Good Vibes Only

Good Monday morning lovely people! I hope where ever you are that you are staying warm and safe.


There are a few highlights from Thursday that I wanted to share before I got into our weekend recap. Mason exudes all of our feelings towards getting out in these cold temperatures. 😉


One of my super sweet coworkers surprised me with a Starbucks gift card for Christmas, so I took a break that morning to enjoy a lightly sweetened holiday flat white at the café. They have branched out a lot in food and offerings since I worked there four years ago (how has it been that long ago?!). This drink was in-credible.


After I finished my 50 minutes of Barre3, I received a message that I had won the LOVE GROWN + Nutzo giveaway. I was so excited!!!



Friday started with a package of KIND protein granola bars over yogurt with banana and drizzly peanut butter. It ended up being too much yogurt, so I left the excess yogurt in the tub and made sure to eat all the toppings.


The lighting is bad, but I rocked one of my fav pairs of tights that are a bright mustard shade. This outfit felt fun despite it being so cold here.


We had our Quarterly RD Meeting, and they catered delicious Jason’s Deli. I enjoyed chili with a cute mini cornbread muffin along with half a turkey sandwich. I was pleasantly full, so I saved the corn bean salad. Later that afternoon I enjoyed each of the three dessert bites. It’s hard to say, but I think the furthest left one with caramel was my favorite!

After completing some laundry and cleaning, I pulled together our dinner: sautéed tender kale in avocado oil with mango habanero seasoning and garlic powder. I split and heated our Naked Foods vegan bowl. It was so good!


While doing laundry, I finished listening to Jennifer Rollin’s webinar and shared this on Facebook. Jennifer sweetly took a screenshot and shared in her Ig stories. ❀ I love sharing these messages to help inspire others! So many people may be suffering in silence with disordered eating or an eating disorder, and their recovery may be, in part, positively triggered by seeing these posts. A friend reached out to say that (s)he has begun reading Intuitive Eating and is striving to overcome his/her struggle with a former eating disorder. I can’t express how good it made me feel to hear this and that I played a small role in helping!


Dessert included the rest of the yogurt with kiwi and TJ’s mango cereal. Matt and I began watching the Sherlock Holmes series with Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role. The episodes are long, but so far, it’s pretty entertaining.



All thanks to Kaci we enjoyed this incredible brunch! I used the recipe she shared as inspiration. I combined six scrambled eggs with two cups of milk and poured that over top eight toasted and crumbled hash brown patties, ham, and half cup each dill Havarti and aged sharp white cheddar.


We enjoyed it with avocado, salsa, and yogurt + split an apple. I didn’t quite finish the apple, so I saved the rest to go with lunch.


After relaxing with my coffee, I completed a 60-minute Barre3 workout. Matt and I then had lunch of veg with hummus and roasted red pepper tomato soup with added sautéed kale and brown rice. I had the rest of my apple with some warmed cookies for dessert.

After showering, Matt and I enjoyed more coffee from our coffee maker. I’ve now figured out the best ratio for my taste, and it was delicious!


I finally dusted and vacuumed – something that has been needed for a while. I also updated our picture frame and love it!


I’ve been trying to paint my nails much more often.


I was hungry, so I ate my leftover corn bean salad with blue corn chips. It hit the spot.


Dinner was another fabulous Naked Foods meal: roasted harvest vegetables with chicken + Aldi’s awesome eggplant mĂ©lange frozen vegetable blend. Jaxxy was all about photo-bombing obviously!


Another evening, another kiwi. 😉 This was I enjoyed with Multigrain Cheerios and cashew butter.



Kaci very kindly invited me to join her, Drew, and Cindy at Wild Love Bakehouse for brunch. I noshed on a cutie with dark chocolate peanut butter to tide me over.


Matt made this epic French toast stack with peaches, maple, powdered sugar, and ham. He gave me a bite, and holy moly it was phenomenal.


I had to rock my new tote by Jennifer Rollin. Diet talk is in full swing and a high from the new year, so I’m going to do everything I can to spread the message that diets suck, don’t work, and need to be a thing of the past!


Café au lait with a side of pretty sunshine.


I chose their egg, herb, and goat cheese biscuit. I got another mug of black coffee to sip on before we left.


I love these two!! I so wish Matt could’ve joined, but given his Celiac disease would’ve prevented him from getting to enjoy practically anything, he understandably didn’t join. Maybe one day they’ll find a cure!


After stopping by the house, I went to Wal-Mart for a few things. Sadly, one of our dinner plates cracked. đŸ˜„ I was able to buy a replacement and then had to strongly avoid temptation to buy allthethings from The Pioneer Woman’s collection. This butter dish is so cute!


Even though I was hoping to find these Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios at Kroger where I have a coupon, I finally snagged them. Unfortunately, they aren’t GF, so Matt can’t enjoy them. Ugh.


Kaci gave me a string of copper lights that I wrapped around our sand ceremony stand. I haven’t taken a photo yet at night, but I will! I meant to do so yesterday evening, but I’ll add it once I do.


My late lunch included this salad topped with pumpkin cider vinaigrette, hot veggie burger, and green siracha.


For dessert, I tried the Cheerios with grapes. Yes, you could buy their chocolate Cheerios and add peanut butter, but having it included in the cereal itself was so good! Perfect sweetness in my opinion.


Jax was so sleepy. He just passed out on my tote as soon as he laid down. They live a hard life, I tell ya!


I participated in Haley Goodrich and Jennifer Rollin‘s live Ig video discussing four main diets including why they are very unhealthy and not recommended. These ladies continue to inspire me and really got me fired up to continue “fighting the good fight” against the diet industry. If you have an Ig account, I recommend you follow them both and watch the archived video!


I completed a 40-minute Barre3 workout that was a more relaxed flow that incorporated plenty of yoga throughout. {I feel it’s necessary to just say that while some weeks I do more Barre3 and/or am more physically active, there are also days or weeks that I am not. I have found that this approach to physical activity works for me, and Barre3 + yoga are two of my favorite forms of movement. It doesn’t actually change my eating at all because, as I’ve said, I don’t have to earn my nourishment. These workouts just help my mind and my overall body. You do you. 🙂 } I then got underway with plenty of meal prep. I cooked a pear with spices and sugar for this morning’s oatmeal, I made our lunches, and then I made dinner. Roasted broccoli, onion, mushrooms, and thinly sliced garlic tossed with avocado oil, salt, and smoked paprika. I cooked the last of our black rice with vegetable broth + Welch’s orange, pineapple, mango juice that I got at the yoga event on New Year’s Eve. The salmon was pre-seasoned from Aldi that I easily thawed and baked. I left a small portion because I felt full and satisfied.


I recently bought Aldi’s GF waffle/pancake/baking mix and decided to make them for this waffle Wednesday. Can’t wait to try them!



This  morning was a fun one. I tried heating my oatmeal in a glass Mason jar to transfer to this cashew butter jar, but I misjudged the volume. I used a ratio of half cup oats to one cup milk, and it overflowed. I saved it, and then I had to transfer it to a bowl. After multiple stops to prevent overflow, it finally cooked. Hahaha. I had added vanilla and half of the cooked pear during the last bit of cooking time. The warmth picked up all of the remaining cashew butter.

The city has salted the roads, but ice continues to stick. I am really really hoping it melts soon because I am scheduled to take my first free Turbo Spin Cycling class this evening. I’m excited and hope I can go! Everyone stay safe and have a great week ahead!

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