Food Highlights From the Week


First up is Wild Friends oatmeal cup with their almond cashew butter packet. I added the milk and soaked it overnight before heating it in the microwave. They’re delicious as is or with fruit added!


You will see this Golden Turmeric Tahini Dressing below, and ever since I made it, I’ve enjoyed it every day. I toasted a Van’s GF Ancient Grains waffle and topped it with avocado, peach, roasted pepitas, and the dressing enjoyed over wilted spinach. I split the last three pancakes and had yogurt, jam, and roasted sunflower seeds with them.


On Thursday morning I made Kath’s Easy Baked Eggs, and man was this good! I reserved some of the caramelized onion and sautéed peppers from dinner on Tuesday and added canned French style green beans. I used a splash of milk then two eggs and dill Havarti plus freshly shredded sharp white cheddar. This was egg-cellent. I enjoyed mine with Aldi’s mixed potato hash browns.



I used Abbey’s Vegan Sweet Potato Bowl as inspiration for this fabulous Fri-yay breakfast. I baked five sweet potatoes on Sunday evening so that all I had to do was reheat and top to my heart’s desire. This included cinnamon, Fage Greek yogurt, grapes, Nutzo, granola, and sprinkles!



Matt made an epic breakfast, and the bite I had was amazing. He took our leftover pizza and toasted it with extra cheddar before topping with avocado, green siracha, and two over easy eggs. If in doubt, always take your leftovers, add an egg, and have them for breakfast!




I only have one lunch to share, but it was a fun use of our pantry foods. I split a 90-second roasted chicken rice packet, the rest of our 90-second lentils, part of a can of French style green beans, and pumpkin vinaigrette. It needed a little more of the vinaigrette, but I was happy that I could put together a recipe from our pantry.



As soon as Brittany posted this dressing recipe on Monday, I planned to put it together for our salad that evening. It’s deeelicious.


I tossed out organic greens and mini peppers with it to enjoy with a Mexican-style stuffed sweet potato. I used a 90-second lentil pouch for a tasty protein plus salsa, yogurt, avocado, roasted jalapenos, and freshly grated cheddar. This was such a good, quick meal! I had already roasted five sweet potatoes on Sunday evening, so Monday was a breeze.


On Tuesday evening, I made another quick salad to go along with our Modern Table Meals dish. I caramelized a red onion and then added peppers and roasted garlic to sauté until tender. I added the cooked red lentil pasta, a small can of wild caught salmon, and the sauce to the skillet. Unfortunately, I should have cooked down the sauce before adding the pasta, so it was a tad over-cooked. BUT Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


I swung by Trader Joe’s and picked up this balsamic marinated cooked chicken and frozen vegetable blend that came together as an awesome and fast meal.


Thursday night I simply baked an Udi’s frozen cheese pizza that we seasoned with our roasted garlic and herb salt free blend.


I put together a quick salad of mixed greens, avocado, and carrots plus the tahini dressing. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


Matt’s siracha. Hahahaha, it was hilarious watching him methodically place these drops.


Snacks // Treats

Honestly do yourselves a favor and stop everything that you’re doing to go make these PB Chocolate Oat Bars/Bites from Alexis! They were a breeze to make, and Matt and I cannot stop raving about them.


The espresso sea salt on the top makes them even more delightful.


Kaci was so sweet and in exchange for two bars, she gave me a homemade chocolate chip cookie. The best! She took this photo on the night she made them, and I wanted to share it.


Clearly turmeric and I are having a moment. I decided to again take Erin’s Golden Milk recipe and turn it into a smoothie. I added the spices, vanilla, and honey with yogurt, milk, frozen kiwi/mango/banana/apple/spinach. I topped it with a dollop of Nutzo. Next time I will cut the spices in half because they were a bit too much for the fruit. But again, it was good, and you never know unless you try!


I’ll end by sharing our super fun participation in Maker’s Donuts second birthday. They were giving out a free donut to all customers! I hurried and got ready in time to meet Kaci, which was the perfect start to my day! She took the next three photos.


Makers Gonna Make


She enjoyed their toasted coconut.


I chose their milk + cereal with Fruity Pebbles. So fun and delicious!


My coffee shakes were real, so I held ze donut, and Kaci snapped these next two for me.



Is she not the cutest?



Wishing everyone the best day and start to the weekend!


4 thoughts on “Food Highlights From the Week

  1. Uh oh … I haven’t had my breakfast yet and stopped by your blog 🙈 hahah.. this all looks too stinking good! I am obsessed with that fruity pebbles donut!!!!! What a darling little place- and free?! So fun. I adore posts with the Kori Kaci duo. Y’all never have a dull moment! ❤️

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