Progress Not Perfection


Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well and not feeling too tired after staying up for the game. Matt and I aren’t into football, so *gasp* we did not watch. But we have found a new show called Broadchurch that has us hooked! Has anyone seen it?


Friday morning began in a delicious way. We decided to bake some of our leftover spaghetti on fresh spinach and topped with an egg. Next time I plan to make an over easy egg on the stove to achieve that awesome runny yolk.


We enjoyed it with toast spread with roasted garlic and Everything But the Bagel seasoning. Mmmm


Our new pot had arrived when I got home from work! It’s the little things.


My wild and crazy night included pulling the oven out from its place to clean plus cleaned inside it and our bathroom sinks/vanity/mirror. Adulting means this gives you satisfaction, ha.

For dinner, we enjoyed the last of our roasted vegetables plus some steamed broccoli with cooked seasoned brown rice, seasoned chicken, and Chick-fil-a sauce. It was awesome over this combo!


I enjoyed Greek yogurt and frozen fruit out of the nearly empty peanut butter jar for dessert. We started Broadchurch, and I was hooked. I told Matt I hadn’t wanted to start another show, but then he proved me wrong. Husband win for finding it!


We’re obsessed with Mason’s shaved, pink belly. He has no body image issues and is proud of his figure! Let this be a lesson to us all to embrace our wonderful selves.



For breakfast on Caturday, I noshed on the last crossiant along with cottage cheese, fruit, and Nutzo out of our nearly empty local honey jar. ‘Twas a theme apparently.

After relaxing with my coffee, completing a word find, and cleaning, I finished a Barre3 workout. I then refueled with lemongrass + ginger Triscuits drizzled with tahini and enjoyed with carrots and took a much-needed shower.


As soon as I saw K Brew post their new drink on Friday, I made plans to treat myself over the weekend! It’s called The Cardinal: raspberry, chocolate, Cruze Farm milk, espresso. It was incredible, and that artwork! So beautiful.


I actually brought a book and just spent time reading more of Intuitive Eating. I also struck up a conversation with two sweet girls sitting next to me. I heard them talking about Stitch Fix, and one told me about Trunk Club. Has anyone tried it? I love breaking out of my shy shell and just socializing! I never would’ve done that a few years ago.


This really hit home for me.


It was my lucky day because this food truck was parked out front! I had made no plans for lunch, which I loved. In my past, I had to plan ev-er-y-thing, but now I try to wing it on the weekends. This was my inspiration for my blog post title. I can really feel myself continuing to strengthen my body trust and healthy relationship with food. I still have setbacks, but none of us should be striving for perfection.


I thoroughly enjoyed the creamy tarragon mushroom crepe. It was phenomenal. It was supposed to include spinach, and it came without. But I’m not one to complain for something like this, and it just meant more mushrooms for me!


K Brew’s bathrooms are adorable! I have goals to put up things like this in our house one day, away from the babies, of course.


I had to 😉


I went by Matt’s dad’s so Matt could change my oil and filter. Love and appreciate my husband! He even checked and added air to my tires. 🙂

I shopped at Aldi and then went home and enjoyed this peanut butter oat bite.


Dinner included this salad with Caesar dressing plus a bowl of our vegetable soup.


Dessert included peanut butter powder, cinnamon, and vanilla stirred into Greek yogurt with an apple and the last of our granola. We watched two more episodes of our show then got a good night’s sleep.



Another epic breakfast! I warmed a tortilla spread with roasted garlic, sprinkled with Everything But the Bagel seasoning, spinach, and freshly grated cheddar. I added very fluffy scrambled eggs before rolling it up into a burrito.


I topped with green siracha and had salsa on the side plus two mandarin oranges dipped in Greek yogurt.


Jaaaaax. He is so cute!


I found these at Aldi, and Mackenzie posted how amazing they are. I loooove Moser Roth, so I treated myself to this box as an early Valentine’s gift. 😉

So for a light lunch, I had hummus toast, carrots, and the hazelnut truffle. Yum!


I bought a 10-class package to Unity Yoga and Wellness Center after attending my first class. I registered for another of their Sculpt + Tone yoga class for the afternoon.

It was ah-mazing!! Challenging, rewarding, and boy did I sweat. That after-class glow.


I enjoyed lemon fig bars with Nutzo. Hit. the. spot.


Matt came home early, so I made a mug of fennel tea, and we watched an episode of Broadchurch.

I then roasted a pan of red cabbage, red onion, broccoli, and mushrooms. It was so smoky, and then I realized it was because of the balsamic cooking spray. Whoops. Just look at that steam.

We had the last of our spaghetti baked over spinach with melted fresh mozzarella. Not typical Super Bowl fare, but it was perfect!


Dessert was frozen grapes and kiwi with Greek yogurt spiced with cinnamon and ginger then topped with Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios and peanut buttah.



This morning I woke up to my oatmeal cup ready and waiting on me! I soaked the last of our Wild Friends oatmeal cups (tear), and I chose to use milk and cottage cheese for mine. I ate it cold with banana, apple, and part of the nut butter packet. I’ve saved the rest of later.


And that’s a wrap! Wishing you all a beautiful day!

4 thoughts on “Progress Not Perfection

  1. Uh oh!! I know I commented on this post and don’t see it here. I hope my comments aren’t going to spam again. EEK! All this food looks sooo yummy. I am craving some eggs now seriously. YAYYY you tried the Moser Roth truffles!!! the hazelnut is phenomenal! I don’t think there was a flavor in that box I didn’t like. Uh oh no I am craving chocolate too. Chocolate and eggs.. what a combo! LOL. Also, I keep forgetting to pick up Kiwi from the store- so thank you for the reminder!

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