Sweet Cream, Mountain Views, & A Little Zen


This past weekend was incredible! Matt spent the weekend with one of his best friends, Mitch. Mitch built the deck at our lake house, and he has been building a home for him and his family, and Matt went to the property to help.

For breakfast, I made a delicious smoothie with frozen kiwi plus a smoothie combination from Aldi: banana, apple, mango, spinach. I included yogurt, milk, and ground ginger then topped it with Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios, granola, and peanut butter.

The weather this weekend was finally bearable and quite mild in comparison. I enjoyed not freezing when outside even for a brief time!


My MIL got this for me in my Christmas stocking. I had it as a mid-morning snack, and it tasted pretty good. But I’ll never buy their products. The name is absurd. Yes, eating this will make you thin and that is supposedly everyone’s goal. Eye roll. It’s really condescending in my opinion.


On my way to our monthly meeting, I stopped by the house to feed the babies and bring our Wild Friends order inside! I have been waiting to get my paws on these oatmeal cups.


I also couldn’t help myself and went by K Brew for a decaf Americano.


Lunch during the meeting included wheat pita / steamed vegetables with lemon, tuna, avocado / broccoli slaw with avocado oil, cucumber feta dip, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic, and salt. I had a delicious apple for dessert.


Friday evening Kaci and I met at Cruze Farm to celebrate Dolly Parton’s 72nd birthday! Colleen Cruze is so awesome, and she offered free sweet cream cones with sprinkles all day. They served at least 2000!


They were offering their Dolly Parton cone, which is a double scoop ;), but I believe they may have run out in the afternoon. This was perfect, though!

I love my girl!


I even won this t-shirt!



Kaci took the photo below.


I love all of their merchandise!


I love signs/infographics like this!


I bought a pint of red velvet to take home.


Kaci snapped this fun photo too.


“Udderly” adorable.


Kaci shared the next two photos with me as well. She’s my blog contributor and Editor-in-Chief. 😉



Once home, I put my new yoga mat to use with a Barre3 workout.

I wanted to enjoy our black bean-butternut squash dish baked with an egg, but unfortunately, I over cooked it. Womp womp. But it did still taste good, and I liked how crispy the bottom got in the cast iron skillet. I topped it with green siracha.


I couldn’t decide, so I had both Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Nutzo. Poor Macey wanted some, but he can’t eat either.



I decided to use Erin’s golden milk recipe and turn it into an oatmeal. I combined cow’s milk, cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, clove, ginger, pepper medley, espresso sea salt, oats, and vanilla in a saucepan. I added frozen berries and fresh spinach then topped my bowl with honey and Nutzo. It turned out really pretty!


I have to share this. Carbs get a bad rap and are thought of as unnecessary. This demonstrates that they are, in fact, healthy and useful to the body.


Sara, Kaci’s sister-in-law (I consider her mine too!) shared this recipe for chocolate beet muffins. Per Matt’s awesome suggestion, I made them with the applesauce we already had on hand. I will make them with beets soon as well. Instead of cocoa powder, I used carob because again, it’s what we have. They took quite a while to bake, and I mistakenly didn’t grease the muffin tin. However, they still taste great. I had one with yogurt after a quick Barre3 workout.




After getting ready, I met with Kaci and Drew at their place to ride up to Max Patch together. Axl had to get in more Zzzz for the fun-filled day ahead. Look at his smooshed nose!


We stopped at Arby’s for lunch, and I enjoyed a turkey salad with some curly fries. I had noshed on Triscuits a bit earlier too.


It was soo muddy from the snow, and while it was cold, it was so worth it! This was on our way to the summit.


Panoramic view


Kaci told me I looked like Johnny Bravo with my bangs. Hahahaha that wind was intense!


Signature pose


Love. We both repped our Kavu backpacks.


Group shot! A sweet couple offered to take our photo, and then we returned the favor.





I loved this edit. The sky is my favorite color, turquoise.


Kase captured this and Axl’s sweet portrait!





Kaci’s in-laws are building a cabin out there. Isn’t it adorable?


He looks like a puppy!


Afternoon snack, and it hit the spot.


We had to grab a few non-windy photos.



Once back home, I had a quick dinner of toast with feta cucumber dip + avocado and leftover shrimp gumbo.


Dessert included yogurt, banana, tahini, and Cheerios with Earl Grey tea for sippin’.



After feeding the babies and getting a little more shut-eye, this is how I woke up. My heart melted into a giant puddle.



You should’ve heard his purrs!! He was so happy.


My breakfast was rather epic, if I do say so myself. Two over easy eggs on wilted spinach, thawed wild blueberries, two roasted root veg hash brown patties and one mixed potato hash brown patty with ketchup.


I also was craving a muffin, so I had it with my coffee.


After enjoying a leisurely morning, I showered and then whipped up this quick lunch. I warmed the last of our steamed veg and tuna drizzled with lemon juice and then topped with avocado, feta cucumber dip, and Triscuits.


I later ate a small banana with drippy pb and cinnamon.

One of Kaci’s awesome wedding photographers shared a retro photo shoot she did with a girl that Kaci and I actually attended high school with. Some of the photos included these killer cat eye sunglasses, so I snagged myself a pair from Amazon. Kaci also got a pair too! I’m already obsessed.



I love Chobani’s new packaging! Their new products not only look pretty, but they’re delicious.


Kaci and I attended a free Tone + Sculpt Yoga class by Unity Yoga and Wellness. Per usual, I was five minutes late, but ohmygosh I needed this class. I loved the flow and the instructor’s guidance.


Y’all know I love the turquoise walls! It’s small but cozy with a great vibe.


I want these for our house one day; they’re so fun!


I decided to bake another batch of muffins, but this time I used almond flour. Worked like a charm!


Dinner was sauteed seasoned shaved Brussels with black olives (say that five times fast), ricotta toast, the last of our Thanksgiving turkey, carrots, and Imagine Super Reds soup.

Dessert was a mug of this fabulous Cruze Farm ice cream. Red velvet was one of my mom’s favorites. {I so wish she could be here to enjoy life, my cooking, and explore with Kaci and me. Hug your loved ones often.}


I enjoyed it with a sprinkle of granola and roasted nuts.


Wishing everyone the very best start to the week!

9 thoughts on “Sweet Cream, Mountain Views, & A Little Zen

  1. Oh my goooodness- frozen kiwi sounds delish! I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of many smoothies with it in there, but I LOVE kiwi. The way you dressed it up looks fantastic!

    I agree with you about the thinkthin.. not a good message. I’ve had their protein bars before and they are good, but like you said.. will not go out of my way to support that.

    Now, that Mediterranean feast is something I could get on board with

    Oh. My. Lanta. That is too fun that you guys celebrated Dolly Parton’s birthday! What!!! I am obsessed. How cute!!! A dolly parton cone, THAT SHIRT!! Bahaha! LOVE

    UDDERLY ADORABLE IS RIGHT. I was say it is all quite amoozing. 😉

    I’d still eat the squash recipe.. I actually sometimes prefer things on the more toasted side! And that turmeric recipe looks soooo pretty!

    THOSE VIEWS!! THESE PICTURES! THOSE SUNGLASSES!!! **heart eyes heart eyes**

    Sheesh louise what a fun few days!! Thank you for sharing, girlfriend! I always loooove your updates! XO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, doll!! You have really brightened my morning! The kiwi were getting too ripe, so I thought I’d give freezing a try. I really love them! I don’t mean to sound all snotty or something, but I’m really glad you agree about the Think Thin. Sad marketing ploy. Ahhhh you are the pun queen! A-moo-zing, yasssss. I could not get over the views – they were stunning in the fall on our honeymoon and now in the winter. Looking forward to spring and summer hikes! Sending you lots of love today, and I hope you’re feeling much better! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw of course!!!! I’m not done yet but had to head to work! I’m anxious to read your other happenings 😍 and yes I agree 100%…. it’s like that Lara bar commercial- know which one I’m talking about ?

        Lol , I get so excited when I see puns in your posts!

        They are seriously breathtaking views! My sister in law just moved here and loves to hike so I’m hoping to get out there more myself !!! 💕

        Liked by 1 person

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