Food Freedom + Delicious Eats


As always, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I’m starting my recap with a few throwback photos that Matt came across. His phone acted weird, and his email downloaded photos dating back to 2007! The man I’m standing next to all bundled up was the reason Matt and I met in summer of 2005. Upper right photo is Mason as a baby and then a few years older down below. Rachel has loved her man from the beginning! These were so fun to look at. ❤

We’ve discovered that Jax is obsessed with foil. Matt gave him this ball, and I took a video of him running away and growling. I had to pry his jaws open to remove it!

I shared my stuffed sweet potato breakfast on my last post. It hit the spot. Before I got into the shower, I realized how gorgeous the sunrise was and had to step outside and take some photos. I don’t care how many times I witness a sunrise or a sunset, they are breathtaking!



I took my sassy sunnies out on an afternoon walk post lunch thanks to Kase! She called me, and we chatted for about 20 minutes. It felt amazing.


Kroger’s free Friday download was a free Epic Bar. It was a nice afternoon snack. I then went to the salon and got my hair cut, and I was able to see Kase because she came by to get her bangs trimmed. 🙂


Now a sunset photo! I took it through my windshield, but it was so pretty.


I stopped by Kroger for gas and to get Matt a pork chop for his dinner. #wifeaward Traffic was a pain, but I finally made it home. Carrots with Everything But the Bagel seasoning + the golden turmeric dressing. Can’t stop eating it; it’s so delicious!


I had leftover salmon lentil pasta dish with wilted greens.


Per my suggestion, Matt cooked his bone-in pork chop in the iron skillet with roasted garlic, seasonings, and apple cider vinegar. Steamed broccoli from frozen with the bagel seasoning and a baked sweet potato with roasted jalapeño and cinnamon. He gave me a bite, and it was incredible!


Dessert included Fage, thawed fruit, carob muffin, and pb ribbon. I then had a few mixed nuts and Cheerios because I was still hungry.



I wanted to use our last roasted sweet potato for breakfast and came up with this creation. I shared my recipe on my Ig story and posted it below. Please let me know if you try it!




During breakfast, all we could see his Mason’s paw come out of the box for the mouse. Matt took this, and it kills us. He’s such a character! He has his follow-up exam this afternoon, so please send us good vibes. He finshed this last round of chemo, that we administered at home, on Friday.


After completing a Barre3 workout, I had a carob muffin with ricotta then got ready.


Kaci was super sweet and picked up Rachel’s new prescription and also came over to do some grocery shopping together. We ended up dressing so twinsy and didn’t even plan it!




I had a Chick-fil-a grilled chicken sandwich for a late lunch. We went by the pet store for the boys and then Kroger. It may seem like a boring chore, but when shopping together, it was a blast!


I took the screenshot last week and finally made Kylie’s snack bites. I made so many recipes this week and that felt really good! I love to come up with my own creations, but then it was nice to follow recipes by these amazing bloggers.


Tada! Plus I have a container in the freezer. I got 26.5 from the mix.


I also made Kylie’s sushi donuts, and per Matt’s suggestion, I used the lid to his Cheerios container to make them. Brilliant!


I made a spring mix salad with freshly grated carrot, beet ginger bean dip, and sesame oil. Those colors 😍


I was so pleased with this meal!


We have green siracha, so our siracha + mayo combo didn’t have a red tint.


For dessert I had Fage with a fresh peach, granola, and I chopped up some mixed nuts.




I had seen Eggland’s Best post a recipe on Ig for egg and avocado stuffed baked potato, and we had to try it. Matt coated our potatoes in melted butter, garlic herb seasoning, and salt and pepper. We baked them Saturday night then just had to reheat over spinach on Sunday. Stuffed with fresh roasted garlic, freshly shredded cheddar, hidden avocado, and I ended up making two eggs because the yolk broke on my first. (Side note: as I began to eat, I realized that eating the whole potato would make me uncomfortably full. Despite serving it, I know I can eat it anytime and didn’t need to clean my plate. I ate half the potato with all the spinach and toppings and felt great. Intuitive Eating vs. something or someone telling me how much to eat.)


Matt’s eggs were prettier. 😉


I then received a message that I had won a Cruze Farm ice cream cone!! Made my day even sweeter.


I did some meal planning, chores, Barre3, and ate lunch. Then I finally took a bath with lavender salt and read Intuitive Eating. I need to make more time for baths. Sometimes I feel like I should be doing something productive instead of relaxing in the tub, but I think society is so go-go-go that we don’t slow down often enough.

Once ready, I stopped by Kaci and Drew’s to give her some of the oat bites then headed over to Cruze Farm.


I love this menu design!


Coffee • Lavender Honey Swirl in a waffle cone. Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds!


Once home, I wiped down my filthy car, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and then I got started on dinner. As I was prepping the vegetables, I pulled this parsnip out of the bag. So weird looking!


Green beans, carrots, parsnips, and red cabbage tossed in avo oil, Everything But the Bagel seasoning + garlic herb blend.


All roasted until just fork tender.


I had my other half of the potato warmed with organic canned lentils and all drizzled with the golden turmeric dressing.


For a light dessert, I had the last of the yogurt with part of a banana and Nutzo.


One of Drew’s best friends was diagnosed with a serious health condition. Please keep him in your thoughts. It serves as a reminder at how precious life is and how quickly things can change. Make this week a great one!

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