Friday Favs

Y’all, this week has kicked my butt at times. But we made it to Friday! Time for a round up of some of my favorites.

(1) Pixi Beauty ‘Wakeup Mist’ – while the spray nozzle could be better designed, this mist smells really good and feels refreshing. I’ve been using it in the morning before I apply my moisturizer.


(2) As a thanks for completing a survey, Burt’s Bees kindly sent me this vanilla lip balm. I love the scent! It’s also really soft.


(3) Every time I see this collection at, of all places Kroger, I love it. Wish I could justify getting it!


Mug addict.


(4) Since we’re on the subject of dinnerware, have you seen the newest Pioneer Woman line for spring? All the heart eye emojis!!

(5) I think I finally found a dishwasher detergent that works. I was so tired of washing what was supposed to already be clean! Adult life excitement.


(6) I snagged this Bob’s Red Mill GF Muesli with a coupon, and it’s fabulous!


I hope you all have a great day and weekend ahead!

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