‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

This past weekend was one for the books! It was a perfect combination of down time, socializing, holiday fun, and a lovely date night. I’m also going to be sharing photos from Kaci and Drew’s wedding in a separate post today!

I saw this on Thursday and had to share. I love this account!



It may look blah or weird, but this was awesome. I added carob powder to cottage cheese and then frozen blueberries and my last muffin crumbled.


Delicious hot coffee in my Lucy mug. ❤


My manager threw a fun baby shower for one of our nurses, so I enjoyed a slice of pizza to tide me over until our holiday RD late lunch/early dinner at Lakeside Tavern.


They had such pretty Christmas trees throughout the restaurant!


I chose their baked salmon with dill mustard sauce, broccoli, and I substituted rice mushroom pilaf instead of cheddar mashed potatoes. I enjoyed hot Earl Grey tea with honey and bread with butter. It was a lovely meal.


I met Kaci at the nail salon, and we had the absolute best time! {One of my coworkers made peanut butter fudge that I tried while at the nail salon. I didn’t finish it because it was so rich, but I felt it necessary to mention even without a photo. All foods fit.}  We both got a mani and pedi, and Matt sent this photo to me of our sweeties. He got home before me and relaxed with them. They heard something out the front door. Jackson’s head turn cracks me up.


One of the RD’s surprised us with these fun rock/mineral soaps! The nail salon also gifted each Kaci and me with a bottle of lotion. I’ve been using it a lot already! #winterskin


I enjoyed a festive looking apple and spinach smoothie after getting home.



I made two seasoned fluffy scrambled eggs over sauteed spinach and enjoyed them with havarti and dill toast.


I went all out on Saturday to show my holiday spirit.


‘Beet Root’ – couldn’t be a more perfect winter color for me.


The boys looked so adorable soaking up the sun rays!




Matt and I made our way down to Awaken Coffee for festive cookie decorating. Their window display is utter perfection!


I ordered an amazing latte, and Matt had an Americano. The cookie decorating was free! I even got another locally made cookie for free just for following the baker on Instagram. I received a number of free things this weekend. Woot.

My Christmas tree. I have to say I was really happy with it. 🙂


My strange gingerbread man who I named Bob Newby from Stranger Things 2. Lol


Matt can freehand so well. His cute tree!


And his funky snowman. Hahaha


Love! One of the owners was kind enough to take several photos of us by their tree.


From the inside. Even the Grinch needs his coffee!


Husband points for giving me this photo! Knoxville created a fun ‘Peppermint Trail’ marked with this sign along all downtown businesses participating with peppermint crafts, food, and drinks.


We felt like this should be ours because of the name.


We went up to Market Square to browse the winter farmers market. I had a blast. These owls were owldorable.


Ice skating rink. Maybe one year I’ll get up enough courage to ice skate!


I loved this display! You can see our reflections. Lolz


I wanted these sooo bad for Kaci and me, but they were $50. So I settled for a photo instead.


For lunch, I enjoyed sugar snap peas with hummus, crackers, and carrot with peanut butter.


Before I left, I checked the mail and received my adorable free stocking earrings from Summer Grace Online Boutique! Mason helped me model them.

He was purring so big and wanted snuggles so bad. Made it hard to leave again!

I made a quick trip to Aldi then tidied up the house a bit.

For dinner, I made another recipe from The Pioneer Woman Come and Get It cookbook – Italian sausage and vegetables sheet pan dinner. I made some substitutions based on what we had, and we both loved this meal!


Served with a salad drizzled with pumpkin vinaigrette.


I enjoyed my Christmas tree cookie for dessert.


For breakfast, I made hot cereal with freshly grated ginger and milk. Then I topped with grapes, pom seeds, kiwi, sweet cream coffee creamer, and cashew butter. This was so. good.


I spent the morning listening to Pandora Christmas tunes, sipping coffee, and browsing stocking stuffers for Matt. Before completing a Barre3 workout, I enjoyed this free spicy fudge sample from the market. My workout was killer in the best way possible, and I loved the entire routine!


We picked up this gf sourdough from the market, and I sliced it up before lunch.

I enjoyed a slice with a salad topped with cheddar, havarti, hummus, and a veggie quinoa burger. I had a peanut butter Aldi bar (similar to Larabar) before dusting and vacuuming.


I’ve seen people already posting their most liked “best nine” Instagram photos, so I had to generate mine. A combo of homemade meals, local food, a blogger’s banana bread recipe, local art, my twin, and coffeeee. Sums up my loves nicely.


Matt cut his hair then got ready for our date night at Surin of Thailand. Is he not the cutest? Sorrynotsorry. I hit the husband jackpot. 😉


He always does such an awesome job on his hair. He has been cutting it for over half his life!


Always cleaning my teeth for lipstick. Hahaha


The lighting was dim, but I love getting photos on our dates. They’re so fun to look back on later.


We split a roll of sushi that was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.


Matt chose their Tiger Cry, which was a 15 oz boneless ribeye marinated in Thai spices then grilled and served with Thai fresh sauce and vegetables.


I chose their beef Masaman curry. It was heavenly! Those pieces of beef fell apart they were so tender. I saved half for my lunch today over spinach. The *only* complaint I have is they didn’t serve enough vegetables.


Matt and I went by Kroger for several things I couldn’t get at Aldi. You would think grocery shopping isn’t fun, but I always have a blast with him. He cracks me up, and he finds so many great things. We couldn’t help ourselves and bought the most epic tacky Christmas sweater for him to wear over to Kaci and Drew’s next Sunday for their party. I can’t wait!

I enjoyed my other cookie for dessert while Matt had a smoothie.


This morning I made oatmeal with cinnamon, ground ginger, half a grapefruit sectioned and juiced, and then I topped it with creamer, brown sugar, pom seeds, and cashew butter. It’s been too long since I’ve made oatmeal with grapefruit. If you haven’t tried it, then I highly recommend that you do soon!


When I got to work, I discovered one of my super sweet coworker surprised me with this owl gift!! I immediately hung it up in my car. Love it!

One of our sweet patients who recovered function many months ago periodically stops by and surprises us with a treat from his/her work. This time it was Jack Daniels chocolate pecan mini tarts. Holy moly, cannot wait to nibble on this.


I hope everyone had an incredible weekend and a great start to their week!

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