Reflections on 2017 // My Year of Resilience

I don’t have any flashy blog stats (although I will state that I have connected with so many amazing anti-diet RD’s, bloggers, and inspirational people thanks to this blog!), but I simply wanted to share my highlights and thoughts on the year that was 2017. I love how this blog, if nothing else, can help inspire others and serve as a journal for me because I often forget just how much I have experienced, how much fun foods I have made, and all that has happened over these past twelve months.


// I began the year as a newlywed and as a Matron of Honor for my twin sister’s wedding that was planned for October!

// I had taken a break from blogging after our wedding, but thanks to Matt’s encouragement and my genuine desire, I came back excited to share snippets from our life.

// Matt and I flew together for the first time, and Matt got to visit my family’s home in TX for the first time.

// Kaci, Sara (her awesome sister-in-law!), and I started attending a number of Barre3 and Barre Belle classes together. I truly feel like these past two years have been my very best in physical activity, and I feel very strong, capable, and have increased my endurance. As a result, my mental health has improved as well.


// At our fur-babies’ routine dental cleaning, we discovered that Rachel was experiencing some blood glucose trouble and was said to be more-or-less pre-diabetic. That was really tough for me to accept, but our sweet, sassy girl has done incredibly well on her special diet.


// I went through a tough experience at work, but after the initial hurt wore off, I used it as a learning lesson.


// Matt and I enjoyed a fun but frigid weekend at the race track! It was Matt’s first of three visits to VIR this year.


// Kaci and her bridal party, that consisted of her sister-in-law, good friend, and myself, all rocked a Barre Belle class together, and it was so fun to hang out with her the girls like this!



// I tapped into more of my vulnerability and shared my story regarding disordered eating and discovery of intuitive eating, body kindness, and self-care.

// Matt turned 34, and we had an awesome time celebrating his birthday that weekend!



// I attended Kaci and Drew’s super fun engagement party while Matt went back to VIR and won an award!


// We received the absolute worst news that rocked our world and broke our hearts: Mason, our sweet middle fur-child, was diagnosed with lymphoma in his liver. We were so shocked, scared, and very angry. Thankfully, the great team of doctor’s at our Animal Hospital were able to get him started on chemo immediately. We even had to provide tube feeding, which broke our hearts that much more. Sadly, after seemingly responding so well, Mason fell out of remission. We were once again faced with uncertainty and thought we had to say goodbye. The doctors then went to plan b: an oral form of chemo versus IV chemo. Today is Mason’s check-up, and we are so hoping he has remained in remission!


// I entered the last year of my 20’s, eeps!


// One of the highlights of July was getting to go paddle boarding for the second time. We met at the Ijam’s Nature Center Quarry, which I didn’t even know existed until then, and it was so serene and enjoyable.



// Kaci, Sara, Cindy, her mother-in-law Susan, and I all traveled to Nashville for her bachelorette weekend!! It was an absolute blast! Abundant sunshine, brunch, massages, and allthecoffee. Everything that a celebratory weekend should include. Kaci did an amazing job finding us a cute Airbnb too!

// I had a wonderful time attending Dale’s Fried Pies’ anniversary pop-up at the Central Collective!


// We entered my fav season ever, and we hit the one-month mark for Kaci and Drew’s wedding!


// Kaci and Drew’s magical wedding!



// Matt and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary with a day trip to Asheville and an epic photo shoot with Brittany Sidwell. ❤





// Matt and I had the pleasure of attending one of my friend’s beautiful wedding.


// I finally got out on a fall hike, which is a bucket list item I’ve had for quite some time.


// Celebrated our second Thanksgiving as Mr. and Mrs. Daniel.



// Matt and I celebrated one of the best, if not the best, Christmas together.


// This year marked the best holiday season for me because I finally had shed so much of my disordered eating and could thoroughly enjoy the food and festivities.

// Of course these sweet babies have my whole heart, & they always brighten every single day!

I am proud and not shy to say I am still seeing my therapist, and I truly have seen a growth in myself. I have shed quite a bit of worry and anxiety that I’ve had for so many years. I suppressed it with my false sense of control with food and other aspects of my life. So this year has been one of a lot of growth for myself and for Matt and I as a married couple. I am, as I always seem to say, sad to see another year pass by, but I am very excited for 2018!

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