Fri-yay Favs + Finds

Happy Friday to all of you lovely people! First up on my favs post is this incredible watercolor artwork gifted to me by Kylie of Immaeatthat. I have loved every one she has created and shared, but this one hit home with me. It’s something I have often asked myself when faced with a decision. I can’t wait to frame and hang it!


If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to follow Natural Life on Ig. Their posts are always so uplifting, like this cute colorful screenshot below!


While I am no yoga expert or master, I have loved incorporating it into my life. I sometimes crave a more intense workout and then other times I just want to stretch and breathe deeply. Unity Yoga encouraged their followers to post a photo of themselves in a yoga pose. I chose tree pose because it’s one of the first I can recall learning, and it’s one I love to do to stretch and center myself.


Matt and I love these pot pies by Blake’s. As frozen entrées go, yes, they’re moderately high in sodium. But I love having these meals on hand for when we’re in a pinch for lunch!


This is the zucchini lentil pasta I referenced in my last post. Despite being frozen, the texture is so good!


I had to stop by the store because we’re on a mission to find Qrunch toastables again. They were so good, but then all the stores around us stopped carrying them. I saw this frozen brownie and wanting to try it. Although just the stupid taglines alone made me not want to. How silly have we become to put food and food labels on such a high pedestal?


Anywho, here is what it looks like. I split one for us to try today. I’m more excited to make Alexis’ latest Fudgy Raspberry Almond Butter Brownies!


I couldn’t resist any longer, so I bought Pioneer Woman’s gorgeous ivory dinnerware along with nesting mixing bowls with lids. Gah I love every one of her collections!

Lastly, I found a few cute things at Old Navy, one of which being this classic button down with…a pineapple and avocado print! (Our wall should finally be fixed next week. It’s so hideous.) Rockin’ that warm weather vibe!


Make it a great one!

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