Soaking Up the Season

Good Monday morning! I’m actually starting this week well-rested, and it feels awesome. I wrote most of this post while sitting next to my girl, Kase at K Brew. It sounds corny, but that was the best. I also revised my post on her wedding day to include much better resolution photos, so please check it out!


I need to work on this recipe, but I tried making an “oatmeal muffin” in a mug per LOVE GROWN oat cup recipe. I lightly pulsed old fashioned oats down to a quick cooking size and scrambled in one egg, one tablespoon peanut butter flour, cinnamon, and coffee creamer. Microwaved for two minutes then topped with thawed wild blueberries, plain Greek yogurt, and local honey. It needed some more creamer and maple syrup added to the batter.


Mid-morning I had a square of delicious dark chocolate then later ate this bowl of shredded smoked Love Beets and roasted green beans and zucchini tossed in pumpkin vinaigrette prior to roasting.


Before attending our monthly meeting, I placed an online order for Jet’s Pizza. I had never tried it, and after both my sister and Alexis of Hummusapien raved about it, I knew it was time I did!


I chose their cheese with sesame crust. I love how thick and doughy the crust is, and it was really delicious! (Side note: my coworkers were astounded that I ate pizza. They believe I only eat “rabbit food” and am restrictive/follow certain food rules where RD’s don’t eat pizza. Just another example of why I am very passionate about doing away with diets, restriction, and food rules. I *never* want to come across as preachy as I’m a work in progress and always learning! But I hope to really help others through my nutrition career.)


Later that afternoon I tried this Chobani flip cup and added some roasted peanuts.


I received my Body Over Mind Nutrition tank top, and I loooove it! I rocked it at Barre3, and I had such an amazing time in class. The fit and soft material are both perfect.


Matt was super awesome and had our shrimp and grits heated along with carrots peeled and cut to be dipped into hummus by the time I got home.

We watched most of Anastasia, cartoon movie from the mid-nineties. Matt chose it, and sometimes you just want a goofy movie to watch. I was pretty tired, so we finished the last thirty minutes Saturday evening.


For breakfast, I combined half of a large apple with cottage cheese, multigrain Cheerios, granola, pom seeds, and drizzled peanut butter.


The boys looked so cute soaking up the sun!


Matt’s epic bacon, egg, cheese sandwich with greens and roasted pepper and artichoke heart spread. He gave me a bite, and it was heavenly.


Rachel is serious about her snuggle game. ❤


I took my time getting ready because Kaci and I planned to meet for a late lunch at The Front Porch.


We started with their spinach artichoke dip with house-made tortilla chips.


I chose their trout cakes that come over grilled cabbage and topped with parmesan cream sauce. I ate one and felt pleasantly full.


Kaci enjoyed their pimiento cheese sandwich with a side of grilled cabbage.


Twin selfie!


We made a Target run together and had a blast. While looking at their Christmas pajama sets, a sweet lady struck up conversation with us. She said her teenage daughter attended a pajama party where some of the girls wore those pajamas. The wi-fi was being odd, so she couldn’t pull up the Facebook photos. I offered to give her my number, and so a little while later, she text the photos to me. Just chatting and sharing laughs was so awesome. I think that’s what the season is all about; not getting frustrated by crowds or getting caught up in the shopping aspect. All this to say that I will be wearing these pajamas all Christmas day because Matt and I are planning to enjoy it at home. It looks like it’ll be an ugly day, so all the more reason not to go anywhere!

After we finished at Target, we went over to Trader Joe’s. We each enjoyed a coffee sample.


They also had these fabulous feta and caramelized onion phyllo bites to try. Kaci bought a box for her upcoming tacky Christmas sweater party this Friday!

Action shot!


Little bites with big flavor.


Again Matt was so sweet and prepared our black rice for us. He used our whole baked chicken reserved stock plus water. This rice is so so good! The texture and flavor is so different than brown or wild rice varieties. We had some of our leftover whole baked chicken and roasted green beans.


For a late dessert/snack, I had mashed banana on toast with cinnamon, nutmeg, and tahini.



This was basically on repeat, but I changed up a few ingredients. I chopped up a Snap Dragon apple with cottage cheese, pom seeds, TJ’s Mango O’s, and tahini. Has anyone tried this apple variety? I saw it at TJ’s and had to see what they tasted like. I think they’re quite delicious!


After relaxing and then getting ready, I munched on some roasted nuts before heading down to K Brew for my latte fix. They were out of their eggnog simple syrup, but the sweet employee advised I go with their Winter Spice latte topped with both cinnamon and nutmeg. It was perfect. I chose half-caf because sometimes a double shot of espresso proves too much for me.


Kaci met me down there too!! A super sweet lady in front of us offered to take our photo after she saw our first failed attempt. I love kind people who are willing to strike up convo or offer to take our photo. I used to be so shy when I was little, but now I love talking to different people!

I had planned to enjoy my other trout cake for lunch, but I didn’t want to leave yet. Kaci ordered their pimiento cheese and bacon sliders on brioche buns, so we each enjoyed one. Hit the spot.


I think my slider + latte must’ve been the perfect fuel because I did three loads of laundry, scrubbed our toilets, vacuumed, made the bed with clean sheets, washed dishes, and made dinner. Love feeling productive on Sunday and ready for a fabulous week!


For dinner, I baked spaghetti squash, shredded it, and then added it to a pot of simmering spicy black beans. I divided some of the mixture over spinach inside the squash skin halves/boats. I topped them with spicy guacamole, salsa, cheese for Matt (I wasn’t feeling like having more cheddar), blue corn chips and the chips pictured above, and jicama sticks. This was pretty awesome! Those chips are different and amazing.


For dessert, I had yogurt with kiwi, ground flax, and half a chocolate almond biscotti. ‘Twas delicious.


If you choose to celebrate Christmas, it’s crazy we’ll be doing so just one week from today! May you all have a fantastic week!

2 thoughts on “Soaking Up the Season

  1. *I took my time getting ready because Kaci overslept and therefore, forced a late lunch. ha

    That photo of the TJs feta bite is so seductive you might need to rate your blog for readers. lolzzzz

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bahahaaha yes. I mean, I wasn’t going to call you out, but you were a sleeper this weekend. Like Cray!

      Oh girl, you’re right! I better make a note for them so they aren’t surprised. 😉


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