Liquid Gold, Pot o’ Gold, All Things Green

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day weekend!


Breakfast was a delicious combination of cheesy fluffy scrambled eggs over wilted spinach with warmed chai bread.


Kaci was so sweet and waited for me to hustle down to K Brew so we could see each other! I attend a monthly meeting that is held not far from their coffee shop, so I love to treat myself to a drink beforehand. Iced latte for me to celebrate the warmer temperatures! I wore my new maxi dress too, which I love.


Once at the clinic, I decided to take a SnapChat photo with my drink because why not?


Lunch included this meal along with two mandarins oranges. It was so enjoyable! I love gnocchi.


Once Matt was home, we enjoyed these “power bowls” for dinner that included brown rice, dark red kidney beans, roasted asparagus/’shrooms/garlic, and Chick-fil-a sauce plus crackers for crunch.


Dessert was a plate of “apple nachos” – drizzly pb, flax, and Love Grown Comet Crispies.



Hahaha I was rockin’ some awesome bedhead.


As cliche as it is, I had to make a spinach banana smoothie for St. Patrick’s Day. It turned out to be a pretty green color despite not having much spinach left!


Plus I had a Garden Lites blueberry muffin warmed on the side.


I made sure to wear my green. Matt was sweet and put new tires on my car at a shop he used to work at when we met. He balanced and aligned them too, and I really can tell a difference in how she drives.


Afterward, I treated myself to lunch at Vienna Coffeehouse. Their cafe is super spacious and cute!


I had to go with their Irish Creme latte and enjoyed it a little less sweetened, half caf, and using a combo of skim and whole milk. I swear I don’t try to be complicated, lolz.


A warmed caramelized onion and Swiss galette. So good! Flaky, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth perfection.


Plus a vibrant salad.


After grocery shopping, I took care of some chores around the house and then made dinner. Brown rice cooked in organic reduced sodium chicken bone broth with a little salt and roasted garlic, roasted seasoned green beans, frozen salmon burger with avocado.


These cuties know how to relax!


Dessert was a simple mug of Chocolate PB Cheerios with frozen wild blueberries, flax, and almond cashew milk.



Breakfast was in two parts and reminded me of our honeymoon bed and breakfast experience. ❤ I looked back over our album, and holy moly did we eat a ton of food, ha!

The first “course” was Bob’s Red Mill GF muesli soaked overnight with yogurt and milk and topped with jam.


My second course was a warmed waffle over wilted spinach with an over easy egg seasoned with bagel seasoning plus sliced avocado on the side.


Matt made a chocolate, pb, banana waffle sandwich with maple and yogurt. He gave me a bite, and it was delish.


One of my friends shared this recipe, and I immediately got up and put them together! I didn’t have a can of chickpeas, so I used Great Northern beans with my fingers crossed. They came out well!


The only other change I made was to omit the chocolate chips and used up our sunflower seeds, some raisins, the last of our dried blueberries + lemon almonds, and some crushed pistachios to make them trail mix cookies. The unbaked batter was so good. Macey got a small piece that I dropped, and his eyes lit up immediately. He’s such a foodie!


I quickly cleaned up the kitchen, showered, and met Kaci and Drew at their place. We went over to house right near their own that was holding an open house.

They just bought these cute cactus tops from Old Navy, so I wore my pineapple + avocado print one to coordinate. 😉


Love my girl!


One more for good measure.


The house is priced quite high per square foot, but it has so many amazing features! A teal sliding barn style door, immaculate kitchen, adorable bathrooms. It’s dangerous looking at these homes because I want one like this for Matt, the babies, and I so bad!

I snapped this gem of us in one of the bathroom mirrors. Drew’s photo bomb is awesome!


I made my sister-in-law’s latest recipe for Chocolate Cauliflower Muffins. I used 1 c almond meal with 1/2 c almond milk and the rest of the ingredients. They taste ah-mazing! I ate one straight out of the oven. Unfortunately, despite using avocado oil, they stuck on the bottom and fell apart quite horribly. *But* they’re still deeeelicious. Better luck next time!


For dinner, I put together this pasta dish that we really loved. I seared an Aldi Italian chicken sausage in olive oil until nearly cooked through before splashing in some organic chicken bone broth and covering with a lid. I removed the sausage, added more broth, sprinkled in cayenne/cumin/Italian seasonings, and then I let it simmer. I added some of our leftover roasted green beans, the sausage after I had cut it up, and lastly a bag of Bird’s Eye froze steam-in-a-bag zucchini lentil pasta. To finish, I drizzled our bowls with extra virgin olive oil and topped with freshly grated parm.


For dessert, I had Nature’s Bakery lemon fig bars with a puddle of pb. We’ve been bouncing between a show on Netflix called Shetland and a documentary on WWII. We watched part of an episode of the documentary and then called it a night.


Wishing everyone a wonderful day and week ahead!

6 thoughts on “Liquid Gold, Pot o’ Gold, All Things Green

  1. I was so stoked to read this post from your Instagram post!!! LOVE your maxi dress!! So perfect for spring. Mmmm I have been craving gnocchi lately- I’ll have to hunt this down for sure. Haha, your bed head is so cute, I promise it is MUCH better than mine! That smoothie bowl is on point for St. Paddy’s day! Haha, I just ordered a half caf with almond milk from Peet’s yesterday and told the clerk “I don’t want to be that complicated!!!” But you gotta get what you want when you’re paying, right?! That galette looks like perfection! YUMMM! And those nature bakery lemon fig bars… I neeeed to get those. As always, I salivated the whole way through this post! Also, I always love the pictures of you and Kaci together. XO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha that’s awesome!! For the very brief time I worked at Starbucks, I can remember some pretty crazy orders. So I think we’re rather simple, but I always feel like one of those customers rattling off all these requests. 🙃 Thank you! I love this dress & want more like it. Maxi dresses are so fun & comfortable! I hadn’t made a smoothie bowl in forever, so it really hit the spot. This may sound weird, but the lemon flavor wasn’t very pronounced in the fig bars until I dipped them in pb. They would be so good with almond butter too! I love my girl! We’re two peas in a pod. 😉 XO

      Liked by 1 person

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