And the Rain Just Keeps Falling

Greetings on another Monday morning! Our weekend was so incredible despite the persistent rain that started on Saturday with no plans of slowing down anytime soon.


I was craving a bowl of cereal, so I had my TJ’s Mango O’s with Wyman’s berry/cherry/kale blend thawed, Aldi’s mango/pineapple/sweet potato/mandarin orange blend thawed, ground flax, roasted sunflower seeds, and milk.


To ensure it would be filling, I had an amazing over easy egg on wilted spinach seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and smoked paprika plus dat mug of life blood. I licked all the yolk from the plate, no shame.


Our company Christmas gift finally arrive…1.5 months late. It’s this zip up jacket. I mean, it’s pretty basic, but I try to be thankful.


I was able to go on a 30-minute walk in the sunshine and chat with Kaci in the afternoon. Knowing the rainy forecast to come made this even more enjoyable.


I enjoyed this delicious mozzarella avocado toast as my first dinner course of sorts.


Matt and  split a plate of roasted vegetables.


The tomato soup had thickened up quite nicely in the fridge. Flavored with bagel seasoning blend and slurped to my heart’s content.


For dessert, I had Tazo butterscotch blondie dessert tea with honey and hazelnut creamer.


Plus I enjoyed half an apple with one Nature’s Valley pumpkin spice granola bar, raisins, pb, and Greek yogurt. We watched an episode of The Grand Tour. I love it! I think the hosts are hilarious.



I kept my breakfast light as a snack because Kaci and I had plans to finally try Maple Street Biscuit Company! I enjoyed a banana with chocolate Nutzo, Greek yogurt, and a small mug of black coffee.


Along with plenty of snuggles from Ray! Look at her squished face. So cute!


This is a new tee from Old Navy, and not only is it adorable and comfortable, but it also makes the perfect brunch attire. Allthecoffee.


The inside is really nice! Very spacious, open, and pretty.



I loved the different light fixtures!


My forever fellow adventurer, twinkie, and ride or die. 😉


I chose The Iron Goat and added cajun spiced roasted chicken. The biscuit includes cooked spinach and creamy dreamy goat cheese.


Kaci chose The Ralphie in vegetarian style, so it was a biscuit smothered in shiitake mushroom gravy plus chicken added on the side. The gravy was so good!


I also enjoyed a latte with a combo of skim and whole milk.


One of the sweet staff members then surprised us with these complimentary mini Valentine’s iced cinnamon pecan biscuits! I had one warmed later in the afternoon as a snack.


We went to Big Lots, and I saw so much cute stuff! I resisted buying it, but I had to take photos. I don’t like the term “bae”, but this give it a whole new meaning. Bacon And Eggs, ha!!


Eat more hole foods.


Coffee / Coffee / Coffee



Then we decided to make a Target run. We couldn’t resist a fun mirror twinsie photo. Kaci got that cookie jar – so cute!


Once again, snapped a photo of all the cute things that I can’t justify buying right meow.


I hardly ever use Twitter, but I had to login to tweet against Weight Watchers’ nasty campaign to suck in young teens to the diet industry. It’s appalling! Please speak out against this. Children do NOT ever need to diet. No one does.


Axl was so pooped.


Here are my food goods that I did score at Big Lots! Lentil pasta, soup, our fav instant oatmeal, Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal cups, baby food pouches to add to oatmeal, dried Turkish figs, and the most amazing blueberry lemon almonds. Ohmygosh they are delicious! I enjoyed some with an apple, and it was a very satisfying combo.


Dinner included tomato soup, baked seasoned flounder, sautéed zucchini, and roasty toasty potatoes. I didn’t quite finish the potatoes because I was pleasantly full.


I simultaneously made a batch of brown rice, a tin of carob tahini muffins, and dinner. Felt like I was killin’ it. 😉


Naturally, I had to enjoy a muffin for dessert as quality control. I sprinkled in some Chocolate Pb Cheerios over yogurt. Hit the spot! We watched another episode of Broadchurch. Holy moly it’s getting in-tense.



Matt was super sweet and offered to get up and the feed the babies both Saturday and Sunday morning. I was able to get such glorious sleep! For breakfast, I was craving a warm bowl of oatmeal. I cooked one packet of instant ancient grains oatmeal with milk and water, added thawed cherry/berry/kale blend, heated through, the topped with chocolate Nutzo and hazelnut creamer. Hello, gorgeous. Try this combo with the creamer; it’s phenomenal!


Matt made quite an epic breakfast. He warmed the last tortilla with some coconut butter spread across it. He then added brown sugar and cinnamon, pb, jam, and a banana before rolling it up into a burrito. He gave me a bite, and it was a fantastic mixture of flavors.


After getting off my bum and being productive, I noshed on those delectable blueberry lemon almonds and a fig before getting down to business with a Barre3 workout.


Afterwards, I enjoyed this Blake’s turkey shepherd’s pie and then a muffin before taking a shower.


I picked up Kaci, and we went out to the lake house to check on it. I put this vase and tray from our wedding on display. We now both have some mementos from our special days out there. ❤


I had a blast just chatting with Kase! Funny story when leaving. Considering how soaked and muddy the ground was, my car got stuck. So I had to back down the driveway and try going up the other side. Still got stuck. But I remember watching Matt, when we would four-wheel in his Jeep, turn his steering wheel side to side to gain traction. Worked like a charm.

Once home, I got to work on making these fabulous beet and bean burgers. I saw them on Alexis (Hummusapien) weekly vegetarian meal plan. I used dark red kidney beans because that’s what we had along with Love Beets steamed beets.


We enjoyed them on Glutino English muffins with orange-infused mashed avocado and a salad with Green Giant frozen cooked carrot spirals. Fabulous Sunday supper! Matt was awesome and helped me finish making this meal when he got home.


Dessert included an apple with pb, yogurt, and some crumbled Nature Valley pumpkin spice granola bar.


This is how Rachel looked when we got back to the couch to enjoy our dessert. Hahahaha she is the mood for today.


Hope everyone has a great one!

8 thoughts on “And the Rain Just Keeps Falling

  1. Yum! I was behind a couple posts and man, I have missed out on some seriously good eats! Girl, everything looks amazing! Um and next time I better get an invite on y’alls twinkie date. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MOZZARELLA AVOCADO TOAST! Yes pleaseee. I love avocado toast, but never thought of adding mozzarella to it. I’m going to try it with my Daiya cheese! It sounds sooo good!!

    YOU TWO. ❤

    That biscuit creation you made is making me drool all over the place. Goodnight, that looks delish.

    Girll… when Dj and I lived in Indiana we LOVED Big Lots. We got our stinking furniture there. Haha. It’s so underrated. LOVE the mug!

    ALSO- Amen, to that sista!!!! Diet= FAILURE! It’s all about adjusting a lifestyle. Gosh it scares me the false messages in this day & age about health and wellness.

    On another oat, I mean note, I LOVE Bob Mill’s Oats. I tried them for the first time in San Diego and goodness they are tasty! Mmmm mmm! Where are those muffins from?!?! I’d love to try this recipe out!

    Glad y’all didn’t get stuck in the wilderness forever!!!

    Gosh, how do you do so much in such a short time? Can’t wait to have more time to catch up more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t wait to go back and try more biscuit creations!

      Diets do = failure! I hope people come to realize this sooner rather than later.

      Here’s the muffin recipe link!

      Matt and I got our love seat, couch, and a cute cubby cabinet at Big Lots. Might as well buy nice things but not ones that will break the bank!

      I hope you have an awesome day, doll!

      Liked by 1 person

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