Weekly Food Highlights

Here are a few meals from this week that have been really enjoyable. Hope they spark some inspiration for you!


This was one of my best bowls of savory oatmeal! I used one packet of Bakery on Main Ancient Grains instant oats made with milk, water, garlic powder, salt, and smoked paprika. I then wilted in fresh spinach, melted in aged sharp white cheddar, topped with an over easy egg, and sprinkled it with Everything Bagel seasoning. I shared a slow-motion video on Ig of breaking into the yolk. ‘Twas fabulous.


I got this idea from both Abbey Sharp and Daisy brand cottage cheese. To boost the protein of avocado toast, Abbey suggested blending with white beans. I decided to blend my avocado with Daisy cottage cheese that I split between two slices of Aldi “seedtastic” organic toast. I sprinkled Everything Bagel seasoning on one and topped the other with thawed Wyman’s of Maine blueberry/strawberry/cherry/kale blend. Try it! The creaminess was oh so perfect.


I used Erin’s latest berry turmeric smoothie recipe as a loose guide in making this smoothie bowl. I combined Aldi’s frozen sweet potato, mandarin orange, mango, pineapple blend with frozen kiwi and grapes, Greek yogurt, milk, spinach, turmeric, pepper medley, ginger, and vanilla. I topped with with a sprinkle of raw oats, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios, roasted pepitas, and Nutzo.



For lunch on Wednesday, I enjoyed this frozen entrée by Saffron Road: Enchiladas Al Chiptole, which included garlic rice and mesquite black beans. I crunched on some carrots on the side. I decided to save that truffle for later and instead had yogurt with the last of part of our salted chocolate pb oat bars by Alexis.


The other day when I picked up some photos at Walgreens, it dawned on me that I had not visited a local bagel shop in years. So for lunch I treated myself to a lox pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese, tomato, and onion. Half satisfied me, so I saved the othe half for the next day!


Gotta have that pickle with it!



I made this quick meal one evening that came together nicely. I sauteed zucchini and peppers until tender then added a can of drained tuna along with spices. I tossed in a bag of frozen cooked Bird’s Eye zucchini lentil pasta. It had an awesome texture! I finished it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Matt realized that capers would’ve been a wonderful addition. Next time!


I made Sara’s creamy tomato soup along with roasted seasoned potatoes and greens drizzled with Newman’s Own creamy Caesar.





Simple snack of the remainder of our cottage cheese with a Made Good banana chocolate chip granola bar.


I’ve had this in my desk drawer for several weeks and finally was craving it. I had it after lunch as a mint. 🙂


Hope everyone has a great rest of the day!



4 thoughts on “Weekly Food Highlights

  1. Lox on pumpernickel bread sounds like the greatest combo of all time. YUMMMMMMM! Have you tried the Trader Joe’s soups?! We are on a serious kick with their tomato & tomato crackers right now! Also, blending the avocado with beans is brilliant. I have been having a lot of avocado toast lately, and I feel like that is something I need to try asap. Thanks for always sharing such awesome ideas, Kori!

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    1. Lox is my fav! I need to get TJ’s soups – we haven’t had them in forever! I love TJ’s but don’t shop there nearly enough because of living on the other side of town. I’m glad you liked these meal ideas!

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