A Few Weekly Meal Highlights

Goooood Fri-yay morning! Phew, this week has been good but long. Ready to enjoy the weekend. I wanted to share a few meals that I really loved this week. First up is a savory bowl of oatmeal, but this time I made it with water and part of a Plum Organics baby food pouch. I used the flavor that included yellow zucchini, mango, corn, and turmeric. It sounds weird, but we love using baby food. It’s just pureed fruits and vegetables, so they can add some fun flavors. Try it! The rest of the usual suspects: spices, spinach, cheddah, and a delicious runny egg.

I made Cookie and Kate’s GF waffles on Monday to have ready for Waffle Wednesday. I need to get quick-cooking oats to start with them already smaller and then blend them into oat flour. Even still, these were oh so good! I topped one with dark chocolate pb, cinnamon, and fruit. The other I topped with avocado and an over easy egg. It looks deflated because I didn’t realize the yolk had popped and run down under the waffle. Lol.


Oat cups are my jam. I found this one at Big Lots for a steal as you can see from the price tag. I soaked it overnight with cottage cheese, milk, and a splash of hazelnut creamer. I added thawed fruit and brown sugar in the morning.


I had a coupon for two RX Bars, so I got Matt and I each a maple sea salt. The boy loves him some salt, but he’s particular about which foods are salty. So he didn’t love the flavor, whereas I was so into it! Have you tried one of their bars? I didn’t think I loved them because they are sticky/chewy, but this one is quite delicious.


Chobani emailed a free product coupon, so I enjoyed their key lime.


For Valentine’s Day dinner, Matt and I made this pasta dish together. We pan-cooked chicken Italian sausages and then simmered them in a vodka pasta sauce. We cooked organic GF brown rice and quinoa short-grain pasta that we then tossed all together. Everything was from Aldi! Matt and I do not celebrate the holiday, but it doesn’t keep us from making a lovely meal together. Afterwards, he and I went to AutoZone where he replaced my car battery. My car decided to not start well on Tuesday. So that was the best Valentine’s Day gift!


Wishing everyone the best today and this weekend!

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