A Little Dose of Vitamin D

I truly hope this post finds everyone doing well on this Monday! I went into the weekend with some plans/expectations but also with an open agenda and mind. I ended up having an amazing Saturday and Sunday with plenty of rest, enjoyable movement, and delicious food.


I already shared my breakfast in my last meal highlights post, so no food to see here. 😉 I wanted to share this cute screenshot because it’s sooo true in our home!


This. It is short, to the point, and oh so powerful. As someone who can get stuck on numbers, I still need to be reminded.


I had leftover pasta from Valentine’s for dinner while I waited for Matt to get home. He went to SC on Thursday until Friday to help his boss who had purchased the inventory from a business of a gentleman who was retiring. I then made a delicious mug of tea and settled in to listen to a podcast.


I’m slowly adding some to my library. Here are the ones I plan to listen to soon!

For dessert, I had apple, yogurt, cinnamon, and pb. We watched an episode of Broadchurch, and then we got an awesome night’s sleep.



Given how gross and rainy it was, Saturday proved to be the perfect day to sleep in. I got up and fed our sweeties around 6:00 and then slept until 8:00 I think! I felt so good. I made a delicious egg sandwich complete with this awesome seeded bread from Aldi, mashed roasted garlic, mayo, smoked paprika, fried egg, melted cheddar, and pan-wilted greens. The rest of my apple from the night before with cinnamon on the side.

Another awesome message. I’ve been using hers as my phone home wallpaper. 🙂


I found this new coffee at Kroger, and I know you’re supposed to grind just before brewing. But this was so convenient, and so far we love the Guatemala roast!


Our Wild Friends oatmeal cups arrived! I ordered the pb cashew version this time and was able to do so with a 40% coupon. Score!


Sweet Mason was all of us with this rain.


Jax loves any and all boxes!


After my Barre3 workout at home, I showered and had this quick lunch. Fig Honey Triscuits, sugar snap peas, carrots, yogurt in a tahini jar, and a clementine for dessert.


After my very sweet hair stylist cut my hair, I ran a few errands and then made my way down to Awaken Coffee.


I had my eye on their chocolate covered cherry latte. I got it half caf, and it was wonderful!




Dorky selfie to show off Nancy’s magic. She knows my hair so well and does such a fabulous job!


I snacked on organic popcorn with mixed nuts, which was an awesome combo.


For dinner, I threw together this mix: sautéed broccoli pearls (on clearance at Kroger) in olive oil with Italian seasonings, garlic herb seasonings, and pepper spice blend. I added frozen mixed vegetables, organic canned lentils, the last of our cooked seasoned brown rice, and the last of our Aldi pumpkin vinaigrette. Was different but good!


Nancy gave me two Hershey’s Truffle Kisses, so Matt and I each had one after dinner. Macey wanted one!


But then he settled on loafing, ha!


For dessert, I enjoyed thawed fruit with cottage cheese, pb, Love Grown Comet Crispies, and Multigrain Cheerios. We watched two episodes of Broadchurch. It’s getting so intense!



I again volunteered to feed the babies their early breakfast. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fall back asleep, and Matt woke up too. But we just relaxed for a bit before getting ourselves downstairs for breakfast. I brainstormed this oatmeal before going to bed, and it came together so well! One packet of Bakery on Maine Ancient Grains Oatmeal with half a baby food pouch of carrot/apricot/pear, milk, and ground ginger. After heating it, I added frozen wild blueberries and finished cooking it. I added chopped roasted nuts, splash of creamer, espresso sea salt, and brown sugar. The chopped nuts made all the difference. Usually I’m lazy and just add them whole, but chopped is the way to go.

I couldn’t believe my eyes: the sun came out finally!!!



I participated in Simi’s live chat on her private Fb group, Beautifully Imperfect. I love the amazing group and how supportive everyone is!

One more screenshot. I found this account, and it’s so positive!


I made Kylie’s thick and soft pb cookies.

Before they were baked.


After! Per her recommendation, I let them cool and sit for six hours.


Here is my new frame for Kylie’s artwork that I proudly displayed at my bedside table.


I was SO fortunate to be able to attend one of Real Hot Yoga’s free classes! They just opened their second studio and offered several classes all weekend. I took their 90-minute hot yoga, and I was dripping in sweat. But it was so rejuvenating and needed. Post class photo. I represented my Body Over Mind tank!


I treated myself to lunch at WF hot bar. I chose two mac ‘n cheese varieties, garlic green beans, shredded beets and watermelon radish, something that I cannot remember what it was called, and goat cheese chicken. Unfortunately, the chicken was dry, but my meal hit the spot.


I went by Wal-Mart and picked up my online order. I got Pioneer Woman’s stacking mixing bowls, and are they not gorgeous?! Each has a different solid color inside.


I also got us a new dinnerware set, and I’m in love with it!


I showered and then enjoyed my bp cookie with milk…out of a Tito’s vodka mule mug. Ha! Do yourself a favor and make this cookie asap.


I had to get out and enjoy the sunshine! I walked for about 45 minutes before coming home and washing our new dishes and doing some prep for today.


Here they all are stacked nicely in our cabinet. 🙂


Dinner was quick, simple, and tasty. Greens with Caesar, steamed vegetable medley that includes three types of beans, ham, and Alexia’s frozen mashed cauliflower on our new plates!


For dessert, I enjoyed apple topped with organic popcorn, raisins, and tahini. It was such a fun combo! I had a small bowl of yogurt with cinnamon on the side plus a dried fig. I was a hungry one.


It’s going to be oddly warm this week, so any day it’s not raining, you bet I’ll be out on walk! Make it a good one!

3 thoughts on “A Little Dose of Vitamin D

  1. I loveeee that photo of ittle squeezed into an ittle box!! The boys seemed to be drawn to the camera this weekend and the diva must’ve been hiding! I’m SO sad we didn’t get to see each other all weekend! *tear emoji* I sure hope we can Barre3 together this week and I can snuggle the babes. Love all the photos and seriously considering snagging those mixing bowls!

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