Spinnin’, Sippin’, & Brunchin’

Good morning! I hope where ever you are that you are staying warm. Temperatures will be dip dip dipping low going into Wednesday morning. Maybe we’ll actually get a little bit of pretty snow.


Kaci and I had the pleasure of attending two free Turbo Spin Cycling classes last week! We took our first on Monday and our second on Thursday. It was very different from our Barre3 exercises, and it was fun to switch it up.


I should’ve reversed the order of these results, but Thursday’s are on the left with Monday’s are on the right. I didn’t dial in enough resistance on Monday, so I made that my focus. ‘Twas a killer but rewarding class.



We began Friday with our egg ham hash brown casserole warmed over spinach with avocado, salsa, Greek yogurt, and we split a pear.


Jennifer keeps spreading amazing messages about how diets do NOT work and how the scale is not a measure of self-worth.


I finally tried this meal for lunch, and it was so good!

Later in the afternoon I felt like enjoying this piece of chocolate. Hit the spot.


Kaci and I met at Honeybee Coffee’s South location to celebrate their first anniversary!


I enjoyed an oat milk latte, and Kaci had their salted maple iced latte.


Simpl. Food, Arts, & Catering provided the food, and it was phenomenal! Chef Kendale very nicely gave me the pork belly instead of tofu at no extra charge. This sandwich, y’all. It was so flavorful.


I love my girl so much! I love exploring our city together.


I finally decided to try StitchFix! Sadly, nothing worked and was really expensive. So I’ll be sending it back. Perhaps I can try it in a different season.


I had some frozen fruit with yogurt and Nutzo for dessert later.


Mason just warms my heart so much!


Those paws ❤


Jackson has whiskers for days!



As soon as Alexis posted her shakshuka recipe, I planned to make it for our Saturday brunch.


Aren’t these colors so pretty together?


The finished product! I used spinach to garnish because we didn’t have cilantro or parsley. Worked like a charm in this case.


We split the pan and enjoyed it with Aldi roasted root vegetable hash brown patties. Guys, do yourselves a favor and make this asap. Your taste buds will thank you.


Matt drew this of me December 2005, and I finally decided it needed to be framed. It makes me smile every time I see it. He’s one talented man!


I ate a late snack of yogurt and cinnamon out of the pb jar plus a Jazz apple on the side. It did a nice job fueling my Barre3 workout. I had been dragging and feeling a little lethargic, but it recharged me nicely.


Lunch was lentil soup with added green beans along with crunchy veg and ricotta jam toast.


I took a shower, did some cleaning, and then I settled down with a mug of tea and read more of Intuitive Eating.

We had leftover tacos for dinner. We split steamed vegetables tossed in fresh lemon juice to go along with them. I photographed Matt’s plate because his were so much nicer than mine. 😉


Dessert was this epic banana split with Greek yogurt, Nutzo, and Chocolate PB Cheerios.


Baby Girl positioned herself like this on Matt’s lap and was so content. Look at her squishy face! We watched an episode of Sherlock Holmes and then called it a night.



I have to say we had some amazing brunch meals last weekend. I used our GF Aldi pancake mix to whip up this plate.


I enjoyed mine with thawed fruit, pb, and maple. Delish coffee followed before I got ready to head out west for a Target run.


I first stopped at Zoe’s to treat myself to lunch.


Cauliflower rice bowl sounded awesome, and I chose to get their braised white beans to go with it. I’m obsessed with them. I saved what I didn’t finish of the bowl and split it for Matt I to enjoy with our lunch today.


Kaci and I had planned to attend a sculpt + tone yoga class but couldn’t make it on account of timing, so we rescheduled for next Sunday. I think many things happen as they should because we ended up feeling like staying home and doing Barre3 together with the babies giving us motivation. Love sister time!

I found a Target Cartwheel coupon for this new Larabar flavor, and I bought two boxes. It’s so tasty!


I was quite productive with laundry and such, so after taking care of those chores, I made green tea and relaxed. I used this amazing sauce for our dinner.


I caramelized a red onion before adding peppers, garlic, and chicken to sauté. I then simmered it all in the sauce before wilting in fresh spinach. Lastly, I added amaranth that I cooked in vegetable broth before serving. So warm and a nice amount of heat and spice! I plan to try all of the flavors now. Matt and I brainstormed and thought it would be good heated and served over pork tenderloin or with meatballs over noodles.


Dessert was another fruit and yogurt bowl with fresh kiwi, Nutzo, and TJ’s mango cereal.



I was going to take a photo of my breakfast this morning, but it was a mess. Haha. My oatmeal overflowed from my bowl a little in the microwave. I made spiced carob oatmeal topped with banana, dark chocolate pb, Nutzo, and molasses. It was so good and filling!

I don’t know why it’s taken me this long, but I finally am using one of my fav, pretty binders for my work materials. Makes working a little more fun.


I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

4 thoughts on “Spinnin’, Sippin’, & Brunchin’

  1. Awww! You’re wishing me good morning literally as I am just getting my morning started. I seriously love reading your blog over oatmeal and coffee- I greatly look forward to it! Spin & Barre are both on my “to-do” list for 2018 😉 I am sooo eager to try them out!!

    Woah! That message about the scale is POWERFUL. Thanks for sharing that. Those Ghiradelli squares are my favorite. Have you been to Ghiradelli square in SF?! They always give free ones out.. so whenever we are in the area we sneak in to grab a couple freebies (and sometimes get a giant sundae).

    Congrats to Kaci!!!!

    That tofu sandwhich looks to. Die. For.

    KORI!!! SAME!!!! I tried switch fix for the first time with a giftcard and NOTHING worked and I sent everything back I agree .. EVERYTHING was too expensive, especially when I could have easily found so many similar things for way cheaper. I re-checked my profile to make sure I checked “The cheaper the better” or whatever that one was.. sure enough I did and they were still sending >$100 products? So frustrating!

    I always want a kitten so bad when I read your posts. They are too precious.

    OK I need to show DJ this plate of pancakes!!! These look like perfection and JUST what he loves. I don’t know if you’ve seen but we have been on the quest for good pancakes lately for him! I wish he was up right now, but unfortunately he is sleeping along with the rest of the world. I’lll show him tonight!

    I loooOOOoove that simmer sauce!!! So good! We usually just mix ours with greek yogurt, some ground coriander, extra cumin, extra curry and chopped cashews! But I DEFINITELY need to add onion next time. Why didn’t I ever think of this? See this I why I need you.. OK I need to stop writing a book. This is way too long. Overwhelming. Am I stressing you out? Probably. Hahah.

    I’m done! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad that my posts can brighten your morning!!

      I was so disappointed in Stitch Fix. I, too chose the lesser priced items, but what the heck?! I cannot afford to spend that much on basic clothes. Oh well, at least I gave it a try!

      I just love our babies! They can be a handful sometimes but oh so full of love.

      I have seen DJ’s quest on the perfect pancake! I hope these look like something he’d love to try!

      Wow, I hadn’t thought to add yogurt and those additional spices to it; I can’t wait to try it that way!!

      No stress!! ❤ Have a great day! XOXO

      Liked by 1 person

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