Friday Favs

I realize it isn’t often that a blogger publishes two posts in one day, but I just have a few new favorites that I wanted to share. Hope you find them interesting and useful!

First up is Love Grown’s cereal cups. The cups themselves aren’t new, but this delicious flavor is! They’re finalizing the name, but they are spicy sweet cinnamon O’s. Yum.


I found this new soap bar that lathers well and leaves my skin feeling clean but not overly moisturized. Know what I mean? I apply lotion after the shower, but I don’t want to step out of the shower feeling greasy. Kaci also advised I start using this Biore charcoal bar, and for almost a week now I’ve been washing my face in the evening with it. It tingles but leaves my skin feeling extra clean.


I’ve been using Pixi shimmery tinted moisturizer for several years now, but their bottles always looked awful after a few uses from my fingerprints. They reformulated the packaging so that now when I handle it after application, the makeup doesn’t adhere. It’s the little things, y’all.


I don’t have it in the budget to get new frames, but while I was waiting on my new lenses, I tried on this crystal pair for fun. What are your all’s thoughts? I actually surprised myself by liking them!


My hope is that one day, the medical community will stop using freaking BMI to determine a person’s health. It is an arbitrary number.


One positive screenshot to conclude this post!






2 thoughts on “Friday Favs

  1. LOVE your friday faves! I have always wondered how you get such glowy skin!!! I need to pick up some Biore charcoal (I’ve heard great things about that!) & Pixi ASAP. Also, love love love those quotes and snaps from instagram! Thanks for sharing, girlfriend!

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    1. My gosh, thank you!! You’re so kind. I’m really grateful for my complexion because in my teens & early 20’s, I was no stranger to breakouts & acne. 😳 I’m such a Pixi fan! The charcoal bar gives a cool sensation, so it feels quite refreshing. I’m glad you loved the quotes too! ❤

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