Twinsy Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! I hope you all had a wonderful week. Here are a few things that both Kaci and I have been loving lately. Let me know of some of your current favorites!

(1) First up is this fun and lovely guidepost by Brene Brown. It would make a fabulous wallpaper on your phone for a daily reminder!


(2) I had a coupon to try Method bar soap, and I couldn’t resist trying their body wash as well. Both lather well and smell so good!


(3) Kase and I love Pixi, and recently she’s added more to her collection. We both have been using the Vitamin Wake Up Mist, and she now has their Hydrating Milky Mist and Glow Tonic.


(4) Kase snagged these sunnies with a 20% coupon from Target by a A New Day. They are so fun and unique!



(5) I know I’ve shared my office boards several times, but I added my blog “business card”, our initial + last name, and one of my fav sayings.



(6) I honestly forgot I had this adorable teacup necklace that I bought from a local vendor, and it matched my Faith & Co. Boutique dress perfectly! I’m also loving the morning spring sunshine.




(7) Our Lead RD surprised us all with this fun mug, and I love it!



Have a fabulous Fri-yay!

13 thoughts on “Twinsy Friday Favorites

    1. I love them both! Pixi is my fav makeup. Lightweight & tinted but just enough. I love wearing makeup but am impatient with applying & removing. 🙈 Target has a cartwheel coupon for the Method soap bar!


    2. I swear Pixi is the reason why my face has cleared up so much! I love that their products aren’t tested on animals, I can’t lie and say the packaging doesn’t draw me in (love me some mint & fancy bottles), & everything just smells & feels so good.

      PS You should have seen me staging & trying to get a blog-worthy photo for kor. Axl kept jumping on the bed to look for D while I was trying to be creative. lolz

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      1. Your photos are awesome! I would’ve loved to see you “in action”, complete with Axl not giving a hoot about the ole blog. Ha! I love Pixi and their packaging too! Your complexion is beautimus. – Mama


  1. LOVEE a twinned up Friday fave!!! I’ve been looking for a new body wash- the method body has some scents that sound wonderful!!! THOSE SUNNIES!!! Need!! I had a hard time finding some good, not terribly expensive sunglasses, before vacation. I should have looked at Target! Now I know 😉 LOVE your office board. SO cute. YAAASSS girl! Being an RD is a superpower! XOXO

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    1. tarjay is my fav place for sunnies! Especially since they are only about $15-$20 because a certain puppy *cough Axl cough* decided to have a field day with my last pair. ha

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