New Year’s 2018

I hope this post finds everyone doing really well on this second day of 2018! I must say that along with Christmas, I think this was the best New Year’s I have ever had. =D I’m going to start my recap with Thursday evening.


I came home to find that my new Shutterfly phone case had arrived, and I absolutely love it! The photos are quite crisp/detailed in my opinion, and I love seeing them often.


Kaci and I had the pleasure of participating in a Barre3 charity event. It was approximately 30 minutes of each Barre3 to start and yin yoga to finish. It was so perfect! Then when we walked out of class, we immediately smelled an amazing spread of food catered by Naked Foods. As you may remember, Naked Foods founder, Alison catered Kaci and my weddings. Postmodern Spirits provided two delicious cocktails as well.



Friday morning began with the last of our Christmas Day frittata topped with green siracha and enjoyed over wilted greens. Classic buttered toast and navel orange segments.


I had to leave work early to take Mason to the vets for an evaluation. He’s still in remission!! He’s at a really healthy weight too. They decided to have us administer chemo at home Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because they felt that not providing any treatment at all may allow the cancer to regain strength. We will do everything to prevent that from happening! Poor Mason was so nervous, but he quickly calmed down by the time we got back home.


For dinner, I pan-seared and roasted pre-seasoned turkey tenderloin from Aldi that we ate over wilted spinach. I mashed our baked sweet potato to split and completed our meal with sautéed onions/peppers/mushrooms/garlic with cumin and turmeric. We both thought the pepper seasoning was a bit overwhelming, but the meat was very tender and still enjoyable. After eating two of those slices, I felt pleasantly full, so I saved the third.


Dessert included hidden grapes, cereal, yogurt, cashew butter, and a milk.



As you will notice, I’m having quite a bit of fun with this new portrait setting. 😉 I made stove-top oatmeal with pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, espresso salt, and milk. I ate it from our nearly empty honey jar with a drizzle of another dark raw honey, and one each crumbled and whole pumpkin spice yogurt-covered pretzel. This was so good!

After I sipped my coffee and took a quick shower, I went back to our Barre3 studio for one last killer class for 2017. It. Was. Awesome. The instructor was so fun and had a very challenging and rewarding routine.

I was craving pizza, so I thawed and heated a slice of my Jet’s cheese and had it with vegetables dipped in hummus. Dark chocolate covered almonds for a sweet finish.

I also received my new tote bag designed by Jennifer Rollin!! The front is a photo of a donut with the caption, “I donut care about your diet” with the back reading, “#allfoodsfit”. I’ll be sporting this message proudly as we go into the time of the year when the greatest number of people will sadly fall victim to the diet industry.

Once showered, I made a fabulous mug of chai and started reading Intuitive Eating. This opening paragraph is everything. It compares how we wouldn’t blame ourselves if an auto mechanic failed to maintenance your car appropriately after frequent tune-ups and plenty of money spent. But regardless of the statistic that 90 to 95% of all diets fail, people generally blame themselves.

Dinner included a salad topped with homemade cranberry sauce stirred up with extra virgin olive oil. We split a carton of Pacific brand chicken and wild rice soup.

Sweet Mason! I love this shot of him so much. Matt sweetly covered him with the blanket, and he didn’t seem to mind.


Dessert was a chopped apple with cinnamon, yogurt, and dark chocolate peanut butter.


Sunday // New Year’s Eve

Woke up to these sweeties on the last day of 2017! It’s a miracle and a blessing that Mason is here with us and healthy. He was purring up a storm. Rachel loves her catnip toys! Jackson is just so precious and full of unconditional love.

This was quite an awesome breakfast. We split the last homemade waffle, and after toasting it, I drizzled it with peanut butter and molasses and finished with sprinkles; half a banana on the side. I took our shredded and sautéed sweet potato and added an extra yolk that we had before heating it in the pan. Seasoned it with salt/pepper/garlic and melted mozzarella on top. So good!


Matt had wilted greens under his waffles with peaches, blueberries, yogurt, and maple. He had cheesy hash brown patties with two seasoned over easy eggs. He gave me a savory bite, and it was delicious.


I saw that a complimentary yoga class was being held at our Lululemon store, so I most definitely attended. It was so refreshing and rejuvenating. The slight soreness from Barre3 diminished, and I felt so calm.


They kindly provided some light refreshments too! They gave us a $10 gift card that I used to get a pair of Barre3 grip socks. The yoga instructor just opened a studio called Unity Yoga, and we were given two free class passes. I gave one to Kaci, so we’ll be scheduling soon!


After going by the pet store, I stopped by K Brew. Last year on NYE I took a Barre3 class and went by K Brew. This is a tradition I intend to keep going each year. They also had a break-in the night before. No one was harmed, and they did not let it ruin their day. They carried on with their original hours – I love the resilience that so many local Knoxville shops have! So I absolutely wanted to show my support.


I finally got to try their “Knogsville” – eggnog latte with nutmeg on top. It was perfect!


For lunch I made an open-faced turkey sandwich with mayo, which tamed the peppery spice. I steamed spinach and had fresh radish and sugar snap peas for crunch.


Sweet girl! She loves these catnip toys.


My love. I am so thankful he was by my side as we had our many ups and downs throughout the year. We decided to stay home, and it was the best decision.

He surprised me by finding Planet Earth 2 was finally available on Netflix! We watched the first season together way back in 2007, and I fell in love with the documentary then. We watched two episodes, and between them, I grabbed a snack of yogurt, orange, ground flax, and roasted pepitas.


We also received this card in our Lululemon bag that I intend to fill out this evening. I’ll leave it in my side dresser, and I plan to check it periodically throughout the year to remind me of my intentions and goals for my own personal growth in 2018.


I wish we had a video of us preparing this plate. Both our cornbread dressing from Thanksgiving and cooked greens were frozen, but I failed to freeze them in individual portions. So Matt chiseled at the greens while I worked to separate the dressing slices. It was hysterical!


Every year I made a 15-bean soup with our leftover ham hock and serve it with greens for good luck.


Kaci and Drew celebrated their four year anniversary from when they began dating, and they enjoyed a lovely dinner at Cappuccino’s. They then came by and spent time with us, and I loved their visit!! So much laughter. It wouldn’t have felt right not seeing my girl on the last day of the year.


Essie polish, BFF bracelets, and shiny rings. 🙂


I thawed and warmed the other half of my Jack Daniels tart from a few weeks ago and had it with yogurt.


Matt and I have been watching Bob Ross on Netflix (I’d actually never seen his show before!), and Rachel is very into it as you can see here. Girlfriend seriously watches tv with us. She’s loving Planet Earth 2. Matt and I decided to go to bed at 11PM so that we could be well-rested for New Year’s Day.


Monday // New Year’s Day

I ate my mixed berry cereal bar that the Lululemon staff had provided along with a spoonful of peanut butter. Then I took care of some chores, showered, and got ready for brunch at First Watch!



I proudly wore my new Stranger Things swag!



I love the atmosphere and design at First Watch.


First coffee of 2018, cheers!

I added a side of lightly dressed greens to my entrée, which was…


their avocado toast! I’ve wanted to try it for a long time but had yet to order it until now. I ate one half and saved the other. They gave me Matt’s ciabatta bread, so I used part of it to soak up the remainder of yolk.


Matt enjoyed what I had last year at my first visit: smoked salmon omelet with an added side of roasted potatoes.


We grocery shopped together, which is always a blast. We find a lot of great items together. I decided that instead of restocking our olive oil, I would splurge on avocado oil. It was very pricy, so I’ll be cautious in how much I use. But looking forward to trying it in a variety of dishes! Channeling my inner Hummusapien. 😉


We made more coffee because duh, coffee is life. Hahaha. We meal planned and then began to make our way to check on the lake house. It has been so frigid here, I’m talking single digits at night, so we wanted to be sure the pipes were intact.

Even though it was so cold, it was a gorgeous day.


Matt cracked me up doing his running man impersonation!

Once back home, we each had a snack plate. I finished the piece of ciabatta with radish, hummus, and mozzarella. I then had a warmed bacon-wrapped almond-stuffed date.


After putting away laundry and doing some prep for today, we had dinner. I served the last of our sautéed vegetables with 90-second brown rice and split a tin of lemon olive oil sardines. They’re our fav.


I started listening to this webinar by Jennifer Rollin, Healing from Body Hate. It’s so enlightening!


We enjoyed our dessert while watching one more Planet Earth 2 episode then called it a night.


This morning I cooked an over easy egg to enjoy with my leftover avocado toast plus a slice of mozzarella and half of a very large, juicy navel orange.


Wishing everyone the absolute best day and first week of 2018!

**Editing to add this fabulous order I just picked up from Naked Foods. Matt and I are set to have a really awesome week ahead! Protein zucchini oats with blueberries, vegan entrée, Thai meatballs (one of my favorites), and roasted root vegetables with chicken. Matt and I are able to split the large entrees, and so this is really an awesome price for quality foods.


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