Movie Night / Mardi Growl / Down Dog

Happy Monday morning to you all! I hope you had a lovely weekend that was full of love, sunshine, and rest.


For a quick breakfast on Friday, I combined cottage cheese with quick cooking oats, a banana, cinnamon, and a small palmful of Pb Chocolate Cheerios.


This is how Jax relaxed as I sipped my coffee. Too cute!

Also, March is National Nutrition Month with this year’s theme being, “Go Further With Food.” My interpretation is that no one diet will fit all. Instead, discover what foods work best for your unique body and lifestyle, choosing to nourish it with a variety of healthful and fun foods.

Mason and I coordinated! Those big green eyes ❤

Hahaha pretty much. Growing older is such a dang gift, but I’m admittedly having to come to terms with turning 30 in June…


Dinner was quite delicious. We combined the chicken from our leftover pho from dinner on Thursday with seasoned cooked brown rice, roasted seasoned cabbage, bean sprouts, and hoison sauce + basil for me. Matt made a delicious GF tamari-based sauce for his bowl.


Dessert included an apple, Greek yogurt, and one Nature’s Valley pumpkin granola bar. We watched Wonder, and we both thought it was a really cute, feel-good movie. A few tears were shed.



I couldn’t ask for a better way to wake up on Caturday!


All of my loves.


I microwaved old fashioned oats with milk, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, and frozen wild blueberries before then topping it with brown sugar and peanut butter.





I met Kaci and Drew at their place to carpool downtown for the 11th annual Mardi Growl parade. It was chilly but a gorgeous, sunshiny day.


This dog was so cute!


Sweet Axl in his Mardi Gras best.


There were a lot more people in attendance than we expected!


Drew didn’t know we were trying to take a photo, lolz.


Love! He needed some sunglasses.


The blooms are beginning to look so pretty around town.


Finally got a good group shot.


Action shot of us on the hunt for lunch. We sat on the patio of the Markethouse Cafe for approximately 30 mintues and were never served. They didn’t even bring us a menu or sliverware, but they gave Axl treats twice. We finally just left. How ridiculous.


We decided to go try the new Elkmont Exchange.


They have this lovely waterfall out by their patio seating area.


Axl and his mama. He was pooped and over his attire, ha.


I love their cute glasses!


We started with their plantains appetizer that included coconut whipped ricotta. They were very tasty.


I chose their Abrams Salad, which included sweet and spicy roasted tofu, medjool dates, roasted cherry tomato, edamame, toasted sunflower seeds, baby field greens, dressed with fresh mint, basil, and balsamic vinegar reduction.


Kaci went with their BLT: house-cured bacon, tomato, field greens, smoked gouda, tuscan vinaigrette, and herb mayo on a hoagie plus a side salad.


Drew had one of their sandwich specials with waffle fries. I snagged one fry, and it was really good. Nice seasoning and texture.


They weren’t necessarily considering getting dessert, but when I wanted to try one, they decided to get the brownie with chocolate turtle ice cream and Italian style marachino cherry. My bite was perfection.


I went with their cheesecake with a blueberry compote. I ate half and was satisfied. It was rich but not overpowering. Very tasty.


The inside is really gorgeous and open. The meat is hanging in a separate room, but they have glass up so you can see it all. One of my patients said they’ll take you back to tour it if you ask. Next time I will!


After doing laundry and other house chores, I whipped up this meal for Saturday’s dinner. I simmered one can of seasoned diced tomatoes with frozen mixed vegetables and some of our cooked cabbage. Once it was heated through, I served it with freshly grated parmesan on top along with marinated mozzarella avocado toast. Although really simple and a throw-together meal, we were both really satisfied with it!


Dessert included Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, chopped roasted nuts, and a combo of Multigrain Cheerios and Love Grown Cocoa Crispies.


We finally decided to start on the third season of Broadchurch. Love that show! We went to bed later, but both Friday and Saturday night we slept quite well overall.


I popped out of bed on Sunday morning to make Kylie’s chai bread. The only change I made was to make it GF. It came out so pretty!


I didn’t use all of the topping called for, but I saved it to put over top of oatmeal, which I’m really looking forward to.


I had a little photo shoot with this lovely loaf.


All sliced and ready to enjoy!


I made us fluffy cheesy scrambled eggs over wilted greens. Perfect combination.


After doing more chores and getting rinsed off and changed, I got outside on a much-needed walk. More spring blooms. Played around with a fun filter.

Once back home, I unloaded the dishwasher then had a light snack-y lunch of popcorn, apple, chocolate Nutzo, and hummus avocado toast. I didn’t want to be too full because I had a yoga class to attend.

The instructor who normally teaches this tone + sculpt yoga class was unable to, so two other ladies led the class. It was really fun because us participants were able to give suggestions for some of the poses and flow. It was an improv-style class, and I certainly got in a wonderful workout.

Once back home, I had a mug of all three cereals (couldn’t decide): Multigrain and Pb Chocolate Cheerios and Love Grown Cocoa Crispies with flax and goji berries. Are you one to mix cereals or do you like to choose just one? I love to mix them!


After a refreshing shower and yet again more laundry (almost all caught up!), I put together this meal. I didn’t take any of the prep photos, but Matt even suggested I share my “recipe”. Would you be interested even if I only have this photo to share along with some of the ingredients I used?


Dessert was simple of a banana in the almost empty yogurt tub plus peanut butter. We watched a second episode of Broadchurch then one of Bob Ross’ painting episodes. We went to bed too late, though. Whoops.


I’ll leave you with these adorable photos of the boys!

Happy week ahead!



2 thoughts on “Movie Night / Mardi Growl / Down Dog

    1. They’re the best little loaves!! But Macey knows it and pushes his boundaries. He realizes how we’re wrapped around his little paw. ❤ It was a great weekend! I'm glad I got to attend Mardi Growl with you guys!


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