly got ready and met Kase at her and Drew’s. They had these fabulous cookies, so I took one of each from the holiday tin. I noshed on some while we headed out to run errands together. It may not seem like much, but this was like being back in the day. I LOVE shopping with her even if it’s just mundane stores or the grocery.


I picked up this salad from Trader Joe’s, and it hit the spot!


Matt and I will be spending Christmas just the two of us, and I am so dang excited for our day! It’ll mark two years since he asked for my hand in marriage. Cue the tears. We have plans to cook and eat amazing food, build a gingerbread house, go on a beautiful drive, watch Christmas movies, and open up stockings for each other.


I found these Ellen DeGeneres slippers at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Unfortunately, they’re a size too big, so I’ll be exchanging them today. I need to also get an eye-mask because it’s so bright in our bedroom at night, which is making sleep really difficult for me.


I was really happy with the meal I made. Baked zucchini seasoned with mango habanero seasoning, cumin, and curry powder. I marinated the thick pork chops in a pumpkin vinaigrette I found at Aldi, pan-seared them in our cast iron skillet, and then transferred them to the oven. I cooked rice with leftover broth and the broth from cooking the turkey then stirred in the last of our roasted celery + onion.


Dessert was Tazo butterscotch black tea with honey and sweet creamer + yogurt with blueberries, pom seeds, and tons o’ ground flax. Mmmm


Macey is so stinkin’ adorable!




A friend shared an article on Fb with these sassy mugs, and I loved this one!



I got up before Matt, who fed the babies early all weekend (!), and I made us these deeelicious muffins. They are the first recipe I’ve made from my new Pioneer Woman Come and Get It cookbook. I have several more dishes lined up for the week and for our Christmas day. These are so perfect!


I made my own over easy eggs, and I’m so proud that I didn’t mess them up! Getting proficient with my eggs. Next up is to learn how to poach better. It’s been years since I tried. I enjoyed them over wilted spinach along with a Macintosh apple on the side. Sweet Jackson photo-bombed me!


SnapChat always gives me nice complexion and disguises some of my crazy morning hair. Lol


In baking the muffins, I realized we did have cornmeal tucked away in the pantry, so I used up the rest of it plus our buttermilk to make cornbread. I’m determined to avoid wasting food. I gave Kaci and Drew each a slice and put some in the refrigerator and the freezer.


I enjoyed a slice for lunch with turkey and leftover zucchini.


Matt and I met Kaci and Drew at the lake house to (1) enjoy it and (2) so that Matt could fix the water. The same part of the pipe that broke last year before our wedding broke again. We believe a large truck ran over the cover and cracked the pipe. Matt is in-credible and fixed it once again. I love my husband.

I was looking for our mother’s death certificate because our utility bills are still not in our names. It’s absurd. I didn’t find it and will need to look harder, but I came across this gem. Look at that 7-year-old Kori. Babies today are more stylish than I was!


Love my girl more than anything. D was unaware that he was captured in the background. Sneaky.


Kaci and I lined up these pretty bottles that she painted for her wedding centerpieces. I have one from my day that I’ll take back out there to leave on display. So fun to see these reminders of our weddings at our fav place on Earth!


Kaci gave me one of their wooden biscuits from their centerpieces as well. I love this table and how it’s come together!


Dinner was quick, simple, and delicious. I cooked a sweet potato and split it between us. I warmed black beans with cumin, garlic, and a pepper spice blend on the stove before splitting it as well, shredded cheddar cheese over top, and then added spicy guacamole to finish it. Simple frozen vegetables with salsa on the side.


Girlfriend is such a snuggle-bug! If you look closely, you’ll see her tooth peaking out. Matt took such cute photos of our babies in my lap last weekend.


I had some tea and then made a mug of a small amount of cereal with cottage cheese, banana, and dark chocolate peanut butter. We watched the last three John Oliver Last Week Tonight clips then called it a night.



This morning’s breakfast was perfect. I soaked oats with cottage cheese, milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and carob powder. I topped with the last of our cranberry sauce. Super soft, doughy, and thick. My fav.


Kaci and I are meeting for a free Barre3 class this evening, and I’m so excited! I was a little drained during last Thursday’s class, but it was still awesome. Eboni is one of my fav instructors, and the instructor tonight is wonderful. This will be my second class with her as she is working to earn her instructor title. I woke up last night and ultimately decided to take a Melatonin because I felt restless. Tea + bright lights in our room did not equal a great night’s sleep. I’ll definitely focus more on my sleep hygiene. Wishing everyone a fabulous day!

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