Puttin’ a Little Spring in My Step

Here we are at the start of another week. The good news is (and is just as much a reminder for myself) is that we have control over how we’ll feel and react despite what the week may bring our way. 🙂


I didn’t make my savory oatmeal earlier in the week, and I was really craving it. I’ve been on an over easy egg kick, and this was just what I was wanting! The awful lighting was not, but such as life when it’s gloomy and early. Lolz


A little post breakfast shenanigans with Jaxxy!

This. Such an awesome message!


I thought this salad was rather pretty that I put together for our lunches.  Spring mix + baby spinach, roasted asparagus, half a veggie burger from Aldi, cauli-rice, mushrooms, avocado, and Caesar. We enjoyed potato leek soup along with it. During lunch, I received a message that I had won a giveaway with Kitchables! I’ll be receiving a set of double wall insulated latte glasses, and I’m so excited and thankful!


After work I got my hair cut, which is always such a treat. I love my hair stylist! She’s a magician with my ‘do. She snapped these photos and shared them on her page. I’m working on self-love in the sense that I’ll stop picking myself apart/seeing the negatives in photos. I was a wee bit tired, and it showed. But I’m only human. 🙂

I was a starvin’ marvin when I got home, so I had this organic honey oat bread from Aldi with cottage cheese. Even though it’s just store-bought sandwich bread, this variety is one of my favorites! It’s so soft and delicious.


All the heart eyes!!!! ❤


Matt loves his boys, and the boys love their dad. Warms my whole being.

Dinner was seasoned roasted cabbage with warmed organic canned lentils ($1/can at Kroger – a steal!).


Dessert included hidden Chocolate PB Cheerios, frozen berries, cinnamon and cardamom, and milk.


Ray was ready for her Netflix and chill time.



Lemme tell you, everyone needs to try avocado toast this way. I blended avocado with cottage cheese until smooth, creamy, and dreamy then topped it with roasted sunflower seeds. I enjoyed cottage cheese with thawed peaches and drizzled molasses on another slice of honey oat toast. I say toast, but I left these soft and didn’t *actually* toast the bread. Ha!


I whipped my butt into gear after sipping my go-juice/life blood, and I changed out our bedding and bath. It’s so bright now! It was more spring-like inside than outside. Womp womp.

Lunch was simple warmed cabbage with raisins and tahini plus corn chips for crunch.


I then had yogurt and a carob cauliflower crumbled muffin.


Kase was a doll and brought me a decaf coffee from K Brew and took this fan-say portrait for me.


After making a Tarjay run together, I noshed on this new Nature’s Valley bar before we took our Barre3 community class.


Before class selfie.


My muscles were tired/tight, but the workout was just what I needed!! We went next door and picked up a to-go order from Tandur Indian, ran one errand, then we met Matt back at her and Drew’s home. Drew had to attend an event for the fraternity that he was a member of in college, but he was missed!

I chose their Kerla Coconut Curry, which includes coconut masala curry, onions, peppers, tellicherry peppercorn, bay leaf, and I chose lamb meatballs. Garlic naan on the side.


After enjoying plenty of fun conversation and laughs, Matt and I went home, and I took a quick shower. Dessert was a simple banana split of sorts with Greek yogurt and one bean-pb cookie I had made recently.



After sleeping in for the second day in a row, we finally made our way downstairs for breakfast. This past weekend’s sleep was so dang glorious and needed! I went really simple and lazy with breakfast, which included another carob cauliflower muffin, roasted sunflower seeds, ground flax, and fresh blueberries. I had major breakfast envy after Matt made his epic savory oatmeal, though! We traded a bite-for-a-bite at least.

Funny story, when I tried closing the blueberry container, they spilled ev-er-y-where, including beside and under the fridge. I was pretty proud of myself for how I handled it. Sometimes ya just have to laugh! Matt helped me move the fridge, and we salvaged nearly all of them. We found a glass to-go container lid and two pennies. Matt said, “don’t flip your lid. I’ll give you my two cents.” Don’t worry, he won’t quit his day job, but I thought it was quite hilarious!


The top photo came up on my memories, and it was funny to see how we’ve changed some over just the past year. Spectacle love.


Lunch was a little random and included sautéed broccoli slaw with avocado and Sabra taco-inspired hummus + warmed plain naan.


I then had the last bean-pb cookie with a cutie and cottage cheese.


I went by Kroger for several things (yes, we shop so much, but thank goodness for coupons!), and then I quickly whipped up these fabulous lemon blueberry muffins by Alexis. My grandfather loved lemon, and so I figure I must get my love of it from him. Food is more than just food. These made me think of him and how much I would love to sit and each enjoy one together. I was grateful that Alexis helped me to think of some happy memories from my childhood.


I had to really bust it to get to another community Barre3 class, but I made it just in time. Despite having done the same 60-minute workout on Saturday, my muscles actually felt better. I felt stronger throughout the class, and I loved it! The instructor was fabulous.

I put this big pan of vegetables, seasoned with Tandur Indian BBQ spice blend that I bought from the restaurant, into the oven to roast until fork tender. I also roasted a bulb of garlic in a foil pouch.


We enjoyed them with warmed cabbage and lentils plus garlic toast on the side.


Dessert was some green tea with honey followed by Cruze Farm red velvet ice cream topped with Multigrain Cheerios and sprinkles! I had a few roasted nuts and then felt satisfied.



This morning I enjoyed muesli made with Greek yogurt, milk, and hazelnut creamer. Unfortunately, the pb overwhelmed the creamer, so I’ll be making it again without the pb later this week! Macey was on the move. Whoosh!


I had a Granny Smith apple sprinkled with chai sugar along with it.


I ordered this adorable ‘animal lover’ bracelet and a top from Faith and Company Boutique, and I absolutely love it!


Wishing you all a wonderful day and week ahead!


4 thoughts on “Puttin’ a Little Spring in My Step

  1. What a fun week of eats, I LOVE the diversity. You know I am droooling over that naan. Mmmmmm mm! Also, I love the tattoo from your mom on your arm. I had never noticed that before, but it’s so so special. My sister just did the same thing too with my Dad’s signature. Hope you are having a great start to the week with fewer yogurt spills 😉 XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, girl! I loved all of the different meals we enjoyed. They have naanchos, & I thought of you! Our mutual love of puns & food puns. My mom’s signature was my first tattoo, & I actually got it almost exactly 5 years ago. Fb reminded me. 😉 It’s my most special one, & it does bring me happiness when I need to feel close to her. No more spills! I’m such a klutz sometimes. 😂 Sending you love & positivity this week! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehe I love that!!!! Naanchos. Yummy and punny- right up my alley! Haha girl, you and me both (about the klutz). I always joke that the klutzier you are the more you have going on in your mind- so it’s a sign of intelligence, right? 😉 XO

        Liked by 1 person

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