Weekly Meal Highlights

Good morning, friends, and happy Friday Eve! Let’s jump into some meals and snacks we’ve enjoyed that I hope provide inspiration to you.


Matt I enjoyed our last Wild Friends oat cups (tear) as a muffin, and we split one peanut cashew butter packet. I then topped mine with honey, and Matt topped his with jam.


Not to toot my own horn, but that egg looks pretty amazing. ūüėČ I only say this because I have struggled with cooking eggs and not making them ugly or accidentally popping the yolk! My “trick” is to cover the pan with a lid, turn down the heat, and allow the steam to cook the white. This bowl was amazing! I prepared quick-cooking oats with milk and water, salt, pepper, chipotle chili pepper, smoked paprika, and garlic. I then wilted in freshly torn spinach, melted in sharp aged cheddar, topped with an egg, and then sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning. I enjoyed a baby mandarin orange on the side.


I enjoyed a slice of chai bread with half of our Wild Friends peanut cashew butter packet along with cottage cheese and a banana.


I put together a lovely bowl of oatmeal that included milk, espresso salt, cardamom, vanilla, strawberries, poppy seeds (I always think of the Wizard of Oz!), pistachios, sweet cream creamer, & honey.



I picked up a smoke salmon poke bowl from Aldi and decided to split it for us. I added the last of our seasoned cooked brown rice, yellow pepper, carrots, and sugar snap peas. I sprinkled each of our dishes with the seasoning, but the sauce is not GF. Matt was clever and combined a small amount of barbeque sauce with tamari for himself, and he said it was a really nice, tangy sauce that complimented the other flavors.


This photo turned out really bright. The mozzarella was glowing, haha. I made us open-faces tuna melts with hummus, spinach, tuna, & marinated mozzarella plus crunchy veg, crackers already eaten, & a Chobani Peach Smooth cup.



Would you look at that bird? I didn’t move it to a more presentable platter, but boy was it tasty! Funny side note: I failed to put it in a dish to thaw, so the juices leaked all over the bottom shelf of the fridge. Matt got home just after me, and he went right into cleaning mode. Husband of the year! He always has my back, even when I make a mistake. Anywho, all I did was combine fresh lemon juice with olive oil, salt free garlic seasoning, salt, and Italian herbs. I poured it under the skin then added low sodium chicken broth.


We enjoyed it with a simple green salad drizzled with Caesar dressing, a piece of the crispy skin, and Alexia seasoned sweet potato fries dipped in ketchup that was photographed.


After getting home from work on Wednesday, I took advantage of the sun and went on a nice walk. After taking care of some chores, I whipped up this quick meal. I first sautéed fresh red pepper in olive oil before adding a frozen medley of green beans, wax beans, and carrots. I then added steam-in-a-bag frozen seasoned cauliflower before topping with marinated braided mozzarella. Once plated, I added avocado and split a GF corn English muffin topped with pine nut hummus.



I only have one snack to share. This was my evening snack to celebrate National Cereal Day including an apple, cinnamon, roasted sunflower seeds, combo of Multigrain and Pb Chocolate Cheerios, dollop of Fage, and milk.


I hope this gives you some ideas for meals or flavor combinations to try!

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