Sprung Forward But Winter is Back

Happy Monday! So Matt and I could not fall asleep well last night at all, and I’m not sure if it was due to the time change or what the deal was. But here we are! I have two dietetic interns with me the next two weeks. I sure hope I do well by them. I just tell it like it is, try to teach them all I know, and I hope to give them valuable experiences. Now on to a fun weekend recap!


Friday began in the most delicious way. A sunny side up egg on wilted spinach with bagel seasoning, a warm home made muffin from the freezer, and cottage cheese with fresh grapefruit, cinnamon, and chia.



We were out of coffee (awful, I know!), so I went by Third Creek Coffee. Love this sign! We filter coffee not people.


Tried to be artsy. Lolz. I got a café au lait, and it gave me the boost I needed.


Also, I was apparently into a 70’s vibe last week, and I loved it. One patient said he hadn’t seen bell bottoms in forever, but the pants I’m wearing to the right are my fav!


Lunch was provided from The Brown Bag. I had their delicious salad with steak, roasted vegetables, roll, and corn pudding. So. Good!


I also had one of their brownies, which was gooey with chocolate chips. Yummm


Later on I snacked on this Clif bar that I received for free from Kroger a few weeks ago. Loved the almond butter center!


For dinner I made this awesome peanut roasted tomato chicken dish from the Food and Nutrition Magazine. I shared the recipe below. I used red instead of white onion, orange pepper instead of green, I used our leftover whole roasted chicken, and I served it over spinach cooked from frozen. It came together so easily and was amazing!



I lived it up and had a small mug of coffee with my evening snack.


Greek yogurt with frozen wild blueberries, ground flax, sprinkle of quick cooking oats, and a few roasted nuts.



Is that pink color not so pretty? I finally made stove top oatmeal with strawberries, chia, and ground flax and then topped it with my leftover chai sugar from the chai bread and roasted pistachios.



I wonder where Rachel is? Sweet girl!



She just couldn’t deal with life at this moment. 😉


After a fabulous at-home Barre3 workout, I noshed on our leftover tri-bean blend, some of the corn pudding from our work lunch, and spinach with pepper, avocado, and Caesar.


I still had my leftover cheesecake form Elkmont Exchange, so I ate it for dessert. Left a few bites once I felt satisfied.


I ran several errands, which included getting my engagement and wedding rings cleaned and inspected. Mirror selfie.


I am always so amazed at how shiny and gorgeous they are! I love them; Matt was so sweet and found the perfect style for me.


I ate an apple and some peanut butter before heading home to unload our groceries.

This is how I take my day outfit to night, haha. Made a lovely mug of green tea and relaxed.


I found the latest Pioneer Woman magazine issue, and I wish I were friends in real life with Ree. She’s so fun! His and hers magazines.


I was really happy with how my throw-together meal came together. I combined sautéed zucchini, canned tuna, and the rest of our jarred roasted pepper sauce before tossing in cooked green lentil pasta. Topped our bowls with fresh parmesan. This meal was quite inexpensive too, which always feels like a win.


Up close and personal.


I was hoping to roast the last of our yellow potatoes, but unfortunately, they spoiled. I hate wasting food! So instead, I roasted green pepper, mushrooms, white onion, carrots, and mushrooms. We had plans to use this on Sunday morning.


My snack included the remainder of the peanut butter with yogurt, frozen banana, goji berries, and some Love Grown Comet Crispies.



Hello, gorgeous. I brought home some of the leftover steak from work, and we created a steak and eggs hash of sorts. I heated up the steak and veg with parmesan on top before adding my egg, toasted hash brown patty, and a mandarin orange. All of these flavors and colors were so perfect together.


An interesting article was shared by Abby Langer discussing how anti-diet may be taken to the extreme by some. There will always be people at the extreme ends of a debate or belief, but Intuitive Eating and anti-diet is not meant to lose sight of the importance of nutrition. Instead, it shifts away from guilt, fear, and neurotic worry over food. This is a great discussion I had with Rebecca Scritchfield.

Jax is the best purr-sonal trainer!! He helped me through my workout as did Rachel. I love that I get to be with them with I exercise at home. ❤


Lunch included an Aldi lentil bean vegetable burger with avocado and siracha plus mushrooms dipped in Caesar. In high school, I loved mushrooms dipped in Ranch.


Dessert was an apple enjoyed with the last of the yogurt in this tub plus a sprinkle of chai sugar and drizzled peanut butter.


Baby Girl was so pooped.


I had to clean these boots before posting them for sale, and no sooner had I opened the box had Jackson decided to try it on for size! This kid and his love of boxes.


Dinner was really simple: spinach, cooked mixed vegetables plus green beans/was beans/carrots from frozen, the last of our chicken, tahini and turmeric for me, crackers.


Snack was Multigrain Cheerios, frozen grapes, chocolate Nutzo, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.


It was snowing this morning, now it’s sunny, but it’s still freezing. C’mon spring!!

2 thoughts on “Sprung Forward But Winter is Back

  1. The boys sure made many cameos!!!! I love “bits in a box”, & he looks like a serious purrsonal trainer! Girlfriend & I are the same, & the last photo is her best “I’m broken” pose. lolz Yummy noms!

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