Weekly Eats Highlights

Hello lovely people! I wanted to showcase a few fun meals from this week that I hope spark some inspiration for you.


Overnight oats are truly such a gift. A gift of doughy, delicious, filling oats, and the gift of waking up to breakfast already being made. I soaked this fabulous Wild Friends oatmeal cups with milk and yogurt. In the morning, I thawed fruit that I stirred into it before topping with the almond-cashew butter packet.


On the savory front, I made our classic “scrambler” as we call them. For this bowl, I used a packet of Bakery on Main’s Ancient Grains cereal heated with milk, water, and Everything But the Bagel seasoning. <–  this will be a staple for weeks to come. I wilted in spinach, melted in aged sharp white cheddar, and finally I added the cooked egg. Strong coffee made it the perfect breakfast!


Instead of waffles on Wednesday, I decided to have some of my banana pancake puffs. I enjoyed them drizzled with maple syrup along with cottage cheese, fruit, cinnamon and ginger, and roasted pepitas in a nearly empty pb jar.


I microwaved 1/2 c of old fashioned oats with 3/4 c of milk along with a pinch of espresso sea salt and 1/4 t almond extract. I then added Wyman’s of Maine frozen strawberry/cherry/blueberry/kale blend and heated until warm. Sprinkled the top with brown sugar, a dollop of Nutzo, and a splash of creamer.



I saw a few of these simmer sauces at Aldi and picked up this one as well as a pulled pork flavor that we’ll be using in the next few weeks.


One of the suggestions on the back is to combine cooked chicken with white beans, so I seasoned and sauteed our full chicken package but then removed half. I added a can of organic cannellini beans and then the sauce to simmer. We enjoyed it over wilted greens and heated brown rice cooked in coconut milk.


When reheating the leftovers, I made brown rice with the last of our vegetable broth plus water, salt, and garlic herb seasoning blend. It smelled so good while it simmered! I layered our bowls with greens, rice, and the chicken bean dish, added more pepper spice and olives before heating. I topped them with avocado.


Kaci made this fabulous meal to share! It includes hidden homemade coleslaw, avocado, pomegranate seeds, quinoa, and medium cheddar cheese.


Matt made an absolutely epic bowl of spaghetti! He put a lot more effort into it than I have, and it has inspired me to get more creative when I’m in charge of the cooking. He sautéed the ground beef with Worcestershire and spices and then added freshly chopped mushrooms and red wine. He decided to add turmeric, and he said it turned a really crazy green color. Lastly, he added a little brown sugar, salt, and ricotta. After simmering, we served it over GF Aldi brown rice spaghetti with a dollop of ricotta on top. The pasta, unfortunately, clumped together, so we have ordered an 8-qt. saucepan to use in the future. I had finished a killer (read: kicked my butt) online Barre3 workout, and man did this hit the spot!

It just so happened that I planned to make Alexis’ yummy vegetable soup on the day our temperatures plummeted. I’d say that is perfect timing! On the side we enjoyed crackers with the last of our beet ginger bean dip mixed with avocado and Everything But the Bagel seasoning.


I made a few changes based on what we had on hand. As Alexis said, you the recipe as a guide and have fun with it! I sauteed a red onion with fresh green beans, two seasoned baked potatoes, and Italian seasoning. I added the can of dark red kidney beans, corn, one can of seasoned tomatoes, and chicken broth. I didn’t realize we only had one, so I added a can of beets. Problem solved. Finished with chopped black olives and let it simmer. Matt went back for seconds!


Snacks + Desserts

For an after dinner snack, I made this smoothie one night. It included fresh but chilled banana along with frozen kiwi, grapes, and berries. I blended it with Greek yogurt and milk before topping with Chocolate PB Cheerios.


One afternoon after I got back home from work, I simply enjoyed dark chocolate pb on a spoon before jumping into a Barre3 workout. This fueled me well without weighing down my stomach.


I enjoyed the aforementioned frozen berry/cherry/kale blend with yogurt and…


a homemade chocolate chip walnut cookie from Kaci! I had gone over to her house one evening to enjoy a walk together, and she gave me two of them. They are perfection.


One afternoon when I got home from work, I warmed a whole wheat pita and swirled Nutzo and jam on top. Yum!


I hope these meals provide you with some inspiration in the ole kitchen! I know it’s not done often at all, but I’ll be sharing a second post today of my Friday Favs. Hope you enjoy both posts and have a fabulous weekend!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Eats Highlights

  1. Yum!!! I’m not quire as creative in ze kitchen but I am making meals (like, legit well-rounded meals) so that’s a ‘uge improvement for me! lol I’m glad you enjoyed the cookie!

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    1. I’ve been wanting to get some!! My fav thing to do with them is to make a big batch with milk, water, & a pinch of salt. Then you can take portions throughout the week & either warm & top with fruit + pb or an egg, cheddar, & wilted spinach. I’ve also taken cooked steel cut oats & then soaked them with yogurt as an overnight. Erin of Well Plated recently posted a recipe for overnighy steel cut oats that I’m going to try! I hope this helps!

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        1. I don’t own a crockpot (😱), so I just make a big batch of steel cut oats on the stovetop. I’ll either individually portion into containers & cool or just portion from one large container throughout the week! For overnight oats with quick cooking or old fashioned oats, I just soak in only milk if I want to heat them in the morning or milk + yogurt if I want them cold & doughy. 😋

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