Weekly Meal Highlights

Happy Thursday! I fully intended to share our weekend recap, but after a busy Monday morning followed by Mason’s follow-up exam that afternoon, I didn’t get a post written. Truth be told, I wasn’t in the best mood and also didn’t feel very inspired. I never want to write something unless I’m truly excited to share…like I am today! So lets get on with some meal inspiration for you.


Y’all, these oatmeal cups are just amazing. I soaked this one with Siggi’s vanilla yogurt, milk, and goji berries overnight then added the nut butter packet in the morning. It was incredible and filling!


I picked up some Bob’s Red Mill GF Quick Cooking Oats to make our scramblers with and to use for oat flour. In this bowl was oats cooked with milk, water, and spices. We split the last of our zucchini spirals tossed with roasted veg spread and parm, and boy were they an awesome addition! To complete my bowl, I melted in cheddah and topped with an over easy egg. Gimme all the drippy yolks.


One morning I had a Daisy brand (fav) cottage cheese bowl with one of my muffins and sunflower seeds. I split a grapefruit between us and sprinkled cinnamon on my half. It was so flavorful and juicy! Black coffee to give me strength and sanity. Unfortunately, I made it too strong, but I’ve now figured out the best coffee grounds-to-water ratio for my taste.


This morning I pulled a slice of homemade chocolate vegan banana bread out of the freezer and warmed it along with greens. I prepared two fluffly cheesy scrambled eggs with avocado to go with it. Perfection.



We ate the last two beet bean burgers on an O’Doughs thin GF bagel with wilted spinach, avocado, and Caesar dressing. Veg for crunch and mandarin oranges on the side.


I enjoyed the last of my chicken and rice from Chop House (we ordered out for dinner last Saturday) over greens with sugar snap peas, carrots, roasted veg spread, and warm bread.



I only have one dinner to share, but this one was so excellent! I used this recipe by Erin of Well Plated as inspiration. I caramelized half a red onion before sauteeing broccoli and tons o’ minced garlic. I then added 2 cups cooked seasoned brown rice, a can of cannellini beans, and a splash of water. Once heated through, I added freshly grated parmesan cheese and fresh lemon juice. More parm and avocado for garnish.



This evening snack included Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, sunflower seeds, and PB Chocolate Cheerios.


I love when food is nostalgic! I adore lemon, and I got my love of this flavor from my grandfather. My mom would bake him a lemon meringue pie every year for his birthday. As soon as I began eating it, I was reminded of him and his sweet smile. ❤


Matt and I love the texture of this bar. Soft and chewy without being too sticky. I love KIND bars (!), but they can be really crunchy or a chore to chew sometimes.


Clearly I am loving chocolate. No shame! Also, that’s my new Kauai silicone wedding ring. 🙂


Another evening, another portrait yogurt bowl. This included frozen fruit medley and wild blueberries, Love Grown Comet Crispies, and chopped roasted nuts.


As soon as Erin posted her recipe for Roasted Chickpea Snack Mix, I bookmarked it to make that evening. I roasted a can of organic chickpeas then tossed them with melted coconut butter (need to get more soon!), maple, cinnamon, espresso sea salt, and smoked paprika. After that roasted, I added mixed nuts and put it back into the oven. Lastly, I tossed in goji berried and Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips. My middle name ought to be “impatient” because the chocolate melted given I didn’t allow it to cool enough. But I just had a bowl for my morning snack, and it was tasty!


I hope you saw something here that you’d love to make! If you do, then please drop me a line and tell me what you think!

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